6 Hermès Handbags to start your collection


Starting your Hermès handbag collection isn’t just about making a purchase; it’s about investing in a luxury piece. Each Hermès handbag is a treasure that reflects not only status but also impeccable taste for the extraordinary. Whether you’re taking your first steps into luxury, looking to enrich your collection, or wanting to purchase your first Hermès bag, this selection will make your buying decision much easier.

The guide you’re about to read consists of a curated selection of 6 essential Hermès handbags to start your collection. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of luxury Hermès handbags, where each piece tells a story and accompanies you day by day.

Keep reading to uncover the secrets of starting a Hermès bag collection that is as unique and distinguished as you are.

  1. Neutral Birkin
  2. Classic Kelly
  3. Bright-colored Constance
  4. Limited edition or exotic skin Birkin
  5. Small-sized Kelly
  6. Mini Constance

Neutral Birkin


Hermès Birkin handbags are an excellent choice to start a collection or add a new member to yours, as they are highly coveted within the luxury community. They are by far the most acclaimed and valuable of all Hermès bags, and their silhouette is unique.

Purchasing a neutral Birkin bag can be the ideal way to go to start your collection. Hermès neutral colors are versatile and easy to match all year round. A clear example is the Hermès Birkin 25 Togo Biscuit Gold hardware. Its color, size, and details will allow you to use it on multiple occasions and with countless outfits, thanks to its versatility and beauty.

Here are more neutral Birkin bag options:

Classic Kelly


Unlike the Birkin, the Kelly model is presented as a more structured bag, with cleaner and more classic lines. It also offers you the possibility to acquire it in very striking colors or more classic and timeless tones so that you can use it without hesitation whenever you want.

A classic Kelly bag is an ideal choice to start your Hermès bag collection, as you can easily pair it with your outfits and count on a stylish and classic bag for every occasion. A clear example of a classic Kelly bag, ideal for your collection, is the Hermès Kelly 28 Epsom Craie Palladium hardware. Its light color and sophisticated appearance can easily blend with a great range of outfits.

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Bright-colored Constance


Constance bags are a must in your Hermès bag collection, and what better way to include this compact bag than with a bright colored option. If your style is more casual and relaxed, or if you’re simply looking for a bag that adds a pop of color to less formal occasions, a Hermès Constance 18 Evercolor Magnolia Palladium Hardware is what you’re looking for.

This Constance, with its lovely color and its comfortable yet elegant design is a must-have in any luxury handbag collection. Although its color is striking, it can perfectly be matched all year round, specially during spring and summer.

Also a must-have:

Limited edition or exotic skin Birkin


Limited editions from Hermès or those made with exotic skins like ostrich, crocodile or lizard are highly coveted and hard to come by in the world of luxury shopping, as the brand produces very few pieces and only a fortunate few manage to add one of these bags to their collection.

Undoubtedly, an exotic skin Hermès bag is a must-have in your collection, as it can be used for special occasions, formal events or moments in which you require extra flair. For this, the Hermès Birkin 25 Niloticus Crocodile Shiny Blue Saphir Gold Hardware would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Small-sized Kelly


Perfect for cocktails, special occasions, and even evenings out, a small-sized Kelly bag is the cherry on top. You can find it in a variety of shades and skins, creating a striking look on any of your outfits.

A fantastic example is the Hermès Kelly 20 Matte Alligator Crocodile Mimosa Palladium Hardware. Its color is very charming, eye-catching, and compatible with elegant, casual, or semi-formal styles.

Other incredible options:

Mini Constance


For going to the office and keeping your personal belongings separate from your work items like a laptop and documents, a Constance is your ideal choice, especially one that can match your business attire, give you extra sophistication and keep you comfortable.

The best example is the Hermès Constance Mini 18 Epsom Rouge de Coeur Gold Hardware. Its compact size and long strap for wearing crossbody or over the shoulder will allow you to move around without any hassle, without sacrificing the style and elegance of your outfits and offer you that incredible touch provided by Hermès bags with vibrant tones.

Other great choices:

As you can see, Hermès is an exclusive brand that thinks of everything: occasions, sizes, and styles. At the Birkin’s & Kelly’s House you will find all the options you desire to expand or start your collection, so that you can make wise, luxurious, and accurate purchases.

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