The Hermès Kelly Bag: The Royalty Icon


The Hermès’ jewel of the crown, the Kelly handbag has gained its position amongst the most iconic luxury bags in the world. With a signature silhouette and a rich past full of sophistication, this accessory of royalty continues to rise as a must-have from the French atelier and a piece that will remain at the top.

The Kelly bag has become one of the most sought-after pieces of the luxury market, thanks to the exclusivity of its materials, the renowned prestige of the Hermès brand, and the status that accompanies this accessory. Here, we will show you absolutely everything that you need to know about the Kelly bag, the royalty icon.

  1. What is a Kelly bag?
  2. History of the Kelly bag
  3. How is a Kelly bag made?
  4. What are the sizes of a Kelly?
  5. How to know if a Kelly bag is real?
    1. Construction and materials
    2. Date stamp
    3. Prints
    4. Metal engraving
    5. Packaging
    6. Invoice
  6. How to store a Kelly bag?
  7. What is the Kelly bag Hermès price?
  8. Why are Hermès Kelly bags so expensive?
  9. Why can’t I buy a Kelly bag?
  10. Which Kelly bag to buy?
  11. Is the Kelly bag an investment?
  12. How to buy a Kelly bag?
    1. Auctions
    2. Online marketplaces
    3. The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House

What is a Kelly bag?


A Kelly bag is an exclusive luxury accessory created by the French fashion brand Hermès. This handbag has a very particular shape, with a trapezoidal silhouette, a single firm, thick and short handle, a turning closure and a detachable strap to carry it on the shoulder or crossbody.

Designed in 1930 by Robert Dumas, and originally named Sac à Dépêches, this bag was a big impact amongst the fashion lovers of the time, who celebrated the introduction of a structured bag with enough space to fit women’s belongings. Since its creation it became an acclaimed accessory and nowadays it is one of the most luxurious and valuable Hermès’ items.

History of the Kelly bag


It all began in 1892, when Charles Émile Hermès, the son of the brand’s founder, designed a prototype saddlebag to carry on the saddle, which he called Haut à courroies. Charles Émile continued the original Hermès tradition, which began as a family workshop for making harnesses and saddles for equestrian sports in Paris.

However, with the change of times, new fashion trends and the beginning of a new century, the Haut à courroies mutated to become a trapezoidal bag for ladies, representing a completely innovative design for the year 1930, when feminine fashion had not yet taken another step towards the use of spacious bags.

This new Haut à courroies design was renamed Sac à dépêches, and was introduced to the market by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Émile-Maurice Hermès, who designed it to gift it to his wife as a new handbag.

The Sac à dépêches quickly became famous, with thousands of socialites using this accessory made of box calf leather. However, the Hermès bag achieved true stardom in 1955, when the acclaimed actress Grace Kelly wore a collection of Sac à dépêches during her appearance in the Alfred Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief. The young woman completely fell in love with Sac à dépêches and acquired multiple of them in different colors to wear in her day to day life.

In 1956, the beautiful American actress rose to the fore of the monarchy, becoming the wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Now all eyes and cameras were pointed at Grace Kelly, who was expecting her first born shortly after her marriage to the prince. However, the princess had not yet made the announcement of her pregnancy, so she hid the first signs of her belly with a Sac à dépêches from Hermès.

The image of Princess Grace Kelly holding the Sac à dépêches in the Life magazine was enough for journalists and fans to call the bag “The Kelly.” After the great success and the heyday of the Sac à dépêches from this event.

In 1977, Hermès decided to rename the bag as Kelly, in honor to its biggest admirer, Grace Kelly.

The legend of the Kelly bag stems from the exact model that Grace Kelly used to cover her belly in that famous Life Magazine photograph, and there is no better way to call it than “the bag that made history.”

The princess took it with her over the years, attending multiple important Monaco royal events, which were captured by the cameras of the most influential magazines of the moment, catapulting Grace Kelly as a fashion icon, but also exalting the Hermès name along with her image.

