Hermès’ Success: Captivating Lovers of Quiet Luxury


In the dynamic world of luxury fashion, where trends change almost as fast as the seasons, Hermès, with its 186 years of history, is a brand that remains a symbol of elegance and timeless craftsmanship. It withstands the test of time and solidifies its position as the seventh global fashion brand, an achievement few can match.

In this article, we will explore why Hermès is a brand of quiet luxury and see how it has outperformed its competitors. Keep reading to discover more!

  1. Hermès: More than a brand, a legacy
  2. What is quiet luxury?
    1. 6 Characteristics of quiet luxury
  3. What isn’t quiet luxury?
  4. Why is Hermès a quiet luxury brand?
  5. Hermès doesn’t mass-produce
  6. Marketing strategy
  7. The art of enduring elegance
  8. We Bring you closer to Hermès

Hermès: More than a brand, a legacy


This French fashion house, founded in 1837, boasts 186 years of tradition and experience. Although it was initially established for equestrian purposes rather than fashion, it always set itself apart from its competitors by unwaveringly focusing on quality, tradition, high manufacturing standards, and attention to detail. Each piece is the true star.

In an era flooded with collaborations and frequent launches, Hermès remains committed to exclusivity. This stance has not only captured the attention of the most discerning customers but has also set a high standard for luxury in its purest form: limited pieces for a select audience.

Hermès has gracefully and boldly evolved without succumbing to the pressures of trends, remaining true to its identity. After venturing into women’s accessory fashion with its Birkin and Kelly bags, it expanded into clothing, accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, and more. It’s also worth noting that even today, after more than a century, Hermès still manufactures equestrian equipment.

What is quiet luxury?


In general, it’s a type of luxury that is discreet, refined, and not overly ostentatious. Instead of seeking attention or being flashy, silent luxury emphasizes quality, craftsmanship, and subtle elegance. It’s not about showing off but rather appreciating the intrinsic quality and excellence of an item or experience.

This concept can be applied to fashion, design, travel, and other sectors of the luxury industry. It is essentially a luxury that is felt more than it is seen, prioritizing the experience and real value over appearance. Silent luxury is enjoyed by the person who possesses it, without the need to be explicit about it to others.

6 Characteristics of quiet luxury


  • Discretion: It doesn’t need to boast or be the center of attention.
  • Quality: Prioritizes quality over quantity, evident in the choice of materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in the manufacturing of pieces.
  • Craftsmanship: Emphasizes authenticity and the mastery of craftsmanship.
  • Durability: Instead of following fleeting trends, silent luxury tends to be timeless and built to last. Silent luxury items are long-term investments.
  • Experience over appearance: It leans more towards the personal experience and genuine enjoyment of the user.
  • Intrinsic value: Beyond price or brand, silent luxury focuses on the real and intrinsic value of a piece or experience, often linked to the history, tradition, or innovation behind it.

When we talk about pieces made under the premise of silent luxury, we could highlight that they lack logos, emblems, or distinctive brand signs that are too prominent. They tend to be polished, simple, but their quality is evident.

In summary, silent luxury moves away from ostentation and superficiality, focusing on quality, craftsmanship, and authentic experience. It’s an appreciation of luxury that is deeply felt and doesn’t need to be shown off.

Examples of quiet luxury items

  • High-end watches: Quality and luxury are present in the precision of manufacturing, the details, the skilled hands that assemble it, and a design that accompanies the aforementioned.
  • Minimalist fashion: The design is accompanied by exquisite materials and fibers for the production of garments, such as vicuña wool, Cervelt, baby cashmere, and shahtoosh, among others.
  • Handbags: Made with genuine leather, full-grain leather, or exotic animal skins.

What isn’t quiet luxury?


Of course, if we consider the characteristics of silent luxury, we can identify what does not fit into this concept, such as:

  • Obvious ostentation: Any item designed primarily to display wealth or status, such as overly large jewelry or items with prominent logos from luxury brands.
  • Fleeting trends: Items that are in fashion for a brief period and are quickly discarded. These often lack the durability and timeless value that defines silent luxury.
  • Compromised quality: Products that, despite their high price or a recognized brand, compromise their quality in terms of materials or manufacturing.
  • Luxury for luxury’s sake: Items that incorporate luxurious elements without a functional or aesthetic purpose, solely to justify a higher price.
  • Counterfeits: Imitations or copies of luxury items that try to pass as the original but lack the authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship of the genuine article.
  • Excessive consumption: Acquiring a large number of luxury items just for the pleasure of buying, without really appreciating or using each one, goes against the principle of intrinsic value of silent luxury.

