The Definitive Guide to Hermès Colors


If you’re a Hermès lover and you have always been surprised by the vast amount of Hermès colors, you have surely wished to know more about them, their origins or what is the inspiration behind them. Here we want to show you a complete guide to Hermès colors, so you can learn more about them while also being able to pick your favorite hue for your next purchase.

Keep reading and find your ideal Hermès colors!

  1. Hermès Neutrals
    • Gold
    • Noir
    • Etoupe
    • Etain
    • Blanc
    • New White
  2. Hermès Greys
    • Gris Tourterelle
    • Gris de Paris
    • Gris Perle
    • Gris Agate
    • Gris Foncé
    • Plomb
    • Vert de Gris
    • Graphite
    • Gris Asphalt
    • Ardoise
    • Prunoir
    • Grioret
    • Mousse
    • Taupe Grey
    • Gris Neve
    • Gris Mouette
    • Gris Meyer
    • Gris Pale
    • Gris Caillou
    • Gris Ciment
  3. Hermès Browns
    • Moka
    • Noisette
    • Cigare
    • Fauve
    • Marron Foncé
    • Marron D’Inde
    • Toundra
    • Alezan
    • Cognac
    • Oregano
    • Etrusque
    • Gris Elephant
    • Brulee
    • Havane
    • Miel
    • Terre
    • Ecorce
    • Chocolat
    • Cacao
    • Cafe
    • Ebene
    • Toffee
    • Cocaon
    • Macassar
    • Caramel
    • Kraft
  4. Hermès Beiges
    • Ecru
    • Chai
    • Ficelle
    • Beige de Weimar
    • Nata
    • Craie
    • Beton
    • Mushroom
    • Beige
    • Vanille
    • Parchemin
    • Blanc Casse
    • Argile
    • Trench
    • Tabac Camel
    • Poussiere
    • Ocre
    • Naturel
    • Naturel Sable
    • Biscuit
    • Sesame
    • Quebracho
    • Beige Sable
    • Beige Marfa
    • Desert
  5. Hermès Yellows
    • Curry
    • Cardamome
    • Bronze Doré
    • Paille
    • Saffron
    • Soufre
    • Lime
    • Jaune Poussin
    • Jaune de Naples
    • Soleil
    • Mimosa
    • Jaune Ambre
    • Jaune D’or
    • Cumin
    • Limoncello
    • Sun
    • Jaune Bourgeon
    • Jaune Citron
    • Jaune Foin
  6. Hermès Greens
    • Vert Criquet
    • Vert D’Eau
    • Kiwi
    • Vert Cru
    • Pelouse
    • Vert Anis
    • Vert Benghal
    • Menthe
    • Cactus
    • Bambou
    • Vert Verone
    • Vert Veronese
    • Malachite
    • Vert Vertigo
    • Vert Fizz
    • Vert Bosphore
    • Lichen
    • Sauge
    • Vert Olive
    • Canopee
    • Vert Maquis
    • Vert Anglais
    • Vert Amande
    • Vert Rousseau
    • Vert Foncé
    • Vert Cypress
    • Vert Comics
    • Vert Jade
    • Vert Yucca
    • Vert Titien
    • Vert Émeraude
    • Vert Militaire
    • Eucalyptus
  7. Hermès Blues
    • Bleu Glacier
    • Bleu Pale
    • Bleu Brume
    • Ciel
    • Bleu Lin
    • Bleu Atoll
    • Bleu Zephyr
    • Aqua
    • Bleu Saint-Cyr
    • Lagon
    • Celeste
    • Bleu Paon
    • Bleu Du Nord
    • Bleu Azteque
    • Bleu Paradise
    • Turquoise Blue
    • Bleu Hydra
    • Bleu Zellige
    • Bleu Zanzibar
    • Bleu Jean
    • Cobalt
    • Azur
    • Bleu Izmir
    • Bleu Brighton
    • Mykonos
    • Bleu Thalassa
    • Bleu Agate
    • Bleu De Galice
    • Bleu Foncé
    • Bleu Electrique
    • Bleu Encre
    • Bleu Saphir
    • Bleu Iris
    • Bleu Encre
    • Bleu Tempete
    • Bleu Orage
    • Colvert
    • Bleu Outremer
    • Bleu Nuit
    • Bleu de Prusse
    • Bleu Royale
    • Bleu Marine
    • Bleu Indigo
    • Bleu Abysse
    • Bleu Frida
    • Bleu Petrole
    • Bleu de France
    • Caban
    • Navy
    • New Blue Jean
    • Blue Roi
    • Blue Ocean
    • Bleu Baltique
    • Denim Foncé
    • Bleu Obscur
  8. Hermès Purples
    • Violine
    • Aubergine
    • Cyclamen
    • Glycine
    • Prune
    • Cassis
    • Anemone
    • Violet
    • Parme
    • Lilas
    • Raisin
    • Amethyst
    • Ultraviolet
    • Iris
    • Crocus
  9. Hermès Red
    • Rouge Indien
    • Rouge Pivoine
    • Rouge Tomate
    • Geranium
    • Rouge de Coeur
    • Rouge Moyen
    • Braise
    • Rouge Casaque
    • Rouge Piment
    • Rouge Venitienne
    • Vermillon
    • Rouge Vif
    • Rubis
    • Rouge Duchesse
    • Rouge Grenate
    • Rouge H
    • Rouge Imperial
    • Bordeaux
    • Bourgogne
    • Rouge Garance
    • Cuivre
    • Sienne
    • Brique
    • Rouge Sellier
    • Rouge Exotique
  10. Hermès Pinks
    • Rose Sakura
    • Rose Eglantine
    • Rose Dragee
    • Mauve Sylvestre
    • Fuchsia
    • Rose Lipstick
    • Rose Confetti
    • Rose Azalee
    • Rose Tyrien
    • Rose Shocking
    • Rose D’Ete
    • Rose Extreme
    • Magnolia
    • Rose Sheherazade
    • Crevette
    • Rose Pourpre
    • Flamingo
    • Rose Candy
    • Tosca
    • Rose Thé
    • Bois de Rose
    • Rose Jaipur
    • Terre Cuite
    • Rose Mexico
    • Bougainvillier
    • Mauve Pale
    • Rose Texas
    • Framboise
    • Rose Bubblegum
    • Rose Pop
    • Rosy
    • Blush
    • Rose Indien
  11. Hermès Oranges
    • Orange
    • Orange Poppy
    • Mango
    • Feu
    • Terre Battue
    • Capucine
    • Potiron Orange
    • Sanguine
    • Tangerine
    • Pain D’Epice
    • Orange Minium
    • Apricot
    • Moutarde

Hermès Neutrals

Neutral colors rank among the top choices for Hermès handbags. They’re simple and enduring, fitting for any event. What’s more, these shades typically keep their worth over time, thanks to their timeless appeal. Now, let’s unveil the favored neutral tones by Hermès.

Gold (06)


Gold is a perennial favorite at the French atelier, with an adaptable hue that can vary depending on the skin it is applied to . Its warm, versatile tone makes it a year-round go-to color, perfect for those that value a versatile style to match all styles and events. A Hermès bag in gold color is a must-have.

Noir (89)


Black, the timeless classic, remains an impeccable choice. Its enduring allure and adaptability shine in various Hermès handbag styles, complementing all materials and hardware options. It stands the test of time unlike any other color in the Hermès palette, and it is capable of adapting to all occasions and seasons.

Etoupe (18)


Etoupe, a delightful choice, embodies a timeless blend of soft grey and warm brown undertones. Adored by luxury enthusiasts, its versatility makes it a prized option, effortlessly complementing various ensembles. Etoupe’s popularity has soared, elevating its value in the resale luxury market.

Etain (8F)


Etain, a lovely shade of grey with delicate brown undertones, shares the versatile and neutral charm of its cousin, Etoupe. This timeless Hermès classic effortlessly complements outfits for any occasion or season. Etain consistently proves its worth in the resale luxury market, maintaining its value admirably over time.

Blanc (01)


The pure and graceful charm of a White Hermès handbag can enhance any ensemble and bring a dash of refinement to any gathering. White Hermès bags are frequently regarded as a lasting investment since they remain eternally fashionable and continue to be a sought-after choice for those who appreciate luxury.

New White (0U)


Hermès introduced New White in 2023, bringing a refreshing twist to the classic white. Unlike Blanc, which is a pure white, New White carries a subtle allure with its faint misty undertones. This shade is perfect for those who desire a nuanced off-white that harmonizes beautifully with Hermès’ white bags while expressing its unique personality.

Hermès Greys

Simple, sophisticated, and always in style, the Hermès collection of grey shades is a flexible spectrum that strikes a perfect blend between neutrality and elegance. Ranging from soft and airy tones to deeper and more luxurious hues, Hermès greys go well with any attire and event, making them an essential addition to any closet. Now, let’s take a closer look at the diverse grey options available from Hermès.

Gris Tourterelle (81)


Among the well-loved grey shades from Hermès, Dove Grey, also known as Gris Tourterelle, holds significant value in the luxury resale market. This color shares some resemblances with Etoupe, as it boasts subtle warm brown undertones but with a lighter overall tone. It has gained immense popularity in recent years, and its worth has seen remarkable growth.

Gris de Paris (8M)


Paris Grey, also known as Gris de Paris, is not a commonly used color, but when it does make an appearance, it’s often found on Hermès crocodile or alligator handbags. The matte finish of these skins adds a distinctive touch to the color. Due to its infrequent use and application on exotic skins, Paris Grey can become more valuable in the second-hand luxury market.

Gris Perle (80)


Frequently referred to as Pearl Grey, this soft shade of grey ranks as the third best-selling grey color in the luxury resale market. It provides a subtle and elegant choice for creating a luxurious ensemble. Whether matched with gold or palladium hardware, it has rapidly gained popularity as a highly desired color.

Gris Agate (82)


Gris Agate, a timeless light grey shade, is frequently chosen for ostrich Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bags because it adheres exceptionally well to this exotic skin. This hue offers a lovely choice suitable for various occasions, particularly complementing winter ensembles. Given its frequent use in ostrich skins, Gris Agate can attain significant worth in the luxury resale market.

Gris Foncé (84)


Gris Foncé is a captivating grey with subtle green hints, often chosen for glossy crocodile skin handbags due to the lisse finish that enhances its appeal. Thanks to its frequent appearance in Hermès crocodile bags, Gris Foncé has garnered value and popularity in the luxury resale market and auctions.

Plomb (8P)


The Plomb shade is a deep, dark grey tone, almost resembling black. It takes on a unique sheen when applied to certain calf skins and can develop a rich patina over time. Typically reserved for formal occasions, Hermès Plomb pairs excellently with gold hardware for an added touch of sophistication or palladium hardware for a more daring style statement.

Vert de Gris (C6)


The Vert de Gris shade is a velvety, dark grey color with subtle green undertones. This exquisite hue is frequently used on various Hermès calfskin handbags, offering a wonderfully neutral appearance that complements any ensemble. Whether adorned with gold or palladium hardware, it imparts an air of sophistication to those who carry it.

Graphite (88)


The renowned Hermès Graphite grey shade resembles a deep, lustrous lead color with hints of warm brown undertones in certain leather variations. This iconic hue has stood the test of time, making appearances in numerous models, leather types, and hardware pairings. It has earned a special place as a beloved choice for the fall and winter seasons.

Gris Asphalt (M8)


Gris Asphalt, a widely favored Hermès hue, shares warm beige and brown undertones with Gris Tourterelle and Etoupe. This intriguing and neutral color adds versatility to any outfit, making it an excellent choice for mixing and matching.

Ardoise (85)


Ardoise is a gentle, grey shade that can develop a subtle sheen, influenced by the type of leather it adorns. While it hasn’t been as prevalent in recent times, this Hermès color still makes an appearance in the luxury resale market. Its neutral charm ensures an elegant look for any occasion.

