Everything you need to know to buy a Hermès bag online


The luxury resale market has grown immensely in the last few years, providing a good choice for Hermès clients to buy new bags online without having to worry about official stores and waiting lists. However, to buy a Hermès bag online you need to take many aspects into consideration, not only to avoid a scam, but also to choose the right handbag before making an investment.

In the following post we will show you amazing tips and information to help you buy a Hermès bag online without worries, purchasing from a safe ecommerce store, avoiding counterfeits, and most importantly, choosing the Hermès handbag of your dreams, so you can enjoy this luxury piece for many years. Keep reading and find out!

  1. Hermès Handbag Models and Sizes
  2. Hermès Available Skins and Leathers
  3. Hermès Bags’ Colors
  4. Hermès Bags’ Hardware
  5. How to choose the right Hermès Handbag?
  6. Tips to match your Hermès Handbags to your Style
  7. Tips to use a Hermès Handbag
  8. How to buy a Hermès Handbag without being scammed?
  9. Where to Buy Brand New In Box Hermès Handbags Online?
  10. How to Identify a Fake Hermès Handbag?
  11. Hermès Handbags’ Authenticity Levels

Hermès Handbag Models and Sizes

Before you purchase a Hermès handbag online, you need to know more about the available handbag models and their sizes, so you can discover their variety and pick the one that you like the most. There are many Hermès handbag models, but there are three specific models that are known for their popularity, value and impressive potential for revaluation. Here we show you the Hermès Holy Trinity.

Birkin Bag


A truly iconic bag, the Birkin is the most acclaimed Hermès handbag of all, it has gained popularity since its introduction in 1984, providing a reliable accessory for women that need comfort and style when carrying their daily essentials. The Birkin bag is by far the most valuable Hermès choice and it has proven to be the most profitable investment in the long run, thanks to its revaluation rate and its ability to hold its value.

The Birkin bag is a perfect choice for those that need enough storage space and a fashionable silhouette that will never be out of style. The Birkin bag is available in sizes 25, 30, 35 and 40, that can be measured in centimeters on its base. This handbag is ideal for daily use and it is sturdy enough to resist the passage of time and continuous use.

Kelly Bag


The classic of classics, the Kelly is a royal bag with a signature trapezoidal shape, it is considered the second most famous Hermès bag and the second most valuable, reaching impressive prices in the luxury resale market. The Kelly is a marvelous bag that can be adapted perfectly to all uses, but it shines particularly on special occasions, providing a sophisticated look to anyone that wears it, not in vain it is considered the royal bag and it has a rich history related to royalty.

The Kelly bag bears the best of both features, a good storage space and a unique and elegant look, so it is ideal for women that need storage space, but also that want to enjoy a truly chic appearance. The Kelly is available in different sizes, such as 20 (Mini), 25, 28, 32, 35 and 40, these sizes can be measured in centimeters just like on the Birkin bag. The amount of sizes that the Kelly has makes it an adaptable bag for every occasion

Constance Bag


The Hermès third luxury icon, the Constance bag is a fresh and bold approach to fashion. This compact and luxurious bag is definitely a favorite amongst the brand’s enthusiasts, as it provides a fresh and urban look that can be dressed up and down easily. The Constance bag, while not as valuable as the Birkin and Kelly, it also bears an impressive potential to revalue over time, and it can hold its value just as good as the Birkin and Kelly bags.

The Constance is often used by women with a juvenile and easygoing personality, that are always on the go and need something compact and fashionable to carry their essentials safely. The Constance bag is available in sizes 14 (Micro), 18, 24 and 25 (Elan), providing a reduced space, but considerable comfort thanks to its shoulder strap. The Constance bag is ideal for casual settings, but it can also be applied to formal looks, especially when used in exotic combinations and rich or pastel colors.

Aside from these known exclusive Hermès handbags, there are also other worth mentioning bags that can be a great addition to your collection, here we show you:

  • Evelyne: The Evelyne is a comfortable casual bag, it features a shoulder strap and a wide storage space to carry everything you need. Best of all the Evelyne bag comes in different sizes: Très Petit Modèle (TPM), Petit Modèle (PM), Grand Modèle (GM), Très Grand Modèle (TGM).

