The 13 most valuable and popular Hermès bag colors


The magnificent Hermès bags are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after accessories on the luxury resale market, and their profitability has become notable over the years, as they are products that revalue with time, which means that their buyer can recover their investment and an additional sum with its sale in auctions or second-hand markets.

However, there are some considerations that make a Hermès bag a more profitable investment. First of all, it is important to know that the most exclusive Hermès bags are those belonging to its trinity: Birkin, Kelly and Constance. Any of these three models will guarantee a safe and good investment for the future.

On this occasion, we will show you the 13 most valuable colors of Hermès bags on the luxury market, so you can carry out your investment wisely and obtain extraordinary sums if you decide to opt for resale.

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  1. The classic Hermès colors
    1. Gold (06)
    2. Noir (89)
    3. Nata (12)
    4. Craie (10)
    5. Etoupe (18)
    6. Etain (8F)
  2. The popular and trendy colors
    1. Rose Sakura (3Q)
    2. Bleu Brume (T0)
    3. Mauve Sylvestre (X9)
    4. Vert Criquet (3I)
    5. Jaune Poussin (1Z)
    6. Mauve Pale (0T)
    7. Mushroom (09)

The classic Hermès colors

Many people know that Hermès offers a wide range of colors for their products today, but some classic colors always stand out and remain popular amongst fashion lovers. These timeless choices are great investments because they never go out of style, they can be used during any season of the year, and they hold their value.

Now, let’s take a look at the most classic Hermès colors that continue to be valuable in the resale market.

Gold (06)


Gold is one of the most beloved colors in Hermès handbags. This rich tan shade gives off warm vibes, reminiscent of caramel or honey. Its popularity lies in its incredible versatility, making it a perfect match all year round. The Gold color gained fame during the peak of the Kelly bag’s popularity, thanks to actress Grace Kelly, who elegantly draped her baby bump with a Gold Kelly bag. Since then, this Hermès color has remained a favorite.

When it comes to the resale market, Gold ranks right at the top, along with Noir (black). It continues to be a classic choice and enjoys immense popularity among Hermès enthusiasts, whether it’s in Epsom or Togo leather. Gold is often applied to calfskin to enhance its grainy textures, giving it a wonderfully natural look.

Noir (89)


Noir, also known as black, stands shoulder to shoulder with Gold as one of the most beloved Hermès colors. Black has long been a timeless classic in the world of fashion, renowned for its ability to exude elegance and sophistication. This enduring appeal makes the Noir color a top choice for Hermès handbags, where it is applied to a wide range of skin types, enhancing textures from calfskin to exotic crocodile and lizard.

In the resale market, Noir takes the lead due to its neutral and versatile appearance. It effortlessly complements any outfit, making it a highly sought-after color. A Noir Hermès handbag is undoubtedly a must-have if you’re an elegant fashion lover, but also someone that wants to seize their investments.

Nata (12)


Nata, a color introduced by Hermès in 2019, may not have the status of a classic yet, but it has swiftly gained popularity and become a sought-after shade. Resembling Craie but with a subtle yellow undertone, Nata offers a captivating alternative to the traditional Blanc (white) color, making it a preferred choice among clients. Consequently, Nata, which translates to “cream” in Spanish, has secured its place as a beloved option in the Hermès resale market.

Craie (10)


Craie, the famous chalk-like color from Hermès, stands as a timeless choice for those seeking a shade akin to white but with a gentler allure. Offering a touch of grey to the traditional white, Craie proves to be a versatile and fashionable option suitable for every season. In the resale market, Craie has earned a reputation as a highly sought-after color, consistently retaining and even appreciating in value over time.

As previously mentioned, Craie is often mistaken for Nata, and both colors hold a neutral and classic appeal that is perfect to match many types of outfits. Investing in a Hermès handbag in the Craie shade is almost certain to yield a substantial profit.

Etoupe (18)


Often mistaken for Etain due to its similar tonality, Hermès Etoupe is a neutral and warm shade of brown with subtle grey undertones. Much like its close counterpart, Etoupe is a highly sought-after color in the resale market, appreciated for its timeless appeal that seamlessly complements any outfit. It is a frequently used hue for crafting Hermès handbags in calfskin, fueling its demand.

Opting for Hermès handbags in the Etoupe color is a wise investment decision, as they consistently retain their value and tend to sell quickly. Owning a Hermès handbag in Etoupe can provide a significant advantage when seeking a substantial profit.

Etain (8F)


Hailing from the Hermès grey lineup, Etain, which resembles pewter, boasts a smoky grey hue with subtle hints of bark-brown undertones. Etain’s versatility as a neutral shade makes it an ideal companion for outfits throughout the year. Since its introduction in 2011, Etain has gained favor among Hermès lovers worldwide.

This enduring neutral shade maintains its popularity and often sells faster than other Hermès colors in the resale market. Thus, it proves to be an amazing tone to invest in, ensuring it always holds a place in your collection of handbags.