While silent luxury is characterized by discretion, quality, craftsmanship, and intrinsic value, what is not silent luxury tends to focus on ostentation, temporality, lack of authenticity, and consumption for the sake of consumption.

Why is Hermès a quiet luxury brand?


The brand has perfected this strategy like a true master, maintaining a prudent distance from the commercial and flashy.

Hermès offers pieces and collections that can be acquired by the most discerning customers, such as accessories, silk scarves, watches, sandals, wallets, and even their eye-catching and playful “bag charms.” These products feature the brand’s characteristic price range and quality seals.

Here are several reasons why Hermès is an example of silent luxury:

  • The brand has maintained a strong connection to its artisanal heritage, which is still reflected in its current products.
    It is known for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Each bag, for example, is handmade by a single artisan from start to finish. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures unparalleled quality.
  • Although it produces fashion items, many of its products have timeless designs. For instance, a Birkin or Kelly bag has a design that has endured over the years and is as desirable now as when it was first introduced.
  • While recognized, Hermès items are not typically ostentatious. You won’t see large logos or labels screaming “Hermès.”
    Hermès products are designed to last. With proper care, they can be passed down from generation to generation, reinforcing the idea of investing in items of intrinsic and lasting value.

These characteristics solidify Hermès as a brand of silent luxury that doesn’t need to be loud or overly display its status; its reputation and quality speak for themselves.

Hermès doesn’t mass-produce


The difficulty in acquiring certain items, such as the Birkin bag, is not solely due to its high price but also deliberate scarcity and production control to maintain quality and exclusivity.

Exclusivity strategy: Maintaining a certain scarcity in the market is a consciously applied strategy by Hermès to increase the desirability of its bags. This scarcity creates an aura of exclusivity around the products.

Waiting lists continue to be extensive, but the purchase often depends on the relationship with the store, favoring repeat customers. It is more likely that frequent customers or those who have already invested in other Hermès products will have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive bag.

Similarly, Hermès offers customization options and produces bags with exotic materials or limited editions. These versions are even rarer and more expensive, making them even less accessible to the general public.

These factors combined ensure that Hermès bags remain objects of desire and are not easily available to everyone, regardless of their economic capability. This inaccessibility, in turn, reinforces the brand’s image of exclusivity and luxury.

This exclusivity appeals to those seeking a deeper connection with the brand and who can afford to own these pieces. In this sense, we could say that Hermès also targets aspirational luxury, something that everyone wants to possess because they develop admiration for the brand.

Marketing strategy


Hermès has adopted a marketing strategy that we could describe as “reverse.” Stepping away from advertising noise, this brand has opted for a more discreet approach, another characteristic of the quiet luxury trend.

Instead of bombarding consumers with its presence, it invites each customer to be part of a prestigious and exclusive universe, creating a sense of belonging, inviting its customers into a circle that very few can enter, and where good taste is the guest of honor. This approach has proven to be a resounding success, as its products are objects of desire in their own right.

The art of enduring elegance


What truly sets Hermès apart are its products. Each item is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, from its iconic Birkin and Kelly bags to its silk scarves and luxury watches. Every piece is made with the finest materials, and the attention to detail is impeccable. Quality is evident in every stitch, texture, and finish.

Hermès’ legacy is palpable in its products, which seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.

  • For example, their Birkin and Kelly bags are much more than mere accessories. They are symbols of status and elegance, and each one is carefully crafted by skilled artisans. From leather selection to the meticulous assembly process, each step reflects the brand’s dedication and commitment to excellence.
  • Hermès silk scarves are true wearable works of art. Each design is a unique expression of creativity and sophistication. Their vibrant colors and intricate patterns capture the imagination and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  • Hermès watches are a perfect combination of style and functionality. With high-precision Swiss movements and elegant designs, these watches are cherished for both their beauty and reliable performance.

We bring you closer to Hermès


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