  • Lindy: The Lindy is a charming bag with a very peculiar silhouette, it provides a fashionable option and it is also spacious to carry your essentials. It is available in the following sizes: 20, 26, 30 and 34.

  • Picotin: The Picotin is a cylindrical bag with two short handles that can provide an easy way to carry your belongings, it features a simple and minimalist design. The Picotin is available in sizes 14 (Micro) , 18 (PM) , 22 (MM), 26 (GM) and 33 (TGM).

  • Bolide: The Bolide is the pioneer that introduced the zipper to the Hermès bags, and it features a stylized rounded shape with two thin handles. It can be adapted with a shoulder strap and it is spacious enough for your belongings. The Bolide comes in sizes 20, 25, 27, 30, 31, 35 and 45.

Learn more details about Hermès handbag models and sizes.

Hermès Available Skins and Leathers


Hermès is known for its impressive quality and variety of skins and leathers, providing many textures to choose from. There are many Hermès skins, the preferred ones are usually calfskin and goatskin, but for people that like a good exotic feel and look, there are crocodile, alligator, lizard and ostrich skins that can’t be missed.

Next, we show you a brief list of the most used Hermès leathers and skins, so you can decide which one is the best choice for your new bag. To discover more choices consult this guide of Hermès skins.



Calfskin is usually the preferred skin for Hermès handbags, as it offers a very sophisticated appearance, while also being the perfect match for day to day wear, providing an ideal look for casual occasions. There are many types of calfskin in Hermès collection, but here we show you the most popular amongst Hermès enthusiasts:

  • Epsom: A sturdy and small-grained calfskin. It provides a strong and sturdy construction.

  • Togo: A softer and pebble grained calfskin with a supple feeling.

  • Swift: A soft and lustrous skin with a very subtle and almost invisible grain. It has a supple finish that tends to wear faster. It is the perfect choice to apply vibrant colors.

  • Barenia Faubourg: A sturdy calfskin with a grainy appearance, yet softer than Epsom, but with a matched resistance.

  • Box Calf Leather: Lustrous soft calfskin with a great resistance. It is somewhat more prone to scratches, but it retains its shape and it develops a beautiful patina over time.

  • Evercolor: A supple and gentle calfskin with small compact grains. It is sturdy and resistant. It holds colors tremendously well.


Hermès goatskin is known for its strength and resistance, providing a similar simple look as calfskin, but with added robustness to take up heavier loads and resist water damage and scratches. It is a very good choice for daily use.

  • Chévre Mysore: A goatskin with lustrous finish and caviar-like grain. It is exceptional strong and it is resistant to scratches and even water.

  • Chévre Coromandel: A goatskin with a very light and interesting appearance, featuring prominent vertical veining. It is a robust and resistant option for daily use.



Both Hermès crocodile variations are amongst the most priced and luxurious skins, often being applied to the most expensive Hermès handbags in history, such as the Himalaya Birkin and Himalaya Kelly. Without a doubt they are truly exquisite choices.

  • Crocodile Niloticus: Known for its small squared-shaped scales, the Crocodile Niloticus is sourced directly from the Nile River in Zimbabwe, Africa. It is available in shinny and matte finishes.

  • Crocodile Porosus: The Crocodile Porosus also features small squared-shaped scales, but they have an added peculiar texture, thanks to the small pores that locate at the center of each scale. The Crocodile Porosus skin is sourced from Southeast Asia. It is also available in shinny and matte finishes.



Hermès alligator skin is also a true marvel of luxury, with its incomparable large scales and mesmerizing look. This skin is generally used for very unique and exclusive bags, specially in small sizes, reinforcing the idea that alligator is the perfect companion for special occasions.

  • Alligator Mississippiensis: A one-of-a-kind skin with bigger rectangular scales with an asymmetrical disposition. This skin comes straight from sweet water alligators from the Mississippi River in the United States. This luxurious skin is available in matte and shinny versions.



Hermès Lizard skin was made to cause an impact. Generally applied to bright and vibrant handbags, this skin is sure to make you the center of attention. Both its varieties are highly luxurious and coveted in the resale market.