The years passed and after the death of the princess in 1982, her belongings were kept in the archives of the Palace of Monaco, along with them stood out the legendary Sac à dépêches that made history. Today the acclaimed bag is on exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum located in the UK.

The fabulous piece is made of box calf leather in brown color with Retourné stitching, that is, with internal stitches that make the shape of the bag less rigid. Grace Kelly’s Sac à dépêches features 18k gold hardware with some visible rust and scratches, which show the passage of time and continuous use. Similarly, the body of the bag shows some wear on the leather.

How is a Kelly bag made?


With the rich and extended Hermès’ craftsmanship history, the Kelly bag stands as a super premium luxury handbag, with impressive and rare materials. Aside from these ingredients to create a flawless bag, there is also a mastery component that is needed to craft it, and that is the experience of highly skilled artisans, who need to train up to 6 years to master the saddle stitching technique, the leatherwork practices and the leather treatment.

Each Kelly handbag takes from 18 to 20 hours to be made, all by the skilled hands of a single artisan, as Hermès is a brand that values the meticulous hand made aspect, and therefore, it appoints a single artisan to create each individual piece, obtaining a perfect final result.

The process begins with the careful selection of premium-quality leather, be it from calves, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, or ostriches. The chosen piece of skin is meticulously inspected, and even a minor imperfection warrants the use of a different section. A continuous and flawless leather cut is preferred, avoiding the use of multiple pieces.

Once the perfect leather piece is selected, artisans hand-cut the pattern for the bag, with distinct patterns for different Kelly bag sizes. The dyeing process follows, with artisans paying close attention to ensure uniform color adhesion. Each leather type responds differently to dyes, demanding a meticulous approach to achieve a consistent hue.

The heart of the process is the hand-stitching phase, inspired by Thierry Hermès’ saddle-making legacy dating back to 1837. Using a technique of intertwined needles, artisans create diagonal seams that are renowned for their strength and durability. The artisans use a press customized to their height and two long needles to puncture the leather, creating the signature diagonal seams. A gentle hammering seals the stitches, followed by a layer of beeswax for enhanced durability and water resistance.

After this intricate hand-stitching is completed, the hardware is meticulously applied. Hermès employs brass, an alloy of copper and zinc known for its durability, which is then plated with precious metals like gold, palladium, ruthenium, and permabrass. Artisans skillfully embed the hardware into the leather by opening small holes and gently hammering the pieces in place, eschewing traditional screw-in methods.

Following the assembly, Hermès’ quality team conducts a rigorous inspection to ensure the utmost precision and craftsmanship. After the approval the bag is marked with heat-stamps, metal engravings, and printings, transforming it into a true Hermès masterpiece.

The Hermès Kelly bag isn’t merely a handbag; it’s a testament to beauty, exclusivity and status. A masterpiece crafted with unwavering dedication and precision.

What are the sizes of a Kelly?


The luxurious Hermès Kelly bag is a fantastic piece that can be used in a wide range of occasions, and its sizes are the perfect proof that there is a Kelly style for everyone. Aside from the official Kelly bag sizes, there are also other variations of the handbag that have been created throughout the years.

The main Kelly sizes are: 20, 25, 28, 32, 35, 40. Each of these sizes can be measured at the base of the bag, and the size should correspond to the amount of centimeters measured, so for instance, a Kelly 28 has a base of 28cm. Although it seems that the Kelly bag sizes vary in such small proportions, they are all different and fitting for various kinds of events.

The Kelly bag 20 or Mini Kelly is the smallest of them all, and it is usually reserved for formal events in which a small bag is needed. The Kelly bag size 25 is slightly bigger and can be used at formal or semi-formal daytime occasions. The range that includes the Kelly bag 28, the Kelly bag 32, and the Kelly bag 35 is ideal for day to day outings and casual situations, whilst the Kelly bag 40 is not as commonly bought or used, but it is the perfect companion for traveling and storing a greater amount of items.

How to know if a Kelly bag is real?