Prunoir (3W)


The stunning Prunoir shade is a grey tone with distinctive purple undertones. This exquisite Hermès hue is typically used on glossy crocodile porosus handbags, and occasionally appears on calfskin and matte alligator Birkin and Lindy bags. Prunoir can infuse a neutral-toned ensemble with a pop of color and is a popular pick for winter and fall fashion.

Grioret (8B)


The Hermès Grioret hue is a lovely neutral shade that combines grey and brown undertones, making it an ideal selection for those who prefer classic colors. This tone is typically used on Tadelakt calfskin handbags, where it develops a captivating shiny patina over time.

Mousse (19)


The Hermès Mousse shade is another take on grey with subtle hints of brown. This versatile color is more commonly used on ostrich Birkin and Kelly handbags, where the unique texture of the skin creates a soft and luxurious effect. When applied to ostrich skin, the Mousse color can appear different based on the lighting conditions—it may take on a greyish or light brown/beige appearance.

Taupe Grey (16)


While not as widely acknowledged or in demand as the Etoupe color, Taupe Grey offers a lovely choice for adding versatility and neutral charm to your attire. This grey shade with hints of brown is frequently used on Hermès Birkin and Kelly calfskin handbags. Its appearance can vary, with some bags sporting a darker look and others a lighter tone, depending on the leather’s color absorption.

Gris Neve (0W)


Gris Neve, introduced in the spring/summer 2023 collection, showcases a gentle, almost ethereal shade of grey with a hint of subtle green undertones. It offers a refined choice suitable for both casual and formal occasions, quickly gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

Gris Mouette (4Z)


Gris Mouette, the second most sought-after grey in the Hermès color palette, is a lovely soft and light grey shade that exudes sophistication. It holds a top position in luxury resale markets and auctions, with its unique grey tone being highly coveted, especially when paired with gold hardware.

Gris Meyer (0L)


In 2022, the Hermès spring/summer collection introduced Gris Meyer, a swiftly embraced color that captured the essence of the moment. This shade is a deeper grey with hints of understated brown, making it a versatile choice for year-round pairing, particularly when accented with gold or rose gold hardware.

Gris Pale (M4)


Hermès unveiled Gris Pale in 2023, a gentle and airy grey akin to a wispy breath of smoke. This muted hue finds its perfect match in palladium hardware and gains an extra shimmer when combined with touches of gold. Gris Pale embodies the very essence of discreet elegance, catering to those who value the notion that true style whispers softly rather than clamoring for attention.

Gris Caillou


Gris Caillou by Hermès is a captivating and adaptable shade of grey that has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. Its name, “Gris Caillou,” translates to “Pebble Grey” in English, and it truly embodies the serene, subdued colors of pebbles you’d find on peaceful shores. This color achieves a perfect equilibrium between warmth and neutrality, presenting a grey tone with subtle hints of beige. It is frequently used in crafting Hermès handbags from grizzly material.

Gris Ciment (0C)


Hermès Gris Ciment is a classic and adaptable shade of gray that has swiftly become a favorite among fashion aficionados. Its name, “ciment,” meaning “cement” in English, aptly reflects the color’s similarity to the gentle, neutral hues found in concrete. Gris Ciment is an understated and elegant tone that effortlessly harmonizes with various outfits and accessories, establishing itself as a cornerstone in Hermès’ color spectrum.

Hermès Browns

Warm and inviting, the Hermès brown shades enjoy considerable popularity during the fall and winter months, infusing a sense of luxury into the colder seasons. However, their appeal extends beyond this time frame, as they serve as excellent choices for crafting both classic and neutral ensembles, whether for a relaxed gathering or a formal occasion. In the following sections, we will showcase a diverse array of Hermès brown tones.

Moka (44)


Hermès Moka boasts a warm and opulent brown hue, complemented by subtle reddish undertones. Resembling the marron foncé shade, Moka distinguishes itself with a darker and more intense character. The moniker “moka” draws inspiration from the French term for mocha, a coffee variety celebrated for its deep, dark brown hue. Originating in the 1990s, this color has steadily risen in prominence to become a beloved and enduring choice for Hermès handbags.

Noisette (30)


Hermès Noisette showcases a gentle, warm-toned light brown shade. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a perfect match for various outfits and fashion styles. Translating to “hazelnut” in English, the name of this color draws inspiration from the cozy, earthy hues of hazelnuts. In the luxury resale market, Noisette has earned its status as a classic and sought-after neutral color.

Cigare (4L)


Hermès Cigare boasts a luxurious and warm brown hue reminiscent of the rich color of a cigar, accentuated by subtle yellow undertones. This shade has enjoyed enduring popularity among Hermès handbags and accessories, thanks to its timeless and versatile character. Introduced in the 1980s, Cigare has solidified its position as a perennial favorite in Hermès collections.

Fauve (34)


Hermès Fauve presents a warm and luscious brown tone with subtle hints of orange, often likened to the indulgent hue of caramel. Among the array of Hermès browns, Fauve stands out as a perennial favorite, cherished for its versatility and ability to complement a wide range of colors. It’s a timeless choice that seamlessly fits into your wardrobe throughout the year.

Marron Foncé (45)


Unveiled in the 1960s, Hermès Marron Foncé is a luxurious and deep brown shade that has captured the hearts of many Hermès enthusiasts. Its name, “marron foncé,” simply means “dark brown” in English, and it’s a versatile color that suits every season. Marron foncé often draws comparisons to the rich tones of chocolate, boasting warm and earthy undertones that appeal to those in search of a timeless and understated style.

Marron D’Inde (4I)


Hermès Marron d’Inde is a cozy, reddish-brown hue that evokes the warmth of its namesake spice. This well-loved Hermès color has graced many iconic bags, such as the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance. Introduced by Hermès in the 1980s, Marron d’Inde has solidified its status as a classic and enduring addition to the brand’s palette.

Toundra (6T)


Hermès Toundra is a luscious, warm brown hue that made its debut in 2018. Its name pays homage to Canada’s Toundra National Park, celebrated for its untamed wilderness. This color is a versatile and enduring choice for Hermès handbags, complementing both understated and daring ensembles.

Alezan (3G)


Hermès Alezan boasts a luxurious, warm brown reminiscent of chestnuts, with deep reddish-brown undertones and subtle hints of orange. This versatile hue complements a variety of outfits, making it a timeless and classic addition to any Hermès collection.

Cognac (35)


Hermès Cognac, inspired by the famous French brandy, is a warm and rich brown hue. It has long been a classic and timeless addition to the Hermès color palette. Cognac’s versatility and neutral nature make it an ideal choice, seamlessly complementing various colors and styles.

Oregano (M1)


Hermès Oregano, reminiscent of the herb it’s named after, is a subdued brown with subtle hints of green. Originally introduced in the early 2000s, it has gained popularity among Hermès aficionados. Notably, Oregano is frequently used on alligator skin handbags, accentuating the skin’s matte texture.

Etrusque (32)


Hermès Etrusque, reminiscent of the ancient Etruscan civilization, is a luxurious and sophisticated shade of reddish-brown. Introduced by Hermès in 2004, it has since become a favored choice for their handbags and accessories. Etrusque is frequently employed in exotic skin handbags, like ostrich and lizard, lending an opulent texture to the overall appearance of the bag.

Gris Elephant (8C)


Hermès Elephant Grey, a classic and enduring hue, is a neutral dark brown with subtle green and yellow undertones that impart a rich and elegant appearance. Typically featured on exotic skin handbags like alligator and crocodile niloticus, particularly in their matte variations, it serves as a chic complement to any ensemble.

Brulee (4G)


Hermès Brulee is a warm, rich brown with subtle orange undertones. This versatile and timeless color complements a variety of outfits and styles. The name “brulee” comes from the French word for “burnt,” reflecting its deep, smoky hues. Introduced by Hermès in the 1990s, Brulee has maintained its popularity over the years.

Havane (41)


Havane, a luxurious shade in the Hermès spectrum, embodies a rich and warm reddish-brown hue. Its name pays homage to the vibrant city of Havana in Cuba, evoking the earthy richness of tobacco plantations. Havane made its debut in the 1980s and has since gained acclaim as a favored color for Hermès handbags and accessories.

Miel (33)


Hermès Miel, reminiscent of ripe honeycombs, boasts a warm and rich honey-like hue. This muted, light brown shade carries a unique warmth with its subtle yellow undertones. The French word “miel” translates to “honey,” and it aptly captures the essence of this captivating color. Miel is frequently used on crocodile niloticus and crocodile porosus handbags, whether in a shiny or matte finish, enhancing the honeycomb effect with each scale of the skin.

Terre (4D)


Hermès Terre, a warm and rich brown, stands as a timeless essential in the Hermès color spectrum. Its French name, “terre,” meaning “earth,” perfectly mirrors its deep and natural hue. Initially introduced by Hermès in the 1990s, Terre has since established itself as one of the most beloved colors in their collection. Its versatility allows it to harmonize with a wide range of colors, rendering it an excellent choice for any season or occasion.

Ecorce (4C)


Hermès Ecorce boasts a deep, warm brown hue akin to the shade of tree bark. Its name, “ecorce,” borrowed from French, aptly encapsulates its earthy and organic character. This enduring color has been a stalwart choice in Hermès leather items, gracing handbags, belts, and small leather accessories alike. Introduced by Hermès in the 1970s, Ecorce has retained its status as a classic and timeless color throughout the years.

Chocolat (47)


Hermès Chocolat showcases a deep and opulent brown hue reminiscent of dark chocolate. This versatile color effortlessly complements a diverse array of outfits, endearing it to Hermès aficionados, particularly during the fall and winter seasons. Chocolat makes its presence felt across a spectrum of materials, including calfskin, ostrich, alligator, and crocodile.

Cacao (4H)


Hermès Cacao is akin to the rich brown tones found in cocoa powder. This warm and luxurious hue radiates elegance. Introduced by Hermès in the 1990s, the cacao color swiftly captured the hearts of luxury enthusiasts, establishing itself as a coveted choice.

Cafe (4A)


Hermès Cafe is a rich, warm brown with a subtle reddish hint. It’s a timeless and adaptable hue that has graced Hermès’ palette for years. Cafe is often likened to the darker and cooler chocolat shade.

Ebene (46)


Hermès Ebene is a dark brown shade reminiscent of the deep, luxurious tones of ebony wood. It’s a versatile, timeless color suitable for year-round wear, making it a favored pick for Hermès handbags. The name “ebene” draws its inspiration from the French word for ebony, celebrated for its beauty and strength.

Toffee (1H)


Hermès Toffee is a cozy and rich brown with subtle hints of gold. This timeless color is versatile and suitable for all seasons, effortlessly complementing a wide range of clothing styles. Toffee provides a stylish twist to the conventional brown hues, infusing a dash of opulence into any accessory.

Cocaon (48)


Hermès Cocaon is an exceptionally deep and opulent brown hue. This luxurious color is frequently used on exotic skin handbags and accessories, including crocodile and alligator, available in both glossy and matte finishes. These exquisite bags are highly coveted items in the second-hand luxury market.

Macassar (3S)


Hermès Macassar is a luscious brown shade that showcases a subtle darkening along the bag’s edges. This color draws inspiration from the Macassar ebony wood, an exotic and scarce wood often utilized in high-end furniture and decorative pieces. Macassar is a versatile hue that harmonizes effortlessly with diverse outfits, making it a favored choice during the autumn and winter months.

Caramel (28)


Hermès Caramel is akin to the warm, rich tones found in caramel candy. This classic and adaptable color has found its place in a variety of Hermès leather goods, spanning handbags, belts, and accessories. Caramel stands as a beloved choice among Hermès aficionados and fashion enthusiasts, its timeless and sophisticated hue effortlessly enhancing an array of outfits and styles.

Kraft (2H)


Hermès Kraft draws inspiration from the earthy tones of kraft paper, evoking a rich, peanut-brown color. This warm and versatile hue spans a spectrum from a lighter beige-brown to a deeper brown. Introduced by Hermès in 2013, Kraft has found its way onto an array of leather goods, from handbags to wallets and accessories. This color imbues any outfit with a sense of warmth and natural appeal, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a classic and timeless shade of brown.

