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Authenticity is by far the most important aspect when purchasing a luxury product, as it guarantees that you own a true piece that is not only worthy, but it can also obtain a higher value as time goes by. And when it comes to Hermès handbags and its authenticity, it is crucial to have in mind a very important detail: the date stamp or commonly known as the blind stamp.

This element can easily help you authenticate your bag, as it not only provides information about its year of manufacture, but also identifies the workshop and craftsman that created it. On the other hand, this code is unique to every Hermès handbag, allowing you to definitely identify its authenticity if contrasted correctly with the official invoice.

At The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House we are committed to show you everything you need to know about Hermès, and it can’t be complete without a guide to its date stamps. Keep reading and learn how to identify them inside your Hermès handbag!

  1. What are the Hermès date stamps?
  2. Where are the Hermès date stamps located?
  3. Which are the Hermès date stamps?

What are the Hermès date stamps?


Hermès handbags are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. To maintain quality control and assure customers of authenticity, Hermès employs specialized date codes or stamps that indicate the year of production for each handbag. These date codes serve as a mark of authenticity and denote the highest quality associated with the brand.

Beyond the date stamp, each Hermès bag bears a serial or artisan number, which identifies the craftsman responsible for crafting the accessory. This number also indicates the specific section or location within the atelier where the artisan worked. This meticulous system allows Hermès to exercise precise control over the production of their luxury items, ensuring each piece meets their exacting standards.

Understanding the date code of a Hermès handbag is valuable because it offers insights into the bag’s age, which can influence its worth. Additionally, Hermès has modified the design of their stamps over time, making the ability to identify the correct code for a specific era a valuable tool in authenticating a handbag.

Where are the Hermès date stamps located?



Hermès date stamps can be situated in various locations depending on the bag’s model and the year of manufacture. Here are common places to find Hermès stamps on your handbags:

  • Inside the closure strap: Hermès stamps were traditionally located on the inside of the closure strap for Birkin and Kelly bags from 1945 to 2016. These codes were distinctively hot-stamped onto the leather and appeared on the left side. While this stamp location is no longer used for new bags, vintage Birkin and Kelly bags in the resale luxury market may feature date stamps in this area, making it essential to know where and how to identify them.
  • Inside the left side of the bag: Starting in 2016, Hermès began placing date stamps on the inside of Birkin and Kelly bags. These stamps are typically found in the upper region of the left side, situated close to the seams. For bags dating from 2016 to the present, you can expect to locate the stamp in this position.

And when it comes to Constance bags, those produced prior to 2015 might have their date stamp on the strap. For Constance bags manufactured from 2015 onwards, you’ll find the stamp on the upper corner of the inner side of the bag, just below the seams.

Which are the Hermès date stamps?



Hermès handbags are marked with unique date stamps that reveal the year of their production. These stamps comprise a combination of letters and shapes, with the letters denoting the year and the shape indicating the specific time period.

The system of using letters and shapes for dating Hermès bags began in 1945, with letters employed in alphabetical order. From 1945 to 1970, date stamps featured letters only, without any accompanying shapes. In the period spanning 1971 to 1996, a circular shape was introduced alongside the letters. From 1997 to 2014, a square shape accompanied the date stamp letters. From 2015 to the present, date stamps no longer include shapes.

The following section will provide details about the years and their corresponding date stamps, allowing you to easily identify them on your Hermès handbags.






So, have you identified the production year of your Hermès handbags by decoding the date stamps?

Now that you know how to identify the blind stamps of your Hermès handbags, you can easily know more about their origin and the year they were released to the market. If you want to learn to authenticate your Hermès handbags correctly and avoid online scams, follow these detailed guides:

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