Hermès Kelly bags, renowned for their luxurious craftsmanship and timeless appeal, have garnered significant attention in the luxury resale market. This popularity has also attracted counterfeiters seeking to profit from the demand for these iconic bags. Counterfeit Kelly bags are becoming increasingly detailed, with materials that closely mimic the originals and sometimes even originate from the same sources as Hermès.

Given the prevalence of counterfeit Kelly bags, it is essential to be alert when buying Kelly bags from sources other than official Hermès stores. Here we share some key elements to inspect your Hermès Kelly bag and avoid a scam.

Construction and materials


When it comes to authentic Kelly bags, quality materials are key. You can tell if your bag is real by paying attention to certain details. First, check for that natural leather smell and feel the softness, whether it’s grainy calf leather or exotic skin with those unique scales. Also, a real Hermès Kelly bag tends to be heavier because it’s made of high-quality materials, unlike fake plastic ones.

Next, examine the hardware. It should be shiny and durable, with no signs of peeling or tarnishing. The plating on the hardware should be consistent throughout the bag. If you see a mix of gold and palladium, it’s likely a fake. Take a good look at the bag’s structure, too. It should match the classic Kelly design, and the stitches should be neatly diagonal with no loose ends.

Date stamp



For Hermès Kelly bags, the interior heat-stamp plays a crucial role in authentication. This code provides essential information about your bag, including the year it was made and the specific workshop where it was crafted. It’s a one-of-a-kind code, unique to each bag, so you shouldn’t find the same code on any other Hermès products.

The date stamp also appears on the official invoice from the Hermès store. Comparing the date stamp on your bag with the one on the invoice is a reliable way to ensure your bag matches the description provided during your purchase, providing strong evidence of its authenticity.

Do you want to know more about the Hermès date stamps? Follow this link.



Hermès places specific markings on its products to assure customers of their authenticity and luxury. When it comes to Kelly bags, there’s a primary print that should always be present. It reads: “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” in capital letters and is typically found beneath the closing flap, just a few millimeters below the top seams.

This print needs to meet certain criteria to confirm authenticity. It should be consistent, symmetrical, and use a precise font size, neither too large nor too small. An important detail to remember is that the print’s color should match the hardware of the Kelly bag. So, if the hardware is gold, the print should be in a golden hue; if it’s palladium, the print should have a silver hue.

In some cases, especially with exotic skin Kelly bags or those custom-made through the special order system, you may find an additional symbol alongside the “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” print. These symbols serve as indicators of genuine exotic skins used in the bag or that the bag was created as a custom piece for a specific client.

To discover more about the Hermès special symbols, check this guide.

Metal engraving


Metal engravings play a vital role in authenticating Hermès Kelly bags as genuine luxury items. Similar to the Birkin bag, Kelly bags feature an essential metal engraving, typically found on the metal plaque of the left closing strap. This engraving reads: “Hermès – Paris.” Just like other authentication elements, it should be clear, with symmetrical letters and a consistent font.

For Kelly bags with hardware plated in gold, there’s an extra square symbol engraved next to the “Hermès – Paris” inscription. This small square signifies the authenticity of the gold-plated hardware. It’s a feature found on bags with hardware plated in various gold types, including rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. However, it’s never present on bags with hardware plated in other materials.



Packaging plays a significant role in authenticating Hermès Kelly bags as genuine luxury items. The presence and details of the packaging are crucial indicators of authenticity. When purchasing a Kelly bag, always look for both a box and a dust bag.

The Kelly bag is typically packaged in a classic Hermès orange box, perfectly sized to accommodate the bag. It’s essential that the box is neither too small nor too large. Additionally, the bag comes with two dust bags: one spacious enough to store the Kelly bag and another smaller one designed for the Kelly’s clochette, which contains the padlock and keys. These dust bags should be made of a dense beige material, featuring a light brown drawstring and the Hermès logo print.

The classic orange box often displays a small Hermès logo on the lid. In more recent editions, you can use a UV light to reveal numerous small Hermès logos printed all over the box. These logos are printed with invisible ink, serving as an advanced authentication feature.