Hermès Beiges

Soft, timeless, and versatile, Hermès offers an array of exquisite beige shades for those who appreciate sophistication and the flexibility to match their handbags with vibrant outfit colors. Let’s explore some of the most beloved Hermès beige variations.



Hermès Ecru is a creamy, off-white hue frequently employed as a neutral tone in the brand’s handbags and accessories. It exudes warmth and evokes the feel of natural fabrics like linen or cotton. This versatile and timeless color has won the hearts of many Hermès aficionados. Ecru, a French term meaning “raw,” is often linked to a natural and organic aesthetic.

Chai (0M)


Hermès Chai is a welcoming beige shade that made its debut in 2022. It blends beige with subtle brown undertones to create a cozy and inviting hue. Named after the Indian spiced tea, “chai,” this versatile color complements a wide range of outfits and accessories. It has swiftly gained popularity among Hermès enthusiasts.

Ficelle (17)


Hermès Ficelle is a beige hue with warm undertones, reminiscent of the natural color of twine. This timeless and versatile shade effortlessly complements any outfit, regardless of the season. Its name, “ficelle,” is borrowed from the French word for “string” or “twine,” capturing the color’s neutral and unassuming character. Its enduring popularity is owed to its classic and elegant charm, making it an excellent match for various outfits and styles. Ficelle is often used on lizard and crocodile handbags.

Beige de Weimar (D0)


Hermès Beige de Weimar is a neutral beige shade, paying homage to the elegant Weimaraner dog breed. With a subtle hint of yellow undertone, it exudes sophistication. Introduced in the fall/winter collection of 2019, it swiftly garnered favor among Hermès handbag aficionados. This versatile and enduring hue serves as an excellent investment for those seeking a timeless and understated luxury piece.

Nata (I2)


Hermès Nata is a gentle beige shade, infused with warm, sun-kissed yellow undertones. This versatile and neutral hue harmonizes seamlessly with an array of colors, rendering it a beloved choice within the Hermès community. Nata frequently graces classic Hermès designs, bearing a name that echoes its creamy and understated allure. Introduced to the Hermès color palette in 2019, Nata maintains its coveted status as a go-to shade for luxurious handbags.

Craie (10)


Hermès Craie boasts an exquisite off-white hue reminiscent of the purity of chalk. This versatile and neutral shade effortlessly harmonizes with a wide array of ensembles. Since its inception, Craie has remained a favored color for Hermès bags, coveted for its timeless and sophisticated charm. It’s no wonder that Hermès Craie bags are highly sought after in the luxury resale market.

Beton (8L)


Hermès Beton embodies a refined white shade infused with subtle grey undertones, evoking the allure of concrete. This versatile neutral effortlessly complements a wide range of attire, making it a beloved choice among Hermès aficionados. Its understated elegance often graces minimalist designs, and today, it stands as one of the most coveted colors in the luxury resale market.

Mushroom (0T)


Hermès Mushroom is a captivating rendition of the timeless white hue, graced with a subtle and alluring tint that imparts depth to its pristine base. Introduced in the 2022 fall/winter collection, this exquisite tone has garnered the admiration of devoted Hermès enthusiasts, poised to claim its place as a highly coveted shade in the years ahead.

Beige (14)


Hermès Beige embodies enduring grace and simplicity, a timeless hue gracing numerous of the brand’s exquisite handbags. As a neutral shade, it effortlessly harmonizes with various colors and ensembles, endowing it with exceptional versatility. This shade is synonymous with sophistication and elegance, appealing to those who cherish a classic and refined aesthetic.

Vanille (Y1)


Hermès Vanille is akin to a gentle, creamy ivory infused with cozy warmth. This enchanting shade takes its name from the French word for vanilla, evoking the sweet and comforting scent of this beloved spice. Vanille is celebrated as a versatile neutral, seamlessly complementing a diverse range of ensembles and fashion sensibilities. It has found a special place in the hearts of countless Hermès handbag enthusiasts.

Parchemin (3C)


Hermès Parchemin exudes a gentle and vintage charm reminiscent of parchment paper. Its subtle warmth, tinged with soft pink undertones and a hint of dustiness, evokes a classic allure. The name “parchemin,” derived from French, aptly captures its pale and muted aesthetic. Parchemin proves its versatility by effortlessly complementing a wide array of outfits and accessories, making it a cherished choice for discerning Hermès collectors.

Blanc Casse (12)


Hermès Blanc Casse embodies a gentle and refined off-white shade akin to ivory or creamy white. This sought-after neutral hue frequently graces the iconic Birkin and Kelly styles, defining timeless elegance. The moniker “blanc casse,” translating to “eggshell” in French, beautifully encapsulates the color’s nuanced variations, bestowing it with an organic and naturally graceful allure.

Argile (1F)


Hermès Argile embodies a stunning and refined neutral hue reminiscent of clay or terracotta. This warm beige shade carries a subtle pink undertone, bestowing it with a distinctive and elegant charm. Argile swiftly gained favor among luxury handbag aficionados for its versatility—it complements other neutrals like black, white, and gray, yet can also provide a striking contrast to brighter colors.

Trench (S2)


Hermès Trench presents a timeless and refined beige tone, delicately infused with hints of grey. Drawing inspiration from the legendary trench coat, it exudes sophistication and versatility. This neutral hue effortlessly complements a wide spectrum of colors, ensuring a practical and chic choice for all seasons.

Tabac Camel (24)


Tabac Camel, a gentle beige shade infused with hints of brown, reminiscent of the softness of sand, offers a versatile choice for a natural appearance. Originally introduced in the spring/summer collection of 2008, it gained popularity during its time but has since been discontinued. Nevertheless, it continues to grace many handbags in the thriving luxury resale market.

Poussiere (1C)


Hermès Poussiere embodies a soft and delicate palette, evoking subtle hints of light pink, beige, and cream. Its name, translating to “dust” in English, aptly captures its powdery and muted allure. Poussiere serves as a versatile canvas, harmonizing effortlessly with diverse outfits and styles, rendering it a favored option for Hermès handbags. Frequently adorning exotic skin handbags like alligator and crocodile, particularly in their matte renditions, this color enhances the skins’ dusty aesthetic.

Ocre (40)


Introduced in the 2010 Spring-Summer collection, Ocre by Hermès is a versatile and timeless hue suitable for various fashion styles. This warm and rich color draws inspiration from the ochre clay abundant in Southern France. The name “ocre” is derived from the French term for “ochre,” a natural pigment historically employed in painting, dyeing, and ceramics.

Naturel (29)


Hermès Naturel color represents the untouched and uncolored leather used in crafting some of Hermès’ items. This hue is closely tied to iconic Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, handcrafted from natural leather that matures over time, acquiring a distinct and individualized character. Natural leather can span from a gentle beige to a richer caramel tone, dictated by the leather type and the source animal.

Naturel Sable (21)


Hermès Naturel Sable is a gentle beige or tan shade reminiscent of sandy shores. This warm and earthy color made its debut in the late 1990s and has since gained popularity among Hermès enthusiasts. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a favored option for Hermès bags and accessories.

Biscuit (01P)


Hermès Biscuit is a cozy beige hue that brings to mind the warm tones of freshly baked cookies. With its gentle yellow undertones and a hint of light brown, this delightful color made its debut in 2008 and quickly became a beloved choice for those who appreciate understated luxury. Biscuit pairs well with various outfits throughout the year and adds a touch of casual elegance to any occasion.

Sesame (2S)


Hermès Sesame is a soft and understated beige tone, making its debut in the 2008 fall/winter collection. Drawing inspiration from the gentle hue of sesame seeds, this versatile color effortlessly complements a wide range of styles and outfits.

Quebracho (2J)


Hermès Quebracho is a gentle beige shade with hints of tan and camel undertones. While it shares similarities with other Hermès beiges, Quebracho offers a more subdued and understated tone. Named after a South American tree known for its robust hardwood, this color made its debut in the Hermès fall/winter 2020 collection. It stood out as the sole warm beige in that season’s offerings.

Beige Sable (1I)


Hermès Beige Sable is a timeless and classic hue from the renowned luxury brand Hermès. It can be likened to a warm, neutral beige with a touch of sandy undertones, reminiscent of the soft, soothing shades found on sun-drenched shores. This versatile and sophisticated color has long been a mainstay in Hermès accessories and fashion, exemplifying the brand’s dedication to enduring style.

Beige Marfa (8Q)


Hermès is about to unveil a new and captivating addition to its lineup of neutral colors in Fall 2023, and it goes by the name “Beige Marfa.” The name, which means “beige cargo,” aptly captures the essence of this fresh shade. Beige Marfa brings a unique twist to the classic neutral palette, closely resembling the timeless Trench shade but with a lighter and brighter twist.

Desert (1D)


Hermès Desert is a welcoming and cozy shade. This beautiful color mirrors the warm and earthy tones you’d discover in a desert landscape during a sunset. It combines gentle browns with sandy beiges, creating a sense of enduring grace and the allure of nature’s simplicity. Hermès Desert carries a comforting and serene vibe that makes it a favored option for outfits year-round.

Hermès Yellows

Bright, lively, and full of energy, the Hermès collection of yellows is extensive, encompassing both deep and light shades, as well as various undertones and hues. These vibrant colors are a popular choice for spring and summer, and they also make occasional appearances in the fall to add a lively contrast to the warmer tones. Below, we present the Hermès yellows.

Curry (2C)


Hermès Curry is a cozy and vibrant shade of yellow that made its debut in the fall/winter 2004 collection. This versatile color is a perfect match for various other shades, particularly brown and black, making it a favorite for accessories and bags. With a hint of spice and exotic flair, it pays homage to the aromatic spice it’s named after. Curry is frequently featured on calfskin handbags.

Cardamome (6A)


Hermès Cardamom is a stunning yellow hue with subtle hints of green and warm brown undertones. This color draws inspiration from the aromatic spice cardamom, well-known in Asian cuisine for its rich and fragrant aroma. Cardamom offers a touch of sophistication and luxury, making it a beloved selection among Hermès enthusiasts.

Bronze Doré (U8)


Hermès Bronze Doré is a lustrous and opulent metallic yellow, reminiscent of the radiant hue of bronze. With its golden undertones and subtle shimmer, it exudes a sense of luxury and refinement. This captivating color is a favored choice for Hermès handbags, infusing an elegant charm into any ensemble.

Paille (1A)


Hermès Paille is a gentle and sunny yellow shade, bearing the essence of natural straw in its soft and understated hue. This versatile color harmonizes seamlessly with both vivid and neutral tones, making it a favored selection among Hermès accessories and leather items. For those in pursuit of a distinctive and refined shade, Paille offers a compelling option.

Saffron (22)


Hermès Saffron is a luxurious and vibrant yellow, kissed by subtle brown undertones. This captivating hue radiates energy and dynamism. Saffron’s versatility shines through in a range of materials, from supple leather to delicate silk and plush cashmere. It effortlessly complements both understated neutrals and daring, bold shades.

Soufre (C9)


Hermès Soufre is a radiant and cheerful yellow shade that made its debut in the vibrant spring/summer 2013 collection. Named after the Latin word for “sulfur,” it captures the vivid energy and warmth of the natural world. Soufre serves as an excellent option for infusing any ensemble with a burst of sunshine, promising to evoke joy and excitement wherever it’s worn.

Lime (9R)


Hermès Lime is a lively and zesty yellow hue with a touch of fresh green undertones. This striking and invigorating shade injects a burst of vibrancy into both outfits and accessories. It’s a favored pick for individuals seeking to express themselves boldly through fashion and embrace the joy of vibrant colors.

Jaune Poussin (1Z)


Hermès Jaune Poussin is a gentle pastel yellow shade. It captures the essence of baby chicks and the cheerful brightness of spring. Jaune Poussin made its debut in the spring/summer collection and quickly became a beloved choice for adding a touch of radiance to both everyday and formal daytime ensembles.