  • Lizard Varanus Niloticus: A textured skin with beautiful small and rounded scales. Lizard Varanus Niloticus skin is sourced from the African Nile Monitor Lizard and it represents a very luxurious skin. It is mostly available in vibrant colors with shiny or matte finishes.

  • Lizard Varanus Salvator: The most unique Hermès skin, it consists of small rounded scales with an impressive natural pattern of dark brown base and beige rings drawn on top. This skin is often used in its natural state, and it is almost never dyed, so you can enjoy its exotic and beautiful natural appearance.



A gorgeous soft and rich skin with a supple feel. The Ostrich skin is characterized by its pores that show the places where the feathers used to be. This skin is delightful and it usually gets a deeper and richer patina as time goes by. It is one of the favorites of Hermès enthusiasts that appreciate the exotic feel.

Hermès Bags’ Colors


As there are incredible skins and leathers to choose from, Hermès also has a very extensive color collection, with 280+ colors that have a history, meaning and beauty on their own. However, there are some classic hues that never go out of style when it comes to Hermès bags, as well as some beautiful and vibrant colors that have become very popular and a symbol of this brand.

Here we will show you some of the best Hermès colors, and if you want to discover more about each one of them and the rest of the vast Hermès color collection, follow this link.

  • Hermès timeless classic colors:
    • Gold
    • Noir
    • Etoupe
    • Etain
    • Blanc
    • Rouge H
  • Hermès popular colors:
    • Gris Meyer
    • Gris Perle
    • Chai
    • Fauve
    • Terre
    • Toundra
    • Chocolat
    • Jaune Ambre
    • Limoncello
    • Mimosa
    • Vert Criquet
    • Vert Jade
    • Bleu Lin
    • Bleu Nuit
    • Bleu Frida
    • Ultraviolet
    • Cassis
    • Anemone
    • Rouge de Coeur
    • Rouge Casaque
    • Bordeaux
    • Rouge Exotique
    • Rose Sakura
    • Mauve Sylvestre
    • Mauve Pale
    • Rose Pourpre
    • Rose Tyrien
    • Orange
    • Feu

Hermès Bags’ Hardware


Hermès bags are not just composed of impressive skins in a wide range of colors, but they are also embellished by luxurious metal pieces that are plated in precious metals, ensuring that the overall look of the bags shine for years to come.

When buying a Hermès bag, you must choose the hardware that best suits your needs and personal preferences, here we will show you each of the available hardware options for Hermès bags. To learn more details about each of them you can check this Hermès hardware guide.

Gold Hardware (CC)


The Gold hardware is one of the most acclaimed and used by Hermès enthusiasts. This hardware option is often used for special occasions as it tends to be very luxurious. However, if you prefer gold accents instead of silver tones, it is your ideal pick. CC is the Hermès code for Gold Hardware, and it should be present on the invoice where the handbag’s specifications are detailed.

Brushed Gold Hardware (CM)


Brushed Gold hardware is very unique and uncommon, it is mostly used for Special Order handbags. This plating is attained by brushing a fresh common gold platting, creating a very interesting and matte effect. This hardware is impressively sturdy and it is resistant to scratches. The Hermès code for Brushed Gold Hardware is CM.

Rose Gold Hardware (CD)

With an added pink and feminine hue, Hermès Rose Gold hardware has become a favorite in the last few years. This plating is made by mixing gold with copper, attaining a gorgeous pink hue that is perfect for sophisticated handbags. The Hermès code for Rose Gold Hardware is CD.

Palladium Hardware (CK)


One of the favorite choices, Palladium Hardware is the most used option amongst Hermès lovers, its silver simplicity and shiny finish makes it a perfect complement for vibrant colors and muted neutrals. Palladium hardware is ideal for day to day use and more casual occasions, although it can also shine bright during elegant nights out. The Hermès code for Palladium Hardware is CK.

Brushed Palladium Hardware (CB)


Brushed Palladium Hardware is a beautiful matte version of Palladium, it is made by brushing fresh Palladium platting to create a matte finish. This option is mostly available for Special Order handbags. Brushed Palladium is very resistant to scratches and it proves to be a sturdy option. The Hermès code for Brushed Palladium Hardware is CB.

