The Hermès bag mystery: Why can’t you buy them easily?

The French atelier Hermès has gained an unusual reputation since its beginning, especially with the creation of the Birkin and Kelly bags, two of the brand’s greatest treasures. These luxury bags have proven to be true exclusive objects, with a higher demand than the rest of the fashion house’s accessories.

But why is there so much demand from the Birkin and Kelly bags? Because they are considered a symbol of status and power, due to the hundreds of celebrities and royalty who wear them proudly to complement their outfits. This makes it possible for bags to become in-demand objects and therefore their value and exclusivity increases more and more every day.

If you’ve ever go to an official Hermès store and haven’t been able to go home with one of these dream bags, then you’re sure to wonder why can’t they sell you a bag? The answer has a lot to do with its exclusivity.

Here are why Hermès stores can’t sell a Birkin or Kelly bag to any customer who requests it. Pay attention!

  1. Sales goals
  2. Brand’s perception
  3. Product’s exclusivity
  4. Priority to loyal customers to the brand
  5. How to buy a Hermès bag faster?

Sales goals

Within the ins and outs of the luxury market, there are different strategies to make substantial profits and maintain demand for products. In the case of Hermès stores, sellers are rigorously trained to understand the sales goals they must meet throughout the year, so that they can fit into the brand’s standards.

Once they are ready to start working with clients, sellers are offered commissions on their base salary with the sale of small goods and exclusive handbags, these ones represent a higher commission to sellers.

Despite representing individual gains for sellers, they still have to respect the percentage of annual sales for Hermès products, which is roughly 70% for small goods and 30% for exclusive handbags.

So, agents of the brand must stick to making sales within these approximate percentages, in order to maintain interest in the products and preserve the limited inventory of Birkin and Kelly bags that they receive each year in their stores.

Brand’s perception

Aside of the sales goals of each Hermès store, there is also another element that must be taken into account when it comes to fashion houses like Hermès, we are talking about the brand perception, a very important element that must be kept intact so that the brand can still be relevant inside the luxury market.

Brand perception entails the way clients and the common public sees Hermès, this means that the brand is interested that everyone sees it as an exclusive fashion house, not only for the quality of its products, but also because of the desirable element of its creations.

That’s why Hermès tries to keep their Birkin and Kelly bags as unreachable as possible, because if it wants them to be exclusive, it needs to limit them only for a few people that have enough acquisitive power to purchase them, that way only the privileged can get them, resulting in a clear image of exclusivity to the bags and to the brand, that continues to grow throughout the years and raises the value of their bags.

Product’s exclusivity

If you have become a frequent customer of Hermès or if you have visited their stores a few times, you have surely noticed that sellers indicate that the inventory of exclusive products, such as Kelly or Birkin bags is out of stock or very low; Beyond appearing like a white lie on the part of the sellers, this is not entirely false, since the French atelier sends a limited number of bags that must be sold in that store during a period of one year.

The limited quantity of these exclusive bags is due to not only sales strategy, but also to the special materials with which they are made, and to the handcrafting of each one of them. In other words, Hermès doesn’t work with mass production, but rather dedicates a single craftsman to the creation of each piece.

For this reason, sellers turn to waiting lists, to keep track of customers who request the purchase of one of these iconic bags from the French brand. And that is why if you have signed up on the list, you may have had to wait a few years for your turn.

But why are there other more available products in official stores? These are approximately 70% of small goods present in Hermès stores, which are those that bring a regular and fixed profit during the year, and that are freely sold to customers who walk through the doors.

Perhaps you have noticed that sellers often say that they cannot sell you the Birkin or Kelly bag, but they offer you countless other accessories, these are the small goods, whose quality and luxury is as indisputable as that of the exclusive bags.

Another good news is that if you buy enough small goods from the French brand, you will be considered a frequent customer and therefore your name will go up a few places on the waiting list for bags. It’s a good way to start!

Priority to loyal customers of the brand

As mentioned above, another reason why sellers find it difficult to offer the few Birkin and Kelly bags in stock is because they have to respect the waiting lists in place from the first customers each year.

These lists take into account all those who go to official stores in search of the purchase of exclusive bags, but also include those recurring Hermès customers who have shown interest in purchasing one of these accessories.

So, when there is an opportunity to sell a few of the limited store inventory bags, priority is always given to those buyers who have made the most purchases of small goods, or who have purchased one or more exclusive bags before.

So, if you go to an official Hermès store and tell the seller that you want to buy an exclusive bag, don’t be surprised to notice that their mood or attention will not be the most appropriate, because each seller must explain the same reasons to anyone interested. We assure you that it is nothing personal.

How to buy a Hermès  bag faster?


As we have mentioned above, buying an exclusive Hermès  handbag from the official store is a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean that there are not different channels through which you can purchase an exclusive Hermès handbag faster, to save time and be able to enjoy your investment sooner.

Nowadays there are hundreds of luxury online marketplaces that share pre-loved or used Hermès handbags for sale. Most of those marketplaces can be risky if you are not used to move in the luxury resale market, as there are many scammers that are ready to sell counterfeited bags to desperate clients. Besides, most of the bags sold at the marketplaces are used or show signs of deterioration, so it might not be what you’re looking for.

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