The popular and trendy colors

In recent years, the world of fashion has witnessed a shift in trendy colors. Once dominated by bright and electric hues in the early 2000s, the industry has gradually embraced the charm of pastels, often referred to as “wedding colors.” These delightful shades offer a gentle and subtle brightness, evoking the essence of spring and summer.

Hermès pastel colors have found a lasting place regardless of the season and remain beloved by fashion enthusiasts. Here, we present the most sought-after and popular Hermès pastel colors.

Rose Sakura (3Q)


Rose Sakura is an exquisite soft pink hue that resembles the Sakura Cherry Blossom trees found in Japan. This delicate shade was introduced by Hermès in 2014 and has since become one of the brand’s most celebrated pinks. It’s often seen adorning Hermès Birkin bags in size 25 and Mini Kelly handbags in Swift skin. The versatility of this pastel shade makes it a delightful addition to any outfit, whether it’s warm or cold seasons.

In the resale market, Rose Sakura handbags perform exceptionally well and are highly sought after. The gentle pink allure of Rose Sakura positions it as a beloved choice and an essential investment for anyone looking to expand their collection.

Bleu Brume (T0)


Bleu Brume, translating to “blue mist,” is a lovely ice-blue pastel shade that gained popularity upon its introduction in the 2020 collection. Much like Vert Criquet, Bleu Brume was conceived as a pastel alternative to the various blue hues offered by Hermès. This gentle color swiftly captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts for its versatility and style, also earning its status as a neutral option.

Today, Bleu Brume remains a coveted color in the Hermès resale market, frequently gracing medium to small-sized Birkin and Kelly handbags in soft calfskins like Swift or Clemence. Investing in Bleu Brume is undoubtedly a wise choice for those looking to have a valuable piece in their collections.

Mauve Sylvestre (X9)


Mauve Sylvestre, a delicate pastel pink with a hint of lilac, reminiscent of wildflowers in the woods, has gained significant popularity among fashion enthusiasts. This lovely shade rose to fame during the pastel color trend. Hermès commonly uses Mauve Sylvestre for handbags crafted from calfskin, especially Epsom and Clemence, although it has also appeared in Chévre Mysore goatskin.

This delightful spring pink hue performs well in the resale market, thanks to its recent addition to the Hermès collection and its warm reception among Hermès enthusiasts. It comes equally in both gold and palladium-plated hardware, offering two distinctive and beautiful looks. Undoubtedly, investing in Hermès Mauve Sylvestre is a fantastic choice.

Vert Criquet (3I)


Vert Criquet, a beloved pastel shade from the Hermès collection, has quickly become a favorite since its debut in 2020. This delightful pistachio hue is perfect for complementing summer and spring ensembles, and it also boasts the versatility to be worn during the colder months. With the introduction of Vert Criquet, the pastel color trend gained even more momentum, and Hermès lovers simply can’t resist its charm.

The popularity of Vert Criquet is mirrored in the resale market, where it has emerged as one of the best-selling colors in just a few years, consistently retaining and even increasing in value. The timeless appeal of Vert Criquet ensures its lasting presence, making it a wise and secure investment.

Jaune Poussin (1Z)


Jaune Poussin, often referred to as “yellow chick,” is a gentle, pastel shade of yellow with a subtle green undertone. This unique pastel color presents a fresh take on Hermès’ traditional, bolder yellows, making it an intriguing and sought-after choice among fashion lovers. Its pastel allure has contributed to its increased value.

While originally introduced in a spring and summer collection, Jaune Poussin’s versatility knows no bounds. It can effortlessly enhance outfits year-round, adding a delightful pop of color and radiance to your looks. Whether paired with gold or palladium hardware, Jaune Poussin is a delightful option that’s worth considering as an investment.

Mauve Pale (0T)


Mauve Pale, introduced in the Hermès 2022 collection alongside Mushroom, has swiftly gained popularity due to its charming pastel appeal. It offers a lighter interpretation of the beloved Mauve Sylvestre with an added hint of purple. Hermès enthusiasts have always had a soft spot for the brand’s pinks, and Mauve Pale is capturing the hearts of many.

While it’s too early to predict the long-term success of this shade, Mauve Pale is currently in high demand and highly coveted in the Hermès resale market. It seems likely that Mauve Pale will continue to reign supreme in the resale market for several more years to come.

Mushroom (09)


Mushroom, a newcomer from Hermès’ fall/winter 2022 collection, introduces an intriguing and innovative take on white. It can be best described as a subtle, washed-out grey with delicate silver undertones. This unique hue holds the potential to become a future classic among neutral colors, given its remarkable versatility and harmonious pairing with both gold and palladium hardware.

In the current Hermès resale market, Mushroom is steadily gaining popularity among luxury handbag enthusiasts. Its recent introduction in official stores adds to its allure. While its long-term success remains to be seen, Mushroom presents an excellent investment opportunity for short-term. It’s been observed on small-sized Birkin and Kelly handbags, making it even more appealing to collectors.

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