Permabrass Hardware (CP)


Permabrass is a gorgeous option for those that can’t decide between Palladium and Gold hardware. Permabrass features a champagne-like tone that is obtained by mixing Gold and Palladium, so it provides a soft golden tone with silver hues. Permabrass is ideal for casual attire but also for special occasions. The Hermès code for Permabrass Hardware is CP.

Ruthenium Hardware (CY)


Ruthenium is for those that like bold hardware, it can be described as a dark silver metal that is very resistant and sturdy. Ruthenium is often seen as silver and sometimes confused with palladium, but it is less lustrous and it has a dark gray hue. Ruthenium hardware is very unique and rare to find. The Hermès code for Ruthenium Hardware is CY.

PVD Hardware


PVD Hardware is quite rare and interesting, mostly present on special edition handbags and the So Black collection. PVD hardware is achieved through a process called physical vapor deposition that is applied to a base of Ruthenium hardware, so the dark tones take place, creating a completely black hue that shines with discretion. This is one of the edgier choices that Hermès offers.

Diamond Hardware (CG)


Diamond hardware is by far the most special and expensive variation, it is made with a base of white gold or gold hardware to which then the artisans apply hundreds of small diamonds, creating a luxurious masterpiece. This hardware is often found on the most exclusive handbags and on special editions, such as the Hermès Himalaya Birkin and Himalaya Kelly, the most expensive Hermès handbags. The Hermès code for Diamond Hardware is CG.

Guilloche Hardware


Guilloche, more than a type of metal to plate hardware, is a style applied to any of the variations. Guilloche hardware showcases a beautiful and fine diamond pattern, made with a special machine. This beautiful pattern provides texture and an eye-catching hardware choice.

Lacquer Hardware


Lacquer hardware is often seen on Constance bags, and it consists on the use of a fine layer of colored enamel that is applied to the metal, mostly Palladium. Lacquer hardware is often found on limited-edition handbags.

Exotic Skin Hardware


Exotic skin hardware can be seen on very rare and special occasions, and it is the process through which hardware is covered with a layer of crocodile, alligator or lizard skin to offer a sophisticated and rare touch. It is also seen often on padlocks of Birkin and Kelly bags made of exotic skins, and it is the only metal piece that is covered in skin, as the touret or turning closure remains entirely made of metal.

How to choose the right Hermès Handbag?


Before you buy a new Hermès handbag online, the first thing you need to do is identify which handbag you want to buy. As you may know, there are a great variety of skin and color options for Hermès handbags, as well as many exclusive models. So you must know for sure which bag you are looking for, so you can make the right investment and buy a Hermès bag that you truly love.

In order to choose the right Hermès handbag, you need to analyze some aspects that will be relevant for your decision. These are the aspects:

  • Define the use for the bag: First things first, before buying a Hermès bag you must decide what type of use you’re going to give to the bag; if you’re going to use it daily, for special occasions or even for travel. Define what’s the use for the bag and your decision will be based on it, especially when it comes to materials’ resistance, the right color for specific occasions or the ideal size.

  • Determine the right size: The right size for a Hermès bag will depend not only on the type of use you’re going to give to it, but also on your height. If you’re a short person, a big bag can be difficult to handle, and if you’re tall, a small bag can look way too tiny. However, it all depends on your personal preferences.

  • Choose a style: Whether you like a discreet style or you want to cause an impact with your Hermès handbag, choose the type of style you want to achieve with your new bag, so you can pick the right choice for you and the type of looks you usually wear. This way the bag will complement your wardrobe perfectly.

  • Pick the perfect model: Do you have a preference from one of the three Hermès Holy Grail bags? Pick from Birkin, Kelly or Constance bags, each of them can adapt very well to every occasion, but if you have a preference for a specific style, it is time to choose the right bag. You can also opt for other Hermès bags, such as the Evelyne, Picotin, Lindy or Bolide.