Jaune de Naples (90)


Hermès Jaune de Naples is a sun-kissed yellow hue that made its debut in 2019 as part of the spring/summer collection. This color draws its inspiration from the lively palette of Naples, Italy, and graces a variety of Hermès items, including scarves, bags, and accessories. It exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, often combined with neutral or earthy tones to craft a well-balanced and harmonious appearance.

Soleil (9H)


Hermès Soleil shines as a radiant and warm yellow, reminiscent of the sun itself. The French name “Soleil” beautifully encapsulates the sunlit essence of this color. It’s a favored pick for Hermès handbags, particularly during the lively spring and summer seasons. The exact shade of Soleil may vary slightly depending on the material it adorns, but it consistently imparts a cheerful and uplifting vibe.

Mimosa (M9)


Hermès Mimosa, inspired by the vibrant mimosa flowers, is a lively yellow hue with a touch of pastel charm. This cheerful and sunny color adds a burst of personality to any ensemble. Mimosa often graces exotic skin handbags, particularly matte alligator skin, making it an exceptional and highly coveted choice.

Jaune Ambre (9D)


Hermès Jaune Ambre, a warm and lively yellow with amber hints, made its debut in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Since then, it has gained popularity as a signature Hermès bag color. Jaune Ambre is often found adorning calfskin handbags, elegantly complemented by gold hardware, creating a timeless and luxurious appearance.

Jaune D’or (9V)


Hermès Jaune D’or is a dazzling yellow hue that simply cannot go unnoticed. Unveiled in 2011 as part of the iconic Candy Collection, it took the fashion world by storm. This color is defined by its vibrant and energetic personality, enriched by subtle golden undertones that enhance its radiance. Whether it’s a Birkin or a Kelly bag adorned with Jaune D’or, you’re bound to make a striking and unforgettable impression.

Cumin (2P)


Hermès Cumin is a cozy and mellow yellow, closely akin to a soothing beige. Inspired by the beloved kitchen spice, this versatile hue effortlessly harmonizes with both understated and vibrant shades. Depending on the leather it graces, Cumin can take on a variety of warm, yellowish tones, adding depth and character to the handbag’s appearance.

Limoncello (0Y)


Limoncello, the freshest hue in the Hermès collection, is a gentle and understated shade of yellow that radiates a feeling of natural comfort and ease. Unveiled for the fall/winter 2022 season, this color was introduced as a part of Hermès’ yearly theme “Lighthearted.” Drawing inspiration from the lemony liqueur of southern Italy, Limoncello infuses a hint of Mediterranean allure into your attire. It strikes an ideal equilibrium between liveliness and understatement, making it a versatile enhancement for any ensemble.

Sun (B6)


Debuting in the Autumn of 2023, Sun arrives with its brilliant, unadulterated yellow shade, evoking visions of never-ending summer afternoons and dancing sunflowers. Setting it apart from the current Soleil (9H), which translates to “sun” in French, this recent inclusion to the Hermès color spectrum exhibits an elevated neon vitality. It’s a spirited hue that infuses just the right measure of sunlight into your autumn and winter attire, establishing a striking and energetic ambiance for the season.

Jaune Bourgeon (R9)


Hermès Jaune Bourgeon is a soft, lime-yellow shade with a gentle hint of green. This delightful color made its debut in the Hermès spring/summer 2021 collection, designed to perfectly complement the vibrant tones of spring and summer attire. Nevertheless, its pastel, understated charm also makes it a splendid choice for other seasons, lending a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Jaune Citron (9N)


Hermès Jaune Citron is a lively and fresh yellow that embodies the spirit of zestiness. This vibrant shade mirrors the vibrant hue of a ripe lemon, radiating energy and vitality. Its widespread appeal in the fashion realm speaks to its capacity to infuse any outfit with a dynamic burst of liveliness.

Jaune Foin (1S)


Hermès Jaune Foin is a charming hue that evokes the image of sun-kissed golden hayfields. This delightful shade encapsulates the feeling of a sunny summer day, emitting a cheerful and warm aura. Its lively and spirited character has made it a beloved choice among fashion enthusiasts seeking to imbue their attire with a dose of sunny positivity.

Hermès Greens

Hermès presents a delightful array of green shades, spanning from understated earthy tones to lively and vivid options. These greens infuse a sense of freshness and nature into your attire, suitable for all seasons. Here, we showcase the captivating green palette offered by Hermès.

Vert Criquet (3I)


Hermès Vert Criquet is a distinct shade of green that made its debut in the 2020 spring/summer collection. Its name draws inspiration from the deep sage color of crickets. This pastel green is ideal for complementing your spring and summer ensembles, lending them a serene quality. With a subtle hint of mint, it evokes the refreshing allure of pistachio or matcha ice cream, making it a delightful choice for any fashion collection.

Vert D’Eau (6J)


Hermès Vert D’Eau is a gentle and serene green shade that mirrors the calmness of water. This understated and soothing color is a favored option for exotic skin Birkin and Kelly bags. Vert D’Eau is linked with tranquility and a sense of peace, making it the perfect selection for those aiming to infuse their style with elegance and grace for any occasion.

Kiwi (6R)


Hermès Kiwi is a refreshing light green with a hint of sunny yellow, reminiscent of the vibrant kiwi fruit. It made its debut as part of the Hermès Candy collection and has since become a favored pick for those seeking a lively addition to their spring and summer ensembles. Depending on the leather used, Kiwi can exhibit various shades, ranging from a sunny yellowish tint to a greener allure. As time passes, this color can also develop a charming yellowish patina.

Vert Cru (62)


Hermès Apple Green draws its inspiration from the lively green shade of freshly harvested apples, making it a cheerful and invigorating choice. The tone of this color can shift depending on the leather it adorns, offering a versatile and distinctive appeal. Whether it leans towards a muted, earthy tone or boasts a vibrant and lively hue, apple green injects a playful splash of green into any ensemble. It’s a shade that particularly shines during the spring and summer seasons.

Pelouse (6G)


Hermès Pelouse is a gentle and deep green shade, its name simply means “lawn” or “grass” in English. With its subtle yellow hints, it brings to mind the lushness of a spring garden or the just-mowed lawn. This color is adaptable and harmonizes with a variety of other shades, making it a valuable asset to any closet. It’s a versatile choice that can complement many different combinations all year round.

Vert Anis (66)


Hermès Anis Green is a delightful, pale green shade with subtle hints of yellow undertones. This color takes inspiration from the anise plant, known for its vibrant green foliage and licorice-like aroma. Anis Green infuses a sense of freshness and vitality into any ensemble. Its appearance can range from vivid to more muted, depending on the leather it graces. Anis Green is a versatile choice that suits every season with ease.

Vert Benghal (6L)


Hermès Vert Benghal is a lush and inviting green hue, drawing inspiration from the vibrant landscapes of Bengal, a region in eastern India. This color boasts a deep green shade with subtle brown undertones, making it an ideal match for fall and winter ensembles. Vert Benghal’s luxurious appeal has solidified its status as a sought-after option for Hermès handbags crafted from calfskin and goatskin.

Menthe (6W)


Hermès Menthe is a lively and invigorating green hue, evoking the cool essence of the mint plant. Depending on the material it adorns, Menthe may range from a light and breezy green to a richer, more saturated shade, often graced by a touch of aquamarine. Its versatility enables it to harmonize with various outfits, effortlessly infusing a dash of color into any ensemble.

Cactus (1L)


Hermès Cactus is a lively green shade with a touch of cool blue undertones, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and spiky cactus plants. This spirited hue made its debut in the spring/summer 2019 collection and swiftly captured the hearts of Hermès enthusiasts. Cactus is a daring and attention-grabbing color, perfect for infusing a burst of vibrancy into your attire, especially when the sun is shining bright.

Bambou (1K)


Hermès Bambou is a captivating and distinctive green hue, drawing inspiration from the tall and resilient bamboo plant. It boasts a light and invigorating green tone, with a subtle hint of yellow undertones that infuse it with a touch of coziness. Introduced in 2014, Bamboo has risen to prominence as one of Hermès’ most beloved green shades. Its versatility shines through, making it an excellent choice for various leather types and accessories.

Vert Verone (U1)


Hermès Vert Verone is a gorgeous green shade with a lively and invigorating presence. Its name is a nod to the enchanting city of Verona, Italy, celebrated for its exquisite architecture and vibrant traditions. This hue blends subtle blue and yellow undertones, rendering it a versatile color that harmonizes effortlessly with various shades within the Hermès collection.

Vert Veronese (6H)


Hermès Vert Veronese is a deep and opulent green, with subtle hints of brown beneath its surface. This luxurious shade can transform in appearance depending on the specific leather it graces. It’s a splendid choice for autumn and winter ensembles, exuding a sense of warmth and refinement. Handbags crafted from exotic skins in Vert Veronese are regarded as highly exclusive and captivating.

Malachite (Z6)


Hermès Malachite is a stunning green shade, inspired by the vibrant green hues of the malachite mineral. This deep and opulent green carries a touch of blue undertones, reminiscent of precious gemstones. It has earned its place as an iconic Hermès color, gracing a range of leather items and accessories. Malachite harmonizes beautifully with other jewel tones, elevating any ensemble with a dash of luxury.

Vert Vertigo (U4)


Hermès Vert Vertigo is a lively and invigorating green hue. This delightful shade evokes the verdant beauty of spring, offering a brighter and more vibrant appearance than the bluish Malachite green. Infused with subtle emerald undertones, Vert Vertigo brings an air of elegance to any attire, making it a versatile choice that suits every season.

Vert Fizz (0S)


Hermès Vert Fizz is a lovely pastel mint green that radiates a sense of grace and tranquility. This gentle green tone made its debut in the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Vert Fizz possesses a subtle allure that harmonizes effortlessly with a variety of attire, suitable for both relaxed and dressy occasions. With its delicate shade, it imparts a hint of refinement, evoking the imagery of new spring leaves.

Vert Bosphore (W0)


Hermès Vert Bosphore is a lush and refined green hue, paying homage to Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait. With its profound green shade and subtle hints of blue, it exudes an air of opulence and grandeur. This color is a frequent choice for Hermès bags and accessories crafted from Togo and Epsom leathers, lending an element of sophistication to diverse ensembles. Its versatility allows it to harmonize with neutral tones or even more vibrant colors.

Lichen (6F)


Hermès Lichen embraces a gentle and natural green hue, drawing inspiration from the earthy tones of lichens discovered in the great outdoors. These lichens, formed through a partnership between fungi and algae, inspired this color’s unique charm. With its understated allure, Lichen carries subtle hints of gray and brown undertones, evoking a sense of refinement and sophistication.

Sauge (Q1)


Hermès Sauge takes inspiration from the soft, muted green of sage leaves. This versatile color effortlessly complements the Hermès palette, standing strong on its own or blending harmoniously with other shades. With its understated, earthy charm, Sauge exudes sophistication and refinement, making it a preferred choice for various occasions, whether casual or formal.

Vert Olive (61)


Hermès Olive Green draws its inspiration from the olive tree, embodying a warm and natural charm. This versatile color is suitable for all seasons, boasting a subdued and earthy appeal. Depending on the leather, Olive Green may take on various shades, often with a hint of brown undertones, enriching its depth. For those seeking sophistication and a touch of nature in their attire, Olive Green is an ideal choice.

Canopee (V6)


Hermès Canopee is a captivating earthy green that effortlessly shifts between dark olive and light khaki tones based on leather and lighting. This versatile shade complements neutral tones such as beige and brown, as well as vibrant hues like pink and orange. The name draws inspiration from the French word for canopy, reminiscent of the lush outdoors and the tranquility of nature.

Vert Maquis (G8)


Hermès Vert Maquis is a deep and stylish green, taking its cues from the thick Mediterranean maquis’s greenery and lush surroundings. It exudes a rich and earthy vibe, with subtle touches of brown and black, lending it a multifaceted and intriguing appeal. This versatile shade harmonizes seamlessly with a spectrum of colors, spanning from warm earthy tones to cool blues and grays.