The authenticity of a Kelly bag can be confirmed through the official invoice from an Hermès store, particularly if the bag has been physically examined. The invoice provides crucial details about the bag, including its color, type of skin, hardware, structural features, and a unique code specific to that particular Kelly bag. By comparing an inspected Kelly bag with its official invoice, you can confidently verify its authenticity.

For an added layer of authentication, you can also review the original payment ticket issued by the store. This document contains information such as the date, time, and the amount paid for the bag. Ensuring that this information aligns with the details on the official invoice serves as further proof of the Kelly bag’s authenticity.

To safeguard your investment and avoid counterfeit items, it’s advisable to refrain from purchasing Kelly bags from untrustworthy websites. Instead, opt for reputable sources like The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House. We personally shop at official Hermès stores, providing you with authentic, brand-new Kelly bags complete with all the elements of authenticity.

To consult a complete guide to authenticate your Kelly bag, click here.

How to store a Kelly bag?


Properly maintaining your Kelly bag is essential, not only to prolong its beauty over the years but also to enhance its potential value. When you take good care of your Kelly bag, it not only retains its original worth but can potentially appreciate in value, often fetching two or three times its initial purchase price. Achieving this increase in value hinges on the bag’s impeccable condition, making it highly desirable in the luxury resale market.

Caring for your Kelly bag entails following some essential guidelines to ensure its longevity:

  • Storage: When not in use, your Kelly bag should be stored inside its original dust bag and box. This safeguards it from potential damage and keeps it protected. Choose a storage space that is away from direct sunlight and maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels. Extreme temperatures and high humidity can have detrimental effects on your Kelly bag, leading to issues like mold growth, stains, discoloration, and deformation. To help maintain its shape, gently fill it with acid-free tissue paper. When placing it inside the box, ensure the bag is in a comfortable position to prevent handle bending.
  • Maintenance: Owning a Kelly bag involves regular maintenance to preserve its materials and keep it looking its best. While it’s not recommended to use harsh chemicals or conditioners on natural leather, you can use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to carefully remove any dust or dirt buildup, ensuring its pristine appearance. If you notice any signs of damage or staining on your Kelly bag, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from the official Hermès maintenance service. Their skilled artisans can restore your bag to its former glory.
  • Handling: When carrying your Kelly bag, exercise caution to avoid accidental damage. Be mindful not to bump or scratch it against rough surfaces, as these actions can potentially rupture the leather or create challenging-to-remove scratches. Additionally, take care when using your Kelly bag in rainy conditions or around liquids to prevent moisture from affecting the natural leather and tarnishing the hardware. Consider using a rain cover when venturing out on rainy days and take extra precautions to prevent liquid spills. Avoid storing items like makeup, pens, or any liquids inside your Kelly bag, as these items may spill and cause staining to the interior. Lastly, be careful when around children and pets, ensuring your bag is not left unattended to prevent accidents involving spills or scratches.

What is the Kelly bag Hermès price?


The Kelly bag, just like its sibling, the Birkin, is also considered one of the most expensive luxury handbags in the world, this is due to not only its quality materials and top craftsmanship, but also thanks to its prestige, history and exclusivity. Although the Kelly bag is the second preferred Hermès handbag, it is still very acclaimed and owned by celebrities, with great collections valued in millions of dollars.
But how much is a Kelly bag? The price of one of these accessories can vary drastically, ranging from $9.000 to $40.000 to even $500,000 or more. It all depends in different factors that can make the Kelly’s value fluctuate, these are the factors to have in mind:

  • Material: Kelly bags are crafted from various materials, with calfskin being the most common. However, exotic materials like crocodile, alligator, lizard, and ostrich skins can significantly increase the bag’s price, especially when they feature vibrant or appealing colors.
  • Size: Size is a defining characteristic that can greatly influence a Kelly bag’s value. Smaller sizes are often perceived as exclusive and tend to command higher prices. For instance, a Kelly 15 or Mini Kelly (20 cm) will generally be more expensive than its larger counterparts.
  • Hardware: The choice of hardware can impact the cost of a Kelly bag. Certain hardware options, such as gold, can add to the price, especially when adorned with diamonds.
  • Location: Prices for Kelly bags can vary between countries. For instance, plain Kelly bags with calfskin and standard hardware may have a retail value in the USA that is $2,000 higher than in Europe.
  • Limited editions: Some Kelly bags are produced in limited quantities as special editions. These unique pieces are significantly more expensive than regular Kelly bags due to their exclusivity, such as the wicker Kelly bag or Picnic Kelly.
  • Custom orders: Kelly bags created as Special Orders or Horseshoe models are often more costly. These bags are customized to the client’s specifications, sometimes featuring up to three different colors.
  • Condition: While this doesn’t necessarily apply to brand-new Kelly bags from official stores, it’s worth noting that used Hermès Kelly bags can appreciate in value over time, especially if they are crafted from exotic materials or are limited editions. Conversely, Kelly bags available at auctions or vintage Kelly bags for sale can also command higher prices.

Do you want to know which is the most expensive Kelly bag? The priciest Kelly bags ever auctioned at Sotheby’s were, without a doubt, the exquisite Himalaya Kelly editions. One remarkable instance was the sale of a Himalaya Kelly 28 adorned with glistening diamonds, which commanded an impressive sum of $425,000 in 2023. Equally remarkable was the auction of a petite Kelly 25 Himalaya in Paris, fetching an impressive sum of €352,800 Euro, equivalent to just over $373,000.

Why are Hermès Kelly bags so expensive?



It is very evident that the Kelly bag is a costly luxury accessory, reaching impressive values in the luxury resale market, but also being somewhat expensive at retail. This is not just due to a Hermès’ whim of setting a ridiculous high price to its products, this is part of a very clear business strategy implemented by the brand to raise its products values in a natural way.

Just as the Birkin bag, the Kelly can’t be easily purchased at official stores, as its production and distribution is limited to a few pieces, creating a high demand and a low supply to cover it. This way, Hermès creates a need for the bag, but makes it very difficult to access it, this leads clients to look for their ideal accessories at the second-hand luxury market, where the bags are priced really high due to their difficulty to be accessed and their scarcity, making them exclusive and very expensive products.

The increase of the prices in the resale market, also leads Hermès to increase its retail prices year by year, so the retail Kelly becomes more expensive as well. Also, there is another element that should be taken into consideration, and that is the values that accompany the Kelly bag. As every exclusive product, it boasts two types of values: the real value, which is the actual price of the materials and craftsmanship of the bag, and the perceived value, which makes reference to the additional increase of the price because of the prestige and exclusivity of the brand, that by accompanying the accessory’s name, increases its value.

Why can’t I buy a Kelly bag?


Buying a Kelly bag at an official Hermès store can be quite the challenge, regardless of your financial readiness. You may be curious as to why it’s so hard to find a Kelly bag for sale in-store. The answer lies in the brand’s dedication to exclusivity.

The Kelly bag swiftly gained fame, transforming into a highly coveted item. Hermès recognized this opportunity and devised a strategy that hinges on maintaining high demand while keeping supply intentionally low. This approach elevated the Kelly bag to unprecedented levels of exclusivity.

Hermès implements a strategy that involves producing a limited number of Kelly bags each year and distributing them to their official stores worldwide. These bags are then allocated to individual stores in even smaller quantities. Store managers are tasked with selling these bags to a select group of customers, typically the brand’s most loyal clients. To prove their commitment to the brand, customers often purchase several smaller Hermès accessories before gaining access to a Kelly bag.

For regular clients, there’s a chance to join a waiting list, although it can span years due to its considerable length. Periodically, lucky individuals from this list are informed of the availability of a Kelly bag. However, they must accept the bag offered to them without the ability to choose the size, skin, color, or hardware combination. This means finally acquiring the coveted Kelly bag but without customization options.

While this may seem somewhat unfair, it has been Hermès’ long-standing approach to selling their exclusive items. It reinforces the idea that Kelly bags are not just accessories; they are reserved for individuals of high social standing and substantial financial means.

If you’re looking to purchase your dream Kelly bag new, complete with authenticity guarantees and without the constraints of waiting lists, click here to discover how.