  • Accessible price or value for resale?: Another important aspect to have in mind before buying a Hermès bag is to know what is the final purpose of the bag and what is your budget. If you’re looking for a handbag that you can use daily or enjoy it on special occasions, but you’re not planning on parting ways with it, then you can choose a budget that adjusts to it. However, if you’re looking for an investment piece that you may use but you’re also interested in selling it in the future, look for a bag that is impactful, maybe a limited-edition Hermès bag or even one made of exotic materials. These traits can give you a bigger profit, but they will also require a higher budget.

Take a look at this detailed guide on how to choose the right Hermès handbag.

If you want to get personalized advice on which Hermès handbag to buy, fill out this form and our experts will guide you.

Tips to match your Hermès Handbags to your Style


Personal style is the cornerstone of your look as it mixes your self-expression, your preferences and your personal touch. Your aesthetic is a crucial part of your appearance and when buying a Hermès handbag, it is best for it to match your personal style very well, so it can be an extension of your essence.

To pick a Hermès handbag that matches your style you need to determine what is your style, and although many people don’t have a defined style, there are some basic choices that can be used to base your outfits on. Here are some basic styles and the perfect Hermès bags to match them:

Minimalist Style


A minimalist style entails basic colors, plain textures and few accessories, it relies on the use of few pieces with a timeless appearance. To match your minimalist style pick Hermès bags with base colors such as Gold, Craie, Black and Gris Meyer, dark greens and earthy colors can also be ideal. Use soft calfskin with little to no grains, such as Swift or Clemence skins.

Glam Style


Glam looks are very fashion oriented, with tons of designer pieces and garments that cause an impact, with faux fur, sequins and interesting textures. A perfect Hermès bag for a Glam style would be one with dark rich colors, such as Blue Royal or Vert Foncé, or you can also pick feminine bright colors like Rose Pourpre, Rouge de Coeur or Violet. Incorporate exotic skins, such as crocodile or alligator, and pick textured calfskin to bring life to your ensembles.

Edgy Style


If you’re more on the rocker side and you appreciate the elegance of leather, dark colors and lace, you can pick very interesting Hermès bags to resonate with your style. Add a lizard or crocodile bag in Black with Palladium plated hardware, or go a step forward and opt for a So Black Birkin. You can also pick bags in classic Togo calfskin with dark rich and contrasting colors such as Cassis or Bourgogne.

Boho Style


The free-spirited Bohemian style is inspired in Gypsy fashion and nature elements. It entails many floral prints, fringes, maxi skirts and chunky jewelry. A perfect choice for this style would be an Evelyne bag, because it matches the aesthetic. However, you can also opt for the classic Birkin, Kelly or Constance bags, preferably in Retourné construction. Look for calfskin or goatskin bags. Earthy colors can be your best friends, such as Terre, Moutarde, Vert Olive or Orange.

Classic Style


A Classic style is ideal for timeless fashion and very sophisticated looks. It includes base colors, more along the lines of pastels or beige. For a Hermès bag to match your Classic style opt for calfskin over any exotic skin, or save exotic skin for special occasions. Look for base colors or pastels, such as Etoupe, Etain, Craie, and to add color opt for Bleu Lin or Mauve Pale.

Aside from your personal style and the Hermès bags you can pick to accompany it, there are some basic fashion rules that you can follow to take your looks to the next level. Here are some basic tips:

  • Less is more: Use key accessories and complements for your looks but don’t overdo them. This way you retain a sophisticated style.Prints:use prints with moderation and try not to mix very different patterns. Complement your outfits using the colors of the prints you’re wearing in any accessory.

  • The occasion matters: Always dress ideally for the occasion. Know when to respect the dress code, you can match freely in casual situations, but keep it simple, elegant and sophisticated for formal or corporate events.

  • Accessorize: Don’t be afraid to accessorize your looks, mix and match different bracelets, silk scarves, and you can even add a Hermès bag charm to your Birkin or Kelly to give an extra punch of color.

  • Wear your outfit confidently: Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as long as you’re having fun. Be confident of your fashion choices and enjoy every single one of your outfits, it makes the difference.

  • Stay true to your style: As much as going out of your comfort zone can improve your looks, you should also keep a basic aesthetic that you enjoy and be true to it. Don’t be afraid to incorporate little changes, but keep your essence intact. After all it is only yours!

Consult our detailed guide to match your Hermès handbag to your style.