Vert Anglais (2Q)


Hermès Vert Anglais is a rich and lively green with a hint of blue, much like the vibrant green grass under the sun. While its name suggests an English influence, the true inspiration behind this color remains a mystery. Some believe it pays homage to the grand lawns of English estates. Regardless, Vert Anglais is a deep and vibrant green that brings a lively touch to any ensemble.

Vert Amande (63)


Hermès Vert Amande is a lovely green hue introduced in 2019. Its name, meaning “almond green” in English, perfectly captures its soft, delicate shade with a touch of grey, evoking the young almond trees’ color. This subtle tone complements various colors, and its gentle elegance makes it suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Vert Rousseau (V0)


Hermès Vert Rousseau is a luxurious deep green shade with subtle hints of grey or blue. Its name pays tribute to the renowned philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. You can find Vert Rousseau on various Hermès leather goods like bags, wallets, and belts. The color’s appearance may vary slightly based on the leather used, but it generally leans towards a dark and neutral tone, making it a popular choice for fall and winter fashion.

Vert Foncé (67)


Hermès Vert Foncé, translating to “dark green” in French, graces the color spectrum with its deep and luxurious green hue. This versatile shade is suitable for year-round wear, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It’s a favored choice for formal occasions and often adorns the iconic Hermès exotic handbags. Depending on the leather, Vert Foncé may exhibit slight variations, but it consistently exudes a rich and intense allure.

Vert Cypress (60)


Hermès Vert Cypress embodies the deep, dark green of the cypress tree, boasting elegance and versatility. Its subtle blue undertone sets it apart, making it a distinctive choice. Whether you seek a refined and easily matched dark green or a touch of sophistication, Vert Cypress delivers. It particularly shines in the fall and winter seasons, elevating your style effortlessly.

Vert Comics (0Z)


Hermès Vert Comics, fresh from the spring/summer 2023 collection, is a lively green. It carries a hint of aquamarine, falling between Bambou and Menthe on the green spectrum. Perfect for the warmer seasons, this vibrant shade adds a touch of allure to your casual attire.

Vert Jade (U6)


Hermès Vert Jade is a lively green with a touch of aquamarine. This enchanting shade, sometimes referred to as “the phantom color,” made its return in the spring/summer 2021 collection, now available in calfskin handbags. Vert Jade’s timeless charm makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of occasions and seasons.

Vert Yucca (A8)


Hermès Vert Yucca is a vibrant green introduced by the luxury brand in 2023. This fresh shade mirrors the lively yucca plant leaves, blending earthy and tropical elements. It shares similarities with Vert Criquet but has a deeper tone. Vert Yucca finds a harmonious balance between elegance and a connection to nature, making it a versatile and appealing choice for any season.

Vert Titien (1T)


Hermès Vert Titien, paying homage to the famed Venetian artist Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), made its debut in 2007. This captivating hue is a deep and opulent green with an almost gem-like allure. With subtle grey undertones, Vert Titien evokes the grandeur of lush landscapes. It marries the richness of emerald with the depth of forest green, resulting in a truly timeless and captivating shade.

Vert Émeraude (6Q)


Hermès Vert Émeraude is a mesmerizing green shade that mirrors the allure of precious emeralds. This color has graced Hermès’ collection for years, embodying enduring sophistication. Vert Émeraude boasts a rich and glossy green hue, akin to the captivating beauty of emeralds. It prominently adorns Hermès bags crafted from alligator or crocodile skin, accentuating the exotic charm of this emerald green tone through the intricate scales.

Vert Militaire


Hermès Vert Militaire is a deep and enduring green shade that evokes the spirit of military attire. With its rich and timeless green hue, it carries subtle hints of olive and brown. This understated yet elegant color is perfect for autumn and winter ensembles, as well as classic outfits.

Eucalyptus (F6)


This elegant color can be described as a harmonious blend of deep green and brown, akin to the calming tones found in eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus carries an air of natural tranquility and adaptability. It’s a perfect shade for autumn and winter, thanks to its earthy tones, but it effortlessly complements any season.

Hermès Blues

Graceful, tranquil, and adaptable, Hermès offers a wide array of blue shades, spanning from the darkest ocean depths to the lightest sky hues, each with its own distinct character. Blues are enduring and timeless, suitable for any time of the year, ensuring they remain a fundamental part of every closet. Join us as we explore the captivating blues by Hermès.

Bleu Glacier (8U)


Hermès Glacier Blue is a peaceful and frosty shade of blue with a chilly touch, reminiscent of the clean allure of ice formations. It boasts a gentle, grayish-blue tint that exudes a soothing and rejuvenating vibe. This adaptable hue pairs effortlessly with a range of other colors, making it a fantastic choice for any outfit ensemble.

Bleu Pale (5A)


Hermès Pale Blue is a gentle and understated light blue shade with a hint of gray, lending it a softly muted look. Its versatility allows it to be worn throughout the year and to be effortlessly matched with a variety of other colors. Pale Blue is also renowned for its tranquil and calming influence, making it a favored selection for accessories like scarves and bags.

Bleu Brume (T0)


Hermès Misty Blue is a lovely and gentle blue-grey shade, evoking the feeling of hazy skies on a foggy morning. This subtle and refined color brings a sense of sophistication and grace to any ensemble. Misty Blue made its debut in the Hermès spring/summer 2020 collection and harmonizes beautifully with other muted tones while also offering an appealing contrast to more vibrant shades.

Ciel (7G)


Hermès Ciel is like a gentle, serene breeze on a clear, sunny day. This cool and calming light blue hue is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Whether you want to pair it with other soft pastels or use it to add a refreshing touch to bolder colors, Ciel is a timeless choice. It has graced many Hermès collections over the years, securing its position as a beloved and ever-present shade in the brand’s color palette.

Bleu Lin (J7)


Hermès Bleu Lin is a gentle and versatile shade of blue. This soft and muted color draws its inspiration from the natural beauty of linen. It’s like a pale blue with a subtle touch of grey, making it an ideal choice for various occasions, from casual to formal. Whether you want to pair it with other colors or let it stand on its own, Bleu Lin offers a timeless and adaptable style.

Bleu Atoll (3P)


Hermès Bleu Atoll is a vibrant blue that brings to mind the stunning waters of tropical oceans. This bold and vivid color can instantly enliven any outfit, making it an excellent choice for the lively seasons of spring and summer.

Bleu Zephyr (U2)


Hermès Bleu Zephyr is a gentle and airy blue shade that evokes the image of a calm, cloudy sky. The name “zephyr” hints at a gentle breeze, enhancing the serene and soothing quality of this color. It’s a member of the Hermès Candy Collection, known for its pastel hues and whimsical names. Bleu Zephyr is an ideal choice for spring and summer, injecting a revitalizing element into your attire. It also complements warmer tones beautifully for a well-rounded and balanced appearance.

Aqua (79)


Hermès Aqua is a vibrant blue-green shade that mirrors the calming and invigorating qualities of the sea. It brings to mind feelings of peace and relaxation. This versatile color pairs well with a range of other shades and is particularly fitting for the spring and summer months. Aqua is a timeless and enduring color, consistently sought after season after season.

Bleu Saint-Cyr (3Z)


Hermès Bleu Saint-Cyr is a luxurious and profound blue. It draws inspiration from the attire of the French military academy situated in Saint-Cyr, which lends it an elegant and noble touch. This particular shade of blue complements an array of colors, making it a versatile choice for any fashion ensemble.

Lagon (7V)


Hermès Lagon is a lively and cheerful blue-green shade reminiscent of tropical lagoons. This distinct and attention-grabbing color can bring a burst of vibrancy to any attire. Depending on the lighting and the type of leather used, Lagon may lean more towards blue or green, but it consistently maintains its vibrant and joyful character.

Celeste (7N)


Hermès Celeste is a lovely and gentle pale blue hue that brings forth feelings of peace and serenity. Its name, “céleste,” translates to sky blue in French, and it is often referred to as a soft, powdery blue. This enduring color is suitable for all seasons, with a particular charm that shines during spring and summer.

Bleu Paon (7F)


Hermès Bleu Paon, also referred to as Peacock Blue, is a luxuriously deep and vibrant shade of blue with hints of green, reminiscent of the mesmerizing colors seen in a peacock’s plumage. This versatile hue effortlessly complements a wide range of neutral tones, making it an excellent choice for daily attire. The opulent richness of Bleu Paon is highly sought after in exotic leathers like alligator, ostrich, and crocodile, enhancing its exclusivity and desirability.

Bleu Du Nord (P3)


Hermès Bleu du Nord is a lovely light blue shade, paying homage to the northern regions of France. This hue is reminiscent of a gentle, soothing baby blue. It made its debut in the Hermès spring/summer 2019 collection and quickly captured the hearts of Hermès enthusiasts.

Bleu Azteque (7M)


Hermès Bleu Azteque is a deep and lively blue inspired by the ancient Aztec culture. This bold blue has a hint of green and brings an exciting splash of color to your look. It’s a versatile choice, suitable for both casual and fancy outfits, making it perfect for standout accessories like bags and scarves.

Bleu Paradise (2T)


Hermès Bleu Paradis is a lively and cheerful blue with a hint of violet. It made its debut in the Hermès spring/summer 2014 collection, capturing the essence of clear tropical waters. This color brings a burst of summery vibes to your style and goes well with whites, neutrals, and other soft colors. It’s a fantastic choice to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Turquoise Blue (7B)


Hermès Turquoise is a stunning blue-green shade that takes its inspiration from the precious gemstone of the same name. This vibrant color brings to mind the vivid hues of tropical seas and is a favorite for spring and summer. It’s a perfect mix of blue and green, and its appearance can shift slightly based on the type of leather used, sometimes leaning more towards green or blue.

Bleu Hydra (T71)


Hermès Turquoise is a gorgeous blue-green hue inspired by the valuable gemstone with the same name. This lively color reminds us of the vivid colors of tropical oceans and is a popular choice for the warmer months of spring and summer. It strikes a perfect balance between blue and green, and its look may subtly change depending on the leather, sometimes appearing a bit more green or blue.

Bleu Zellige (I7)


Hermès Bleu Zellige is a vivid blue color inspired by the intricate and colorful Moroccan tiles known as zellige. This eye-catching shade combines deep blue with hints of purple undertones, resulting in a unique and captivating hue. The name “Zellige” comes from the Arabic word “zellij,” meaning “small polished stone.” Just like the tiles it’s named after, Hermès Bleu Zellige brings a sense of luxury and exoticism to any ensemble.

Bleu Zanzibar (B3)


Hermès Bleu Zanzibar is a lively blue shade influenced by the exotic island of Zanzibar in East Africa. This striking color can be likened to a bright, electric blue with a hint of green, reminiscent of the Indian Ocean that embraces the island. Bleu Zanzibar is a favorite for Hermès accessories, infusing outfits with a burst of vibrant character and charm.

Bleu Jean (75)


Hermès Blue Jean is a timeless blue shade named after the famous fabric used for making jeans. It features a deep and rich blue hue that’s both adaptable and enduring. This color is known for its association with a relaxed and easygoing fashion sense, but it can also be dressed up for fancier events. Its popularity lies in its knack for going well with various colors and fashion choices. Depending on the leather it’s used on, the Blue Jean shade might have slight variations in appearance.

Cobalt (7C)


Hermès Cobalt is a lively blue shade that boasts a deep and rich tone with a hint of green, just like the cobalt mineral. Its striking and attention-grabbing look has made it a favored option for standout items, and it goes nicely with various colors, whether they’re neutral or vibrant. In general, Cobalt is a classic and adaptable color that brings a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Azur (7R)


Hermès Azur is a gentle and airy blue, like a cloudless sky in summertime. It carries a delicate touch of gray, which adds an element of sophistication and refinement. Azur is a flexible hue that matches harmoniously with a variety of other colors, making it a splendid pick for any time of the year.

