New Hermès 2024 Colors Spring / Summer Season Breakdown


New colors just dropped! Hermès recently announced their new colors for the Spring / Summer season of 2024 and we can’t let it pass without breaking down each new choice that you have for your next Hermès handbags.

Whether you’re looking to expand your collection with these new colors, or you just want to improve your Hermès knowledge, join us to explore these new hue choices that will be part of the 200+ Hermès color collection. Don’t miss out!

  1. New Hermès 2024 SS colors
    • Gris Misty
    • Jaune Milton
    • Orange Field
  2. Previous colors reintroduction for the 2024 SS season
    • Bleu Zanzibar
    • Bleu Ocean
    • Gris Mouette

New Hermès 2024 SS colors

As it seems the new Hermès colors for the Spring / Summer 2024 season come with a very distinctive theme of fields of color and nature related approaches. Although they are not all as bright as the colors that Hermès has us used to during the hot seasons of the year, they are still incredible choices to cause an impactful look during your spring and summer outings.

Gris Misty


Starting up with Gris Misty, a gray color reminiscent of a veil of mist with bluish undertones that evoke vastness and a soothing sensation. Gris Misty has been compared to Gris Mouette but with a deeper, darker and blue hue. Gris Misty can look very dark on some skins while on others can appear subtle and light.

This new SS color will certainly captivate many by becoming one of the newest neutral colors, and a perfect choice to add a subtle hue while also keeping a sober appearance.

Jaune Milton


Jaune Milton is a delicate and tender pastel yellow, very similar to Jaune Poussin but with a cooler hue and a washed appearance. Jaune Milton was introduced by Hermès as a tribute to the American modern painter Milton Clark Avery, as its paintings often portrayed a soft washed down yellow to create fields and certain details.

Jaune Milton is a new Hermès pastel color that will surely be amazing for spring and summer, with a fresh but tender finish, it can perfectly complement any of your outfits and add a touch of warmth by still remaining sophisticated.

Orange Field


The brightest color for the new Hermès 2024 SS season, Orange Field comes striking and boldly to provide a new interesting hue. This color is reminiscent of a field of poppy flowers, with a vivacious orange hue that is softened with a pink undertone. In some light and angles, Orange Field can almost appear bright red, so it is a versatile and very impressive color.

Orange Field will surely give you a chance to bring feminine charm to your outfits, while also popping a lively color for summer and spring. Definitely Orange Field is an amazing representation of the season!

Previous colors reintroduction for the 2024 SS season

Like every year Hermès makes a comeback to some previous colors that are the perfect match for the new season, and this year blue and gray tones are certainly on the top, proving that spring and summer are not all about warm hues. Here are the Hermès colors that will make a comeback in this new SS 2024 season.

Blue Zanzibar


Blue Zanzibar has always been a very acclaimed color in the Hermès collection, with its vibrant and bold characteristic, this color was made to impress. Blue Zanzibar was created as a tribute to the waters surrounding the Zanzibar Island in East Africa. This hue is a vibrant blue with very subtle green undertones.

Blue Zanzibar is without a doubt an incredible summer and spring color that will easily complement any of your looks, matching the beauty of the sea. If you already have a Blue Zanzibar Hermès handbag, it is time to show it off.

Bleu Ocean


Continuing with the cool hues, Bleu Ocean comes strong with its powerful and deep presence. This gorgeous color, originally produced for the Autumn / Winter 2013 collection, makes a comeback to grace us all during the Spring / Summer 2024 season.

Bleu Ocean can be described as a deep and rich blue color that showcases the nuances of a thousand waves and the vastness of the ocean. This color can easily look darker in some skins, almost black, while on others it captures the true essence of the ocean, such as Doblis.

Gris Mouette


A pastel steely gray color that comes strong in this new season. Gris Mouette is making a comeback and its popularity continues to be intact. Gris Mouette is a distinctive gray color with a hint of steel and blue undertones, it is refined and sophisticated, ideal to match with brighter colors.

Gris Mouette can be your ideal companion, and although colder hues are not often associated with spring and summer, the versatility of Gris Mouette makes it a perfect choice to bring a chic aura to your spring and summer outfits.

So, are you ready to start preparing for the 2024 Spring / Summer season?

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