Tips to use a Hermès Handbag


Once you have decided which is the perfect Hermès handbag for you, you can start wearing it confidently. However, there are some interesting tips you need to know to take care of your bag while wearing it, and also to keep a sophisticated look and know how to conduct yourself in social gatherings with your new bag.

Next, we will show you some etiquette tips to wear your new Hermès handbag in any social situations, Don’t miss out:

Etiquette tips

  • Mind your posture: Standing with an upright posture can be of great help for your back, but it can also make you look taller, approachable and confident. This is also ideal to keep focus on your Hermès handbag and keep it as part of your outfit.

  • Keep a free hand: While at social gatherings, parties or corporate events, it is ideal to keep your hand free to greet acquaintances and friends. Hold your Hermès bag with the other hand and always keep one free for greetings.

  • Carry your bag appropriately: The way you carry your bag can change everything, from your posture to the way you look. By carrying your bag appropriately you can keep more free space around you and your bag won’t become an impediment for socialization or walking around. Carry your bag properly depending on its structure, whether it has handles, a strap, or if it is a clutch.

  • Where to place your bag?: When you need to sit at a table during a social event, whether it is a lunch or a meeting, you can’t place the Hermès bag on the table or on the ground, as it can be an obstacle or it can seem unhygienic. Place it on your chair behind you, on a free chair by your side or use a bag hanger to hang it from the table, this way it won’t disrupt anyone.

Tips to protect your bag while using it


Now we will share some basic tips to protect your bag while wearing it and prolong its beauty for many years:

  • Use an insert: Use an insert or bag organizer to keep the interior of your Hermès bag intact and protected from stains. There are many bag inserts online and there are also options to fit inside every size, even the smallest bag.

  • Put Twilly scarves on the handles: Use Twilly silk scarves to cover your bag’s handles, this way you will protect them from sweat, dust, stains and the sun. Besides, it looks fashionable and it adds color.

  • Use silicone cups for the feet: Protect your bag’s feet with small silicone cups. These little cups are cheap and easy to put on, they will keep the feet of your bag in perfect condition for longer.

  • Use the rain cover: Avoid going out when it is raining, but if you absolutely must go, take your rain cover with you and put it on your bag. Some Hermès handbags don’t come with rain covers because of their sizes, but you can always buy a generic cover online and use it to protect it.

  • Remove the plastic seals: After you purchase your new Hermès bag, don’t keep the plastic seals on the hardware for too long. The plastic and glue can cause great damage to the metal, taking away its shine and sticking to their surface permanently.

For more etiquette rules and tips to use your Hermès handbag, check this guide.

How to buy a Hermès Handbag without being scammed?


Buying a Hermès handbag online can be a reason to be alert as today many bags that are sold as authentic are actually fake. This is due to the level of sophistication and perfection that counterfeiters reach when replicating these bags. This is why you must be careful to avoid being scammed.

To help you navigate the Hermès resale market and keep you safe from counterfeits and scams, here we offer you some tips to avoid being scammed when you buy a new Hermès bag online:

  • Research about the handbags: In order to avoid a scam, it is imperative that you learn more about the accessory you want to purchase, in this case, Hermès handbags. You must study closely the model you want to buy and also learn through detailed guides to be able to identify an authentic bag. However, this is very difficult only with pictures, especially if there are no other methods or documents to authenticate the bag.

  • Buy from a trustworthy website: Research deeply about the best marketplaces or ecommerce stores to purchase a new Hermès handbag. Not all marketplaces are safe and not all resellers can be trusted. Study the market and look for a website with enough reputation, preferably ecommerce stores that sell their own products instead of a marketplace where anyone can post a bag.

  • Research about the reseller’s reputation: Before engaging in a deal with a reseller or a website, take your time to research their reputation, look for reviews and comments in their social media, this is a good place to start.

  • Compare prices in many marketplaces: Before buying a bag online, look through most of the marketplaces and ecommerce stores to find one with the best prices for the handbag you want. Prices can vary slightly or even greatly, it all depends on the reseller, the year of production of the bag and the condition. If a bag is excessively expensive or suspiciously cheap, you need to be alert.