Bleu Izmir (7W)


Hermès Bleu Izmir is a captivating blue that balances elegance with a touch of daring. Its deep and intense blue tone carries a subtle touch of teal underneath, creating a truly distinctive look. The name “Izmir” is a nod to the lively Turkish city, famous for its bustling markets and vibrant fabrics. This color is adaptable, complementing various other shades, making it a wonderful choice for any outfit.

Bleu Brighton (7E)


Hermès Bleu Brighton is a lively and energetic blue with a touch of purple underneath. This vibrant shade is ideal for the sunnier months, capturing the spirit of the coastal town of Brighton in England. It’s like a playful blend of purple and sky blue, adding a cheerful vibe to your look.

Mykonos (7Q)


Hermès Mykonos is a lively and vivid blue hue. This color made its debut in 2011, featured in the Hermès summer collection, and quickly gained popularity. It takes its inspiration from the stunning blue seas of the Greek island of Mykonos. With its cheerful and playful vibe, Mykonos is an ideal choice for your summer outfits and accessories.

Bleu Thalassa (7A)


Hermès Bleu Thalassa is a luxurious blue shade, taking its name from the Greek word for “sea.” It mirrors the deep blue hues of the Mediterranean waters, evoking a sense of sophistication and timelessness. This color is versatile and can be combined with various other shades to craft a stylish and refined appearance. It has remained a beloved choice among Hermès enthusiasts for an extended period.

Bleu Agate (R2)


Hermès Bleu Agate is a stylish and adaptable shade of blue influenced by the special design of agate stones. With its hint of greyish-blue, it brings a touch of refinement to leather goods and attire. This color complements earthy and neutral tones, making it an excellent choice for all seasons.

Bleu De Galice (S7)


Hermès Bleu de Galice is a deep and luxurious blue, named after a place in northwest Spain with Celtic roots. It’s like a blend of navy and cobalt blue, with a touch of purple that adds a special touch. This richness makes it a timeless choice for any season.

Bleu Foncé (S4)


Hermès Deep Blue, also known as “bleu foncé”, is a rich, deep shade of blue that is one of the classic and timeless colors in the Hermès palette. It is a dark, almost navy blue, but with a hint of green undertones, which gives it a unique character. The Bleu Foncé color can be a versatile color that works well for both casual and formal occasions, and it pairs well with a variety of other colors, such as white, beige, and black.

Bleu Electrique (7T)


Hermès Bleu Electrique is a striking and vivid blue that really stands out. It’s a deep, bright blue with a hint of purple that can liven up any look. This color has been a part of Hermès’ collection since the 2000s and remains a beloved classic.

Bleu Encre (M3)


Hermès Bleu Encre is a deep and luxurious navy blue. Its name, “Encre,” means “ink” in English, and it’s like a blend of dark blue, black, and a touch of purple. This color is a versatile favorite among Hermès fans and can be worn in any season. Its deep shade gives off a feeling of sophistication and refinement.

Bleu Saphir (T7)


Hermès Bleu Saphir is a deep and luxurious blue with a touch of purple. This timeless color is perfect for any season and occasion, and it’s a favorite among those who appreciate classic elegance. Its name is inspired by the sapphire gemstone, renowned for its deep blue hue.

Bleu Iris (77)


Hermès Bleu Iris is a lovely mid-blue color with a hint of purple, just like the iris flower it’s named after. This versatile shade can complement various colors, from neutrals to bolder hues. It’s often admired for its timeless and sophisticated appeal.

Bleu Tempete (N7)


Hermès Bleu Tempete is a deep and stylish blue-grey shade. This versatile color can be worn throughout the year and pairs well with various shades, especially classics like black, white, and beige. The name “Bleu Tempete,” meaning “stormy blue,” perfectly reflects the rich and moody essence of this hue.

Bleu Orage (Y7)


Hermès Bleu Orage is a dark and atmospheric blue-grey shade. Its name, “orage,” which means storm in French, adds a touch of mystery and intrigue. Depending on the leather and lighting, it can take on blue or grey tones. Bleu Orage has gained popularity in the Hermès collection, especially for handbags, because it complements a range of colors and styles.

Colvert (1P)


Hermès Colvert is a lush, deep blue with a touch of green, resembling the feathers of a male mallard duck. This color made its debut in the 1960s and continues to be a beloved choice in the brand’s collections. It complements other blues, greens, and neutrals, offering versatility for various outfits. Its timeless and elegant aura makes it a classic option.

Bleu Outremer (C1)


Hermès Bleu Outremer is a profound and lustrous blue, reminiscent of the ocean’s deepest depths. It takes inspiration from lapis lazuli, a beautiful stone cherished in jewelry and art for centuries. This color made its debut in the Hermès collection in the fall/winter of 2019. It’s a flexible hue that can enhance any ensemble, whether it’s casual or formal.

Bleu Nuit (2Z)


Hermès Bleu Nuit is a luxurious, deep navy blue with hints of black and purple. It radiates class and refinement, making it an enduring choice that complements various colors. “Bleu Nuit” means “night blue” in English, and it’s often linked to evening attire and special events. This color adds an elegant touch to any ensemble.

Bleu de Prusse (7P)


Bleu de Prusse is a deep and lush blue, inspired by the legacy of Prussia. This shade mirrors the vastness of the Baltic Sea, making it a versatile choice for any time of year. It has a mix of warm and cool tones, allowing it to harmonize beautifully with autumn hues like oranges, yellows, and browns.

Bleu Royale (08)


Hermès Bleu Royale is a bold and regal blue shade that draws inspiration from the world of kings and queens. It’s a deeper blue than Bleu de Prusse, with a touch of elegant purple. This versatile color can complement various outfits and fashion styles, making it a beloved choice for Hermès enthusiasts. Its timeless charm suits every season.

Bleu Marine (78)


Hermès Bleu Marine takes its inspiration from the deep blue worn by sailors. It’s a classic and enduring shade that goes well with various colors and is suitable for all seasons. Depending on the leather used, it can range from a dark, almost black hue to a brighter, livelier tone. You can find this color on exotic skin bags, both in matte and shiny finishes.

Bleu Indigo (76)


Hermès Bleu Indigo draws its inspiration from natural indigo dye. It’s a deep, classic blue that has been a staple in Hermès’ color collection for a long time. You can often spot it on their famous Birkin and Kelly bags. The color’s intensity may change based on the type of leather, adding distinctive shades and tones. Bleu Indigo is adaptable, fitting well with various outfits and adding an elegant touch to any style.

Bleu Abysse (7K)


Hermès Bleu Abysse is a deep and captivating blue, reminiscent of the ocean’s enigmatic depths. It’s an intense shade that can appear almost black or purple under certain lighting. Bleu Abysse is a versatile and enduring choice, suitable for a range of outfits and looks. It’s a popular color for Hermès’ exotic handbags, as alligator and crocodile skins enhance the texture of this striking blue.

Bleu Frida (0F)


Hermès Bleu Frida is a lively blue hue, akin to Turquoise but without any hint of green. This striking color made its debut in the fall/winter 2020 Hermès collection, paying tribute to the vibrant colors seen in the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. While Bleu Frida may seem like a spring and summer shade, its versatility and joyful tone make it suitable for any occasion and season.

Bleu Petrole (70)


Hermès Bleu Petrole is a luxurious and stylish blue with a touch of green. This deep, oil-inspired color has gained popularity in fashion. It pairs well with different shades, from earthy browns and soft beiges to lively pinks and oranges. You’ll often spot Bleu Petrole on Hermès calfskin and exotic lizard skin handbags, adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Bleu de France (71)


Hermès Blue France, also known as Bleu de France, is a blue shade that pays tribute to the French flag’s exact hue. It’s a timeless Hermès color that goes with any outfit, whether you’re aiming for a casual or elegant look. This regal blue shade complements any combination effortlessly.

Caban (3Y)


Hermès Caban is an ultra-dark blue shade, almost like black. This deep color made its debut in the Hermès fall/winter 2022 collection. It embodies a sophisticated choice for formal events and can also be seen as a neutral color, thanks to its subtle hint of blue that adds a touch of elegance to black.

Navy (7U)


Hermès Navy is a classic that never goes out of style. This deep blue is both luxurious and versatile, making it a favorite among Hermès fans year after year. Its regal look, reminiscent of the deep ocean at dusk, is a perfect match for a variety of Hermès handbags. Navy is a timeless choice that complements any outfit and suits every season.

New Blue Jean (D2)


Hermès New Blue Jean is a recent addition to their color lineup in 2023. It takes the classic Blue Jean and gives it a fresh twist. Unlike the original, New Blue Jean steps away from the faded denim look and brings in a deeper, more vibrant blue. It says goodbye to the subtle hints of grey and green and says hello to a rich, pure blue with a crisp touch of white contrast. This modern take breathes new energy into a timeless favorite, offering a sophisticated update to a familiar classic.

Blue Roi (10A)


Hermès Blue Roi is a posh and majestic shade of blue. Its name, “Roi,” which means royal in French, perfectly captures the color’s grand and authoritative feel. This deep and dignified hue brings to mind the attire of European kings and queens, carrying an enduring sense of grace. Blue Roi showcases significant differences in appearance depending on the type of leather it adorns, ranging from a richer, darker tone to a lighter shade.

Blue Ocean (Z7)


Hermès Blue Ocean, a truly enchanting hue, captures the calm and endless charm of the open sea. This captivating shade features a deep and lush blue tone, evoking the never-ending horizon of the ocean on a bright day. Its ageless grace and refinement have swiftly won the hearts of luxury fashion enthusiasts, establishing it as a coveted option for those who adore the sea’s allure in their fashion pieces.

Bleu Baltique (8X)


Hermès Bleu Baltique is a deep and peaceful shade that brings to mind the calm seas of the Baltic. This lovely hue blends the depth of dark blue with a touch of green, resulting in a special and charming color that radiates a feeling of tranquility and elegance. Blue Baltique showcases Hermès’ dedication to introducing fresh and creative colors. It’s often used on exotic skin handbags, adding to its allure with glossy, smooth scales.

Denim Foncé


Hermès Denim Foncé, brought to you by the famous luxury brand, boasts a captivating deep indigo charm, mirroring the richness of timeless denim. It radiates an aura of relaxed sophistication, like your favorite pair of well-loved jeans that have seen countless adventures. This color is often used on canvas handbags, adding to their stylish appeal.

Bleu Obscur (K7)


Hermès Bleu Obscur, a classic and elegant color, is a deep, luxurious blue that radiates an aura of mystery and sophistication. Its French name, “Obscur,” hints at its dark and intriguing appeal. With its smooth and rich appearance, Bleu Obscur embodies timeless elegance that never goes out of style, making it a cherished favorite among lovers of luxury.

Hermès Purples

Stylish, majestic, and adaptable, Hermès’ purple collection presents an array of tones, from rich and intense to gentle and understated. These impressive shades can be paired with vibrant colors or employed as a vibrant accent to enhance any ensemble. Suitable for all seasons, Hermès purples bring an elegant flair that suits both formal and casual occasions. Now, let’s explore the finest selections from Hermès’ purple palette.

Violine (5C)


Hermès Violine is a lavish color that first appeared in the fashion scene in the mid-2000s. This opulent and refined shade is a deep, royal purple with hints of both red and blue, resulting in a captivating and adaptable hue. Violine brings an air of elegance and luxury, making it a preferred option for those who admire the mix of timeless and modern styles. Its name, drawn from the French word for “violin,” wonderfully describes the color’s harmonious combination of warmth and depth.

Aubergine (3V)


Hermès Aubergine is a deep, luxurious purple shade with touches of brown and red undertones, much like the skin of a ripe eggplant. It’s a timeless and elegant color that has been a part of Hermès’ collection for a long time. Aubergine goes nicely with various colors, whether it’s neutral shades like beige and cream or more vibrant ones. This versatile color is often seen on exotic leather Hermès handbags, in glossy crocodile niloticus and crocodile porosus.