Which Kelly bag to buy?


There is a very common question that every fashion lover gets when they decide to buy a Kelly bag new: Which Kelly bag to buy? As it is known, there are many different variations of this bag, but there are also many sizes, colors, hardware and overall combinations that you can get, and when faced with the decision to buy a Kelly, you must pick the best choice possible.

To choose the right Kelly bag you will have to ask yourself a few question beforehand, as your choice depends on the following factors:

  • The use you will give to the bag: choosing the right Kelly bag depends on the type of use you’re going to give to your new accessory. Remember that these bags are luxurious items that can be worn every day, but it is recommended to use them only on special occasions, to preserve their materials and keep them looking the best way possible. If you’re planning on using your Kelly bag in your day to day life, you might choose a more versatile and comfortable combination, such as a calfskin bag in a classic color with palladium hardware.
  • If you’re buying as an investment: nowadays, most people buy a Kelly bag as an investment, as they can obtain impressive values in the luxury resale market. So if you’re looking for a Kelly bag as an asset for your future, you need to choose correctly so you can seize your investment and obtain the highest profit you can get. For that there are certain characteristics that make a bag more valuable than others. We will show you down below.
  • Your personal preference: finally, you can’t leave aside the most important factor, your personal style and preference outweighs everything else, because as you’re making a costly purchase, you should be able to choose exactly what you want and the Kelly that you know you’re going to enjoy the most as a complement to your wardrobe. So don’t let the rest of the factors keep you away from the Kelly bag that you truly want.

When it comes to investment and the right Kelly bag to invest, there are a few considerations that can make a Kelly more expensive when selling it in the luxury resale market. Take this key points into consideration:

  • Classics have a stable value: although people may think that Kelly bags in classic colors such as grey, gold, white and black are boring or not as costly as they seem, actually they are colors that thanks to their classic or neutral appearance are the most preferred and stable in value, so buying a black Kelly bag, and etoupe Kelly bag, a gold Kelly bag or a pastel beige Kelly bag will always be a great choice as an investment. The classics also extend to skins, as the calfskin is the most classic leather for a Kelly bag, particularly Epsom and Togo, so one of these pieces in calfskin with neutral colors is a very smart choice.
  • Exotic is always expensive: as the calskin proves to be a classic, the exotic skins such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich and lizard are perfect to invest in, as they are usually the most expensive in the resale market and auctions, especially if they come in classic colors or very exotic and bright ones. Clearly the most acclaimed Kelly bag in the market is the Himalaya Kelly, with Niloticus Crocodile skin in a combination of beige and brown to create the impressive mountain-like appearance, with white gold plated hardware and diamonds.
  • Size matters: although there is a misconception that says that bigger bags are more expensive, it is actually not true, as the smaller the bag, the more exclusive it is. Kelly bags work the same, so a Kelly bag 15 or a Kelly bag 20 are increasingly more expensive than a common Kelly bag 28 or Kelly bag 32. So always opt for smaller bags, ideally made of exotic skins and either classic or vibrant colors.
  • Limited editions: Hermès not only creates regular Kelly handbags, but also limited editions that are really exclusive, often being more expensive in retail, but also doubling or tripling the value in the resale market. So investing in a limited edition Kelly bag will always be a wiser investment than purchasing a regular Kelly bag.

Is the Kelly bag an investment?


Investing in the luxury market has long been considered a smart move, offering stability during global economic uncertainties and financial fluctuations. Among the various options for investment in the luxury sector, few can rival the potential of the Kelly bag.

As we’ve mentioned before, several factors contribute to the exclusivity and high price of the Kelly bag. These very factors also make it an attractive choice for investment, setting it apart as a valuable asset for the future.

Owning a Kelly bag means holding an asset with the potential for significant profit. These exclusive handbags are known to retain their value over time and can even appreciate in worth when maintained in impeccable condition. But what makes the Kelly bag an investment opportunity?