  • Communicate with the reseller: Discuss every single detail before buying a bag, ask as many questions as needed and ask for enough authentication proof. Pay attention and avoid resellers that are reluctant to provide information without a logical explanation.

  • Use safe payment methods: Look for websites, marketplaces or ecommerce stores that offer safe payment methods, such as those with buyer’s protection. This way you can be protected if anything goes wrong.

The subject of Hermès counterfeits and the way to avoid them is very vast and deep, this is why we have prepared this very detailed guide for you. Read it thoroughly before buying a Hermès bag online.

Where to Buy Brand New In Box Hermès Handbags Online?


The resale marketplace for Hermès handbags is incredibly vast, and there are many options to pick from, not only in terms of skins, colors and types of bags, but also when it comes to the conditions of the handbags and the year of production.

If you’re one of those buyers that are looking for a brand new in box Hermès handbag, whether because it’s been difficult for you to access one on the official stores, or because the ones that they offer you don’t satisfy you, you really need a trustworthy online option to get a perfect Hermès bag.

We have conducted a study of more than 50+ marketplaces to bring answers to your questions, and we have discovered the following data, taking into consideration marketplaces to buy pre-loved or used handbags, and marketplaces to buy brand new in box bags.

This data clearly shows that if you’re looking for a brand new in box Hermès handbag and you want to get the best prices for bags with the newest production years, the Birkin’s & Kelly’s House is your ideal destination.

For a deeper look at the whole study we conducted, click here.

How to Identify a Fake Hermès Handbag?


Nowadays, identifying a fake Hermès handbag can be nearly impossible, this is due to the great ability of counterfeiters that are able to create exact replicas of authentic bags. However, there are some effective ways in which you can tell a fake bag from an original. It all comes down to two defined steps:

Physical examination


Although a physical examination is not always the most effective or reliable way to tell a fake from an original, it is a mandatory step to make sure that a bag meets all the required characteristics to be labeled as genuine, at least in the physical aspect. It must be noted that some Hermès counterfeits are so good that they also use authentic materials, so it is not always safe to rely only on physical examination. However, these are the aspects you have to check:

  • Structure: Each bag must comply with the original shape, showcasing a perfect silhouette and construction.

  • Skin: The skin appearance should be as expected, with no plastic look or unmatched construction. Each bag should be made with a single piece of leather, so the bag can have a continuous and smooth appearance.

  • Touch: The texture of each skin should be as natural as possible, you should be able to feel the graining, scales, pores and softness of natural materials.

  • Smell: Each bag should exude a perfectly natural smell pertinent to the different types of skins. Stay away from chemical or strong toxic scents.

  • Stitching: Hermès stitching is legendary, and it is always done by hand, so you must take a good look at the stitching on a Hermès bag and see that the seams are diagonal and follow a symmetrical pattern. Stitches shouldn’t be totally straight as this indicates they were made by machine.

  • Hardware: Hermès hardware is shiny and solid, so it should be heavy enough. Each piece of hardware should be plated of the same metal throughout a bag. Original hardware shouldn’t peel off.

  • Metal engravings: Look for authenticity metal engravings such as the “Hermès – Paris” engraving on plaques and under the Constance’s “H” clasp.

  • Date stamps: Date stamps contain important information about the bag’s year of manufacture, country, workshop and craftsmen. Always check that the date stamp is crisp and clean and that it matches the code on the official invoice.

  • Prints: Each bag should bear a print under the closing flap, it should read: “Hermès – Paris – Made in France”. The font can’t be too big nor too small. The color of the print should always match the color of the hardware of the bag. On exotic bags there are additional printings next to the main print, they consist of symbols that indicate the type of exotic skin.

  • Packaging: Examine the bag’s packaging, it should always come with an orange box with the Hermès logo on the lid. Birkin bags come with two dust bags, one for the bag and one for the clochette, Kelly bags come with three, including one for the shoulder strap, and Constance bags come with one. Also pay attention to the presence of the rain cover with your bag and a little booklet named “Le Cuir Hermès”.

Document examination


Documents that accompany a Hermès handbag are the most important when trying to authenticate a bag, as they contain details regarding not only the product itself, but also information about the date, time and amount paid at an official Hermès store to purchase the bag. If all these details match and if the examined bag shows a perfect physical aspect, then it can be considered authentic.