Cyclamen (5H)


Hermès Cyclamen is a lively and vivid pink-purple hue found within the Hermès color spectrum. It’s a one-of-a-kind shade that falls between a vibrant pink and a deep purple, with a hint of magenta. Its name draws inspiration from the vibrant Cyclamen flower, known for its captivating and lively colors. Cyclamen is an excellent option for infusing a burst of color into your attire, and it’s suitable for any occasion and time of year.

Glycine (4W)


Hermès Glycine is a graceful and refined color reminiscent of the lovely pastel hue of wisteria blooms. It’s a gentle shade of purple with a hint of pink undertones, imparting a feminine allure. This color is commonly linked to spring and is ideal for bringing a dash of sophistication to your attire. Hermès Glycine evokes a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness, making it a favored option for those in search of a serene and understated shade.

Prune (58)


Hermès Prune is a lavish and sumptuous dark purple shade with hints of brown and red, much like the color of ripe plums. This deep and opulent hue boasts a velvety texture, radiating an aura of luxury and refinement. Prune’s appearance may subtly shift depending on the leather it adorns – at times appearing darker with brown hues and, at others, leaning towards a purple with red undertones. Regardless of its variation, Prune is an excellent choice to complement both classic and bold ensembles, particularly during the autumn and winter seasons.

Cassis (N5)


Hermès Cassis is a luxurious and deep purple hue named after the ripe and juicy cassis berry. This color harmoniously blends red and blue tones, resulting in a regal and sophisticated shade suitable for every season. It’s a sought-after choice for Hermès handbags crafted from exotic skins like crocodile and alligator, particularly in their glossy finishes.

Anemone (P9)


Hermès Anemone is a stunning and lively shade of purple. It beautifully combines blue and red hues to form a vibrant and captivating color. Anemone is often associated with romance and femininity, making it an excellent choice for adding a touch of flair to any ensemble. It complements neutral colors like black, white, and beige, as well as other vibrant shades. Anemone’s versatility makes it suitable for both relaxed and formal occasions.

Violet (96)


Hermès Violet is a lavish and classy shade of purple with hints of pink that radiates style and refinement. It’s a deep and powerful color often linked to kings and queens. This royal hue can elevate any outfit, making it ideal for fancy gatherings and important moments. With its bold and captivating look, Hermès Violet is a truly remarkable color that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression.

Parme (9P)


Hermès Parme is a strong shade of purple with just a touch of pink. It’s often seen as a bold and eye-catching color. Parme can be used in many different styles, from gentle and feminine to classy and elegant. It’s a timeless color that goes well with various other colors, making it great for any time of the year.

Lilas (83)


Hermès Lilas is a gentle and light shade of purple, first seen in the spring/summer collection. It takes its inspiration from the lovely scent of lilac flowers. Lilas has a soft and refined look that pairs well with other pastel or neutral colors, making it a versatile and graceful choice for your clothing.

Raisin (59)


Hermès Raisin is a deep, luxurious shade of purple with a hint of red. It’s a stylish and classy color that radiates elegance and refinement. Raisin goes well with both warm and cool colors, making it suitable for any season. Depending on the material, its richness can vary, but it consistently exudes a sense of opulence.

Amethyst (9G)


Hermès Amethyst is a luxurious and velvety purple hue. It’s part of the Hermès collection inspired by precious gemstones. Amethyst is known for its elegance and sophistication, often compared to regal tones. Depending on the material, it can vary from a deep, moody purple to a brighter, livelier shade. Amethyst is commonly used on exotic skin handbags, both in matte and shiny finishes, enhancing its opulent appeal.

Ultraviolet (5L)


Hermès Ultraviolet is a deep and intense purple, with a touch of pink that adds elegance. This striking color goes great with cool shades like blues and greens, as well as neutral tones such as white, black, and grey. While you can wear Ultraviolet anytime, it truly stands out in the fall and winter months.

Iris (9K)


Hermès Iris is a lovely purple with a touch of blue. It’s a timeless and classy color that Hermès has loved for a long time. Depending on where it’s used, Iris can look dark and rich or light and soft, like lavender.

Crocus (9W)


Hermès Crocus is a cozy purple with a hint of pink. It takes its name from the Crocus flower, known for its pretty purple petals. Crocus is one of Hermès’ expertly crafted colors, and it goes well with lots of others, from basic black and white to lively reds and blues. You can wear it anytime, but it’s especially nice in the colder months.

Hermès Red

Bold, passionate, and captivating, the Hermès reds come in a wide range of shades, from timeless classics to vibrant hues. Whether it’s the lively colors of spring and summer or the rich tones of fall and winter, Hermès reds are beloved by enthusiasts for their versatility and striking appeal. Let’s explore the wonderful world of Hermès reds.

Rouge Indien (5Z)


Hermès Rouge Indien is a warm and vibrant red hue with a hint of orange. This deep and inviting color can brighten up any look and goes well with a range of other colors, from classic neutrals like black, white, and beige. It’s a versatile choice for adding a touch of luxury to your handbag collection.

Rouge Pivoine (2R)


Hermès Rouge Pivoine is a lively and captivating red hue that has gained popularity among Hermès fans. This vibrant shade of red with hints of pink evokes the vivid petals of a peony flower. It’s a favorite choice for those seeking to make a bold fashion statement and infuse a burst of color into their style.

Rouge Tomate (S5)


Hermès Rouge Tomate is a lively and rich red shade that made its debut in 2016. This red tone draws inspiration from the deep red of ripe tomatoes and is characterized by its warm and intense undertones. Rouge Tomate has found favor among Hermès fans and is frequently featured in their handbag collections, scarves, and other luxurious accessories.

Geranium (D5)


Hermès Geranium is a lively and daring red shade with hints of orange. It made its debut in 2012 and swiftly captured the hearts of Hermès fans and collectors alike. Geranium is often linked to energy, passion, and creativity, making it a favored pick for those looking to express themselves boldly with their handbags.

Rouge de Coeur (S3)


Hermès Rouge de Coeur, unveiled in 2019, is a vibrant and vivid red, akin to the shade of a heart. It’s cherished by Hermès collectors and fans for its warm undertone that sets it apart. This red hue is a versatile choice, effortlessly injecting a bold burst of color into any attire, suitable for casual and formal occasions alike.

Rouge Moyen (56)


Hermès Rouge Moyen is a stylish and elegant mid-tone red. It strikes a perfect balance, not too bright nor too dark, making it suitable for all seasons. The name “Rouge Moyen” simply means “medium red” and reflects its timeless and classic appeal. If you adore luxury fashion, this chic choice is for you.

Braise (95)


Hermès Braise is a fiery and intense red shade that radiates energy and warmth. Its name, meaning “embers” in English, captures its fiery intensity. Braise is a coveted choice for Hermès handbags and accessories, adding a vibrant splash of color to any ensemble. Some compare it to the classic Hermès red, Rouge H, but Braise shines a tad brighter and livelier. You’ll often find it adorning exotic skin handbags.

Rouge Casaque (Q5)


Hermès Rouge Casaque is a lively and daring red shade that Hermès introduced in 2012. The name “Casaque,” which means “jacket” in French, conjures images of a vibrant red jacket, making it a favored pick for those seeking a touch of color in their Hermès collection. This red is often described as a pure red with hints of blue, lending it a refreshing and crisp look.

Rouge Piment (5X)


Hermès Rouge Piment is a strong red hue with a hint of delicate pink. It’s a beloved choice among Hermès fans for its ability to infuse excitement and boldness into handbags and accessories. This intense and vibrant shade elevates any ensemble, offering a touch of both sophistication and drama. It’s a versatile color that works well for both daytime and evening outfits.

Rouge Venitienne (5Q)


Hermès Rouge Venitienne, also known as Venetian red, is a warm and intense rusty red shade. Its name pays tribute to the historical red pigment used in Venice, Italy, known for its deep and earthy color. This color makes a bold and timeless statement, enhancing any ensemble with its classic touch. It pairs harmoniously with neutrals, blacks, and even other vibrant colors, offering versatility for your wardrobe.

Vermillon (5E)


Hermès Vermillion is a lively and fiery red-orange hue, drawing inspiration from the vibrant vermillion pigment. This captivating color made its debut in the 2000s and swiftly gained popularity among Hermès enthusiasts. Vermillion infuses energy and excitement into any ensemble, particularly when paired with neutral tones like black. It also complements warm colors like gold and orange, offering versatility in your fashion choices.

Rouge Vif (53)


Hermès Rouge Vif is a lively cherry red with hints of pink, known as one of the most iconic and well-known shades in the Hermès collection. This vibrant color has adorned many Hermès handbags and accessories over the years, including vintage pieces. Rouge Vif carries connotations of power, confidence, and sophistication, making it a bold choice that radiates luxury and grace.

Rubis (B5)


Hermès Rubis, also known as Ruby, is a deep, vibrant red with hints of brown, taking inspiration from the captivating ruby gemstone. This energetic and passionate shade was introduced by Hermès in their 2010 fall/winter collection. Ruby complements neutral tones, black, and other vivid colors, making it a versatile choice for any outfit.

Rouge Duchesse (2V)


Hermès Rouge Duchesse is a red hue with a touch of orange, boasting a subtle and elegant appearance. Its name, inspired by the French word for “duchess,” hints at a sense of regal charm and refinement. This unique shade of red has gained a reputation for its luxurious and glamorous appeal, making it a sought-after choice among Hermès collectors and admirers worldwide.

Rouge Grenate (K1)


Hermès Rouge Grenat is a rich red hue with a subtle touch of purple. This color embodies sophistication and elegance, suitable for all occasions. It evokes the deep tones of fine wine, radiating a sense of luxury and refinement. Rouge Grenat’s versatility allows it to complement various colors, making it a beloved choice for Hermès handbags and accessories. Its timeless appeal ensures it will always be in vogue.

Rouge H (55)


Introduced in 1925, Hermès Rouge H is a deep and rich red with a subtle brownish tint, exclusively associated with the brand. This color is highly sought after by collectors and devoted Hermès fans. The name “Rouge H” is a nod to the first letter of “Hermès,” and it embodies timeless grace and refinement. Rouge H stands as a classic and iconic color that symbolizes the luxury and sophistication of Hermès.

Rouge Imperial (52)


Hermès Rouge Imperial is a deep and vibrant red that has been part of the brand’s color collection for several years. Its name pays tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte’s majestic attire, and it has grown into one of Hermès’ most iconic colors. While it shares similarities with Rouge H, Rouge Imperial boasts a more vivid and lively shade of red.

Bordeaux (57)


Hermès Bordeaux is a deep and sophisticated shade of red with hints of brown, like the rich wines from the Bordeaux region of France. It’s a timeless color that goes well with various styles and outfits, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to any wardrobe.

Bourgogne (F5)


Hermès Bourgogne is a deep and luxurious burgundy color that radiates sophistication and elegance. It’s a versatile color suitable for all seasons, and it complements neutral shades like black, gray, and beige. Bourgogne has remained a favorite in the Hermès collection for years, gracing various bag styles and leather options. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a bold and timeless addition to their Hermès handbag collection.

Rouge Garance (54)


Hermès Rouge Garance is a luscious red hue with hints of raspberry-pink. It takes its name from a plant used to make red dyes. This color made its debut in the 2000s and gained popularity due to its charming appearance. Rouge Garance pairs wonderfully with various colors, making it suitable for both everyday and special occasions, whether you prefer neutral tones or vibrant hues.

Cuivre (6C)


Hermès Cuivre is a warm and opulent coppery red-brown shade that brings a touch of luxury and elegance. Think of it as a metallic brown with subtle hints of red and orange, creating a depth and subtle shine. This versatile color serves as an excellent neutral, effortlessly complementing a wide range of other colors, especially earthy and jewel tones.

Sienne (4E)


Hermès Sienne is a cozy, earthy red-brown shade inspired by the Italian city of Siena. This warm and rich color can vary from light to dark. It loves to mingle with other neutral hues like black and beige, but it’s not afraid to join the party with lively colors like orange or pink for a more daring style. Sienne is a timeless and adaptable color that suits different fashion tastes and occasions.