The Kelly bag’s renowned fame and exclusivity, coupled with the prestige of the Hermès brand and their deliberate strategy of maintaining high demand and limited supply, make it a highly sought-after item. Consequently, people who are unable to acquire one from an official store often turn to the secondary market.

This creates an opportunity for those who already own a Kelly bag and have preserved it over the years. Your Kelly bag can become an investment, with the potential to yield substantial profits if you decide to sell it in the luxury resale market or through auctions. By making a strategic investment in a classic Kelly bag or one crafted from exotic materials, you can expect your asset to appreciate, potentially doubling or even tripling its original value and securing a profitable return on your investment in the future.

How to buy a Kelly bag?

Acquiring a Kelly bag can present its own set of challenges, particularly when making a purchase from an official Hermès boutique. As we mentioned above, buying a Kelly bag from the Hermès store can prove to be a difficult task, prompting many clients to abandon their pursuit due to the extensive waiting lists or the inability to find the precise Kelly bag they desire.

For those left wondering how to buy a Kelly bag, whether there’s an option to buy a Hermès Kelly bag online, or where to find reputable sellers of Kelly bags, rest assured there are numerous ways to explore when looking to add an exclusive Hermès handbag to your collection. Here, we explore various methods to buy a Kelly bag outside of the official Hermès store.



Auctions can be a viable avenue for acquiring Kelly bags. These exclusive handbags, known for their potential to appreciate significantly in value, often make appearances at auctions, particularly those featuring rare and vintage Kelly bags for sale. If you choose to explore auctions as a means to obtain a Kelly bag, be prepared to discover pre-loved pieces that may have been crafted and released decades ago.

However, it’s crucial to keep the pricing aspect in mind. Auctions typically involve competitive bidding, requiring participants to place high bids to secure their desired items. While auctions can be an attractive option for acquiring an authentic Hermès bag with proven authenticity, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone, especially if you have budget constraints or are seeking a brand-new bag.

Online marketplaces


Online marketplaces also serve as convenient platforms for acquiring Kelly bags. In today’s digital age, numerous online marketplaces cater to luxury product enthusiasts, with some specializing specifically in Hermès handbags. These digital marketplaces typically function as secure channels for both resellers and Kelly bag owners to list their items for sale.

However, there is a notable challenge when it comes to online marketplaces. The accessibility of these platforms means that almost anyone can list a Kelly bag for sale, making it difficult to verify the authenticity of the bags on offer. While some marketplaces may offer authentication certificates, they can’t always be trusted, because of the great level of sophistication of fake Hermès bags, which makes them almost indistinguishable from authentic ones.

It’s essential to note that many Kelly bags available on these platforms are pre-loved and may exhibit signs of wear and tear, sometimes more pronounced than those found at auctions. As a result, finding a brand-new Hermès handbag on online marketplaces can be challenging, and authenticity may be a concern. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for a used Kelly bag, exploring online marketplaces may be a suitable option for your needs.

The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House


If you’re in search of a brand-new Kelly bag and authenticity is a top concern, The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House is your destination of choice. We specialize in purchasing Kelly bags directly from official Hermès stores, ensuring that you receive 100% authentic and pristine Kelly bags tailored to your preferences.

In addition to our collection of Kelly bags, we proudly offer an exclusive Hermès bag sale online, featuring a diverse inventory of brand-new and limited-edition Hermès handbags. Browsing our selection allows you to discover your ideal Kelly bag without the need for extensive waiting lists or leaving the comfort of your home.

What sets us apart is our ability to expedite your acquisition. If we don’t have your desired bag readily available, we can swiftly place an order for you, bypassing the traditional waiting list process at official stores. Rest assured that we provide all the official documentation to guarantee the authenticity of your handbag.

Explore our online store today and secure your new Hermès Kelly bag with ease and confidence!

Definitely, the Kelly bag from Hermès is an authentic jewel of the crown, with an iconic silhouette, a prestigious history and a bright future that will continue to shine even brighter. Investing in a Kelly bag is without a doubt a smart choice, and which better way to do it than with reputable luxury experts? Check our store and get the Kelly bag you deserve without waiting!

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