The basic documents that you should receive to identify a Hermès bag’s authenticity are the following:

  • Official Hermès Invoice: The official invoice should always be present, it contains important data regarding the physical characteristics of the bag, as well as the date stamp that matches to the code stamped inside the bag, and also the date, time and amount paid at the store.

  • Payment ticket or voucher: The voucher is the ticket that the store provides once the bag has been paid with a card. This ticket contains important information about the date, time and amount paid, and these elements should match to the official invoice and bank statement.

  • Bank statement (optional): The bank statement is the proof that the transaction to buy the bag at the store was registered by the bank. Although this element is not openly shown and some resellers don’t provide it, it is important to be 100% sure of the authenticity of a bag, as it also matches the date, time and amount paid to the official invoice and voucher.

There is much more to the process of identifying a fake Hermès handbag. Dive deeper with this detailed guide that we have prepared for you.

And if you want to learn more about Hermès handbag terms and their meanings, take a look at this glossary of terms.

Hermès Handbags’ Authenticity Levels


Finally, to be completely sure of the authenticity of a Hermès handbag, there is a very important chart of authenticity levels that you must explore to know how trustworthy is the “genuine” status of a bag. The ideal is to find an online store that can provide the highest levels of authenticity, so you can trust that your purchase will result in an original and new Hermès bag.

There are 6 basic levels of authenticity for Hermès handbags, here we detail each of them:



At the lowest level, we find handbags that initially appear authentic but reveal numerous flaws upon closer examination, signaling that it is most likely a counterfeit. Often lacking a dust bag and box, these handbags pose the risk of being stolen from personal collections or official stores. It’s important to avoid purchasing these bags altogether, as their genuineness cannot be verified.

Medium Low


A medium low level entails the presence of an examined and seemingly genuine bag, alongside the official Hermès invoice and in some cases a marketplace certificate. The official Hermès invoice can sometimes be falsified and a marketplace certificate can’t be trusted to a 100%, because there are bags that seem authentic and not even an expert can detect that they are fake even after a physical examination.



It involves the presence of official invoices from Hermès stores or certificates issued by marketplaces claiming to have scrutinized a bag. While Hermès invoices are considered essential for verifying a handbag’s authenticity, they cannot always be relied upon independently as they are susceptible to forgery. Similarly, certificates issued by marketplaces may be based on physical inspection or merely on visual assessment from pictures, both of which can be uncertain.

This is due to the fact that counterfeiters have become adept at producing highly sophisticated fake handbags that closely resemble authentic ones. These replicas may use identical skins and hardware as genuine Hermès products, and may even feature date stamps that align with those shown on official invoices. Despite appearances of authenticity in the handbag, packaging, and accompanying documents, absolute certainty can’t be determined.

Medium High


The medium high level, is characterized by the inclusion of all aforementioned components alongside the addition of a voucher or payment ticket issued at the store during the bag’s purchase. This document holds significant value in ensuring alignment between the information presented in the official invoice and that in the voucher, particularly regarding the date, time, and amount paid at the store. When these details match, the authenticity of a bag begins to gain credibility, yet additional documentation may still be necessary for complete assurance.



The high level of authenticity involves the presence of traceability documents, such as bank statements, where the data aligns with payment receipts and official Hermès invoices. It’s imperative that all details match precisely: the date, time, and exact transaction amount. Obtaining bank statements can sometimes be challenging, as sellers may be reluctant to disclose personal information.

In such cases, they may opt to present redacted bank statements, omitting personal details while showcasing transaction numbers, dates, times, and amounts paid, thereby verifying the existence of the documents without compromising privacy. Respecting data protection laws is crucial in this process.



If you want to go a step further, there is a maximum level of authenticity that entails the presence of all the aforementioned details while also including other documents such as identification proof of the people involved in the buy-sell transaction, and even contracts between the buyer and seller. These documents can’t be handed to the new buyer, but can be shown to certify that the people involved in the transaction are real. The details of these documents can be covered by the seller according to data protection laws.

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To learn more about authenticity levels for Hermès handbags, consult this guide.

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