Brique (36)


Hermès Brique is a cozy, earthy red-brown shade that mirrors the color of terracotta bricks. It brings a sense of autumn warmth to any outfit. You can find the Brique color in a variety of Hermès items like handbags, accessories, and clothing. Its warm and versatile hue makes it easy to pair with other neutrals or warm tones for a touch of sophistication.

Rouge Sellier (0G)


Hermès Rouge Sellier is a deep red with strong brown hints. This warm and velvety color made its debut in the spring/summer 2021 collection. While it’s often associated with fall and winter, Rouge Sellier proves to be versatile, suitable for any season or occasion, leaving a lasting impression.

Rouge Exotique (51)


Hermès Rouge Exotique is a vivid and bold red shade. This strong red hue embodies sophistication, beauty, and luxury. It’s frequently paired with lizard skin, making it a popular choice for various outfits, from elegant to casual, throughout the year.

Hermès Pinks

Vibrant, fun, and full of charm, the Hermès pink shades come in a delightful array of tones, from cool to warm. These versatile pinks are perfect for spring and summer, and they can add a touch of color to your fall and winter looks. Now, let’s explore the world of Hermès pinks.

Rose Sakura (3Q)


Hermès Rose Sakura is a soft and gentle pink color inspired by cherry blossoms, ideal for the sunny seasons. Its delicate pink shade reflects the beauty of blooming flowers, making it a standout in the Hermès pink lineup. This natural and subtle color is a favorite among luxury handbag enthusiasts, as it pairs effortlessly with a range of outfits.

Rose Eglantine (P1)


Hermès Rose Eglantine is a gentle and soft pink, bringing a subtle charm to the Hermès pink collection. This nuanced color has a graceful lightness, lending an elegant and beautiful aura to any Hermès bag. Its delicate shade is ideal for infusing a touch of femininity and refinement into your attire. Whether combined with vibrant hues or timeless neutrals, Hermès Rose Eglantine is a versatile color suitable for every season.

Rose Dragee (5U)


Hermès Rose Dragee is a gentle and velvety pink hue. It’s a refined and graceful color that radiates charm and femininity. This muted pink is a favorite among Hermès handbag enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate a subtle touch. It complements other pastel hues or can stand out alongside bolder colors.

Mauve Sylvestre (X9)


Hermès Mauve Sylvestre is a lovely and graceful color that emerged in the spring/summer 2019 collection. It combines a gentle shade of purple, giving it an air of elegance and refinement. This subtle color is great for those aiming to introduce a touch of understated sophistication to their clothing. It imparts a soft finish that elevates the overall look, making it suitable for both relaxed and dressy events.

Fuchsia (5J)


Hermès Fuchsia is a lively and spirited pink shade that catches the eye and radiates a sense of playfulness. It strikes a balance, not too dull and not too bright, making it adaptable for various Hermès items. If you’re looking to inject some vibrancy into your attire and draw attention, Hermès Fuchsia is the ideal choice.

Rose Lipstick (U5)


Hermès Rose Lipstick is a lively pink hue with a touch of brightness, proudly belonging to the Hermès pink clan. It made its debut in the spring/summer 2018 collection and quickly gained popularity across a range of Hermès items, from handbags to scarves and accessories. This versatile color can effortlessly elevate casual ensembles and infuse a burst of life into formal and neutral pairings.

Rose Confetti (1Q)


Hermès Rose Confetti made its entrance in 2013 during the spring/summer collection. The name “confetti” was chosen to capture the joyful and festive spirit that this color brings to mind. It’s a gentle and charming pink with a touch of peachy warmth, adding a distinctive flair to the mix.

Rose Azalee (8W)


Hermès Rose Azalee made its debut in the fall/winter season of 2015. This lovely pink shade takes inspiration from the enchanting azalea blooms. Its soft and graceful hue adds a touch of charm and elegance, making it a favorite among those who seek a sophisticated and refined appearance.

Rose Tyrien (E5)


Rose Tyrien is a lively and vivid pink that brings a burst of color to any ensemble. Its vibrant nature makes it a standout choice among Hermès colors, earning it the nickname “star color.” This striking pink shade is ideal for infusing a hint of excitement into your everyday attire.

Rose Shocking (5R)


Hermès Rose Shocking is a striking and attention-grabbing pink that demands to be noticed. This standout color injects a vibrant touch into any ensemble. Debuting in the spring/summer 2021 collection, its hot-pink allure is tailor-made for those who relish making a bold fashion statement. This color embodies both fun and elegance, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Rose D’Ete (4K)


Hermès Rose d’Ete is a cheerful and sun-kissed pink that made its debut in the spring/summer 2020 collection. It draws inspiration from the lively colors of a summer garden, radiating a youthful and playful charm. This energetic hue infuses a burst of vibrant warmth into any attire. Often featured in Hermès accessories like scarves and handbags, Rose d’Ete has won the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.

Rose Extreme (I6)


Launched in the fall/winter 2017 collection, Rose Extreme is a one-of-a-kind pink that instantly grabs your gaze with its edgy and glamorous aura. This unconventional hue radiates self-assuredness and injects an exhilarating flair into any attire. It’s a daring option that suits those seeking to make a splash and make a mark. Be it a touch of color or a complete pink ensemble, Rose Extreme is a flexible shade that can enhance any ensemble.

Magnolia (9I)


Unveiled in the spring/summer collection, Hermès Magnolia is an enchanting pink that radiates allure and liveliness. It’s a lively and spirited hue that injects a dash of playfulness into your attire. This striking color is ideal for those who wish to make a statement. The name “Magnolia” is apt, evoking the image of the graceful and delicate magnolia flower petals.

Rose Sheherazade (J5)


Hermès Rose Scheherazade is a mesmerizing color that carries an air of enchantment and fascination. Its name pays tribute to the main character of Arabian Nights tales, drawing upon the allure and mystique of ancient stories. This gentle shade marries soft pink and purple tones, crafting a one-of-a-kind hue that exudes both elegance and intrigue. It’s a rare and highly sought-after color, exclusively found in Hermès’ exotic leather creations. With its exotic and exclusive appeal, Rose Scheherazade infuses an element of opulence and sophistication into any ensemble.

Crevette (L5)


Hermès Crevette is a gentle and lovely pale pink that mirrors the hue of a freshly cooked shrimp or prawn. The French word “crevette” means shrimp, and this color is often referred to as a soft, warm pink with a hint of orange. Crevette holds a special place in the Hermès collection, frequently appearing in their accessories and leather items. It carries a quiet and unassuming grace, making it a flexible color suitable for all seasons.

Rose Pourpre (L3)


Hermès Rose Pourpre is a lovely and stylish deep pink with a touch of purple in it. It’s a chic color that gives off a feminine and charming vibe. The French word “pourpre” means purple, and it’s a perfect description for this shade with its subtle purple undertones that bring richness to its overall look.

Flamingo (I5)


Hermès Flamingo is a special pink shade with a hint of orange, just like the colors in a flamingo’s feathers. It’s a one-of-a-kind and attention-grabbing color that can bring a fun and warm feeling to any outfit. Flamingo pink can be soft and pastel or bold and vibrant, so you can use it in many different styles and looks.

Rose Candy (8T)


Hermès Rose Candy is a happy pink color with a touch of pastel, giving it a gentle and playful vibe. It’s a fun and youthful color that can bring a splash of cheer to any outfit or accessory. Hermès loves to use Rose Candy in their collections.

Tosca (K5)


Hermès Tosca is a versatile color that brings a touch of sophistication to any style. It’s a purple shade with a touch of pink that strikes a balance between bold and feminine. This color is all about elegance and can add a hint of glamour to any everyday outfit.

Rose Thé (3L)


Hermès Rose Tea, inspired by the warm hue of tea, is a delicate and soft pink with a hint of beige. This elegant color is commonly found in calfskin handbags. Its understated and refined tone makes it a favorite among Hermès fans who appreciate timeless and classic colors. Rose Tea complements other neutral and pastel shades, making it a versatile addition to any fashion ensemble.

Bois de Rose (G5)


Hermès Bois de Rose is a gentle and muted dusty rose hue. It carries a warm and soft touch of pink with a touch of mauve, resembling the subtle tone of rosy-beige. Drawing inspiration from rose petals, this color brings a sense of romance and femininity. Its versatility allows it to harmonize with various colors, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Rose Jaipur (T5)


Hermès Rose Jaipur is a striking and one-of-a-kind hue, blending shades of orange, red, and pink. This lively coral-pink shade evokes the beauty of a splendid sunset and made its debut in 2012. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking to stand out and infuse their wardrobe with a burst of color.

Terre Cuite (94)


Hermès Terre Cuite is a distinct and uncommon shade that demands meticulous and precise dyeing techniques. It embodies a gentle pink tone with a touch of vintage and earthiness. Crafting this color requires exceptional craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, and handbags in this hue are typically crafted from premium ostrich leather, known for developing a lovely patina as it ages.

Rose Mexico (0D)


Rose Mexico is a striking and attention-grabbing shade that shines brightest during the spring and summer. Its vivid pink hue sets it apart, making it stand out among other pink shades. Rose Mexico has gained popularity in recent years, particularly for handbags and accessories.

Bougainvillier (A5)


Hermès Bougainvillier is a lively reddish-pink shade that made its debut in the fall/winter 2009 season. Its name is inspired by the beautiful Bougainvillea flower, famous for its vibrant pink and purple tones. This color is not only versatile but also eye-catching.

Mauve Pale (09)


Mauve Pale is a fresh arrival in the Hermès color collection for the fall/winter season of 2022. It was introduced alongside the annual theme “Lighthearted.” This color combines soft pink with hints of purple and gray, creating a subtle and classy look. Unlike its counterpart, Mauve Sylvestre, Mauve Pale has a more delicate and light-hearted feel due to its lighter tones. With its gentle and sophisticated touch, Mauve Pale is an ideal choice for those who appreciate subtle hints of pale pink.

Rose Texas (03)


Rose Texas is a lively pink with hints of coral and red, drawing inspiration from the vibrant palette of the 1984 film “Paris Texas.” While it made its debut in the fall/winter 2020 Hermès collection, its versatile and captivating nature complements outfits throughout the year, despite its initial association with spring and summer. This dynamic color adds an intriguing dimension to various ensembles.

Framboise (90)


Hermès Framboise is a bold raspberry pink shade, deeper and more intense than Rose Shocking. It made its debut in the Hermès Spring-Summer 2021 collection and quickly established itself as a versatile choice. While it naturally complements spring and summer attire, Framboise also adds an intriguing burst of color to fall and winter ensembles.

Rose Bubblegum (5P)


Hermès Rose Bubblegum, sometimes called “5P pink,” is a gentle and charming pink color that fashion lovers deeply desire. It’s a rare and prized hue, often found on exotic leather like crocodile and ostrich. This delightful pink shade brings a sense of joy and whimsy to any attire, making it ideal for a relaxed summer outing or casual rendezvous.

Rose Pop (0R)


Absolutely, Rose Pop is a head-turner among Hermès colors, commanding notice with its vibrant and intense pink shade. This eye-catching pink has hints of fuchsia’s bluish undertones, setting it apart as one of the most daring in the range of Hermès pinks. Falling within the esteemed family of pink shades that includes Rose Mexico and Rose Extreme, Rose Pop resonates with the Pantone 2023 color “Viva Magenta.” Its lively character injects a surge of vitality into any outfit, making it the perfect choice for those seeking bold and lively fashion statements.

Rosy (5V)


Hermès Rosy is a gentle and captivating pink hue that radiates grace and femininity. This color mirrors the subtle blush of a rose petal, ensuring its status as a classic pick for fashion lovers. Its enduring appeal lies in its capacity to convey elegance and sophistication. Suitable for every season, it boasts remarkable versatility and a touch of femininity that enhances any ensemble.

Blush (J9)