The Hermès Birkin bag: A true luxury wonder


Rising in the high-luxury panorama, the Hermès Birkin bag shines brighter than any other handbag. With its acclaimed silhouette and its quality materials, this fashion classic has gained a privileged position in the hearts of luxury lovers, ranking as one of the most expensive and coveted handbags in the world.

As one of the most valuable items in the luxury market, the Birkin handbag has a particular ability to retain its value and appreciate with time, which makes it an ideal investment, and a very sought-after accessory amongst collectors. Next, we will show you everything you need to know about the Hermès Birkin bag, a true luxury wonder.

  1. What is a Birkin bag?
  2. History of the Birkin bag
  3. How is the Birkin bag made?
  4. What are the sizes of a Birkin?
  5. How to know if a Birkin bag is real?
    1. Materials and construction
    2. Date stamp
    3. Print
    4. Metal engraving
    5. Packaging
    6. Invoice
  6. How to store a Birkin bag?
  7. How much Birkin bags cost?
  8. What makes Birkin bags so expensive?
  9. Why can’t I buy a Birkin bag?
  10. Is the Birkin bag an investment?
  11. How to buy a Birkin bag?
    1. Auctions
    2. Online marketplaces
    3. The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House

What is a Birkin bag?


A Birkin bag is an exclusive luxury accessory created by the French fashion brand Hermès. This handbag has a structured rectangular appearance with a closing flap that is divided in three segments, two “U” shaped firm handles, and a signature turning closure that locks the handbag.

Originated in 1984, this classic piece has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most coveted and sought-after luxury handbags. Nowadays it is the most valuable of the luxury resale market, reaching high sums on auctions and online marketplaces.

However, the interesting structure of this bag has led people to wonder: How to open a Birkin bag? It is actually very easy, as you will only have to turn the rounded closure, open the closing straps, and pull the closing flap up. Some people put the closing flap inside the bag to have easier access to its interior when they are in a rush.

History of the Birkin bag

Jane Birkin with a wicker basket and her boyfriend Serge Gainsbourg

The beginnings of this handbag started in 1984, during a night flight from Paris to London where two important figures met: Jean-Louis Dumas, the then CEO and artistic director of Hermès, and Jane Birkin, an actress, model and singer from French and English origin.

The young celebrity was recognized at the time as someone with a very eccentric fashion sense; she often carried a wicker basket with her outfits, using it as a handbag. That night, Jane was carrying her basket to enter the flight, and it is said that all of her belongings fell from it when she was trying to put it in the overhead compartment of the plane. Dumas witnessed the event and helped her gather her things. He commented that she needed a bag with pockets. She replied that it was difficult for her to find a fashionable, comfortable and spacious bag, especially because she was a new mom.

This way, the Hermès’ CEO was inspired to help the actress by designing a luxury handbag made perfectly for her, with a particular shape similar to her beloved wicker basket, with a resistant structure, an inner pocket and a spacious design. Jane assisted with the design and approved the invention. Later that year, the Hermès brand released its new handbag named after Jane Birkin, the celebrity that inspired it.

Quickly the Birkin bag became an instant hit, everyone wanted to own it, as it proved to be a comfortable bag, spacious and sophisticated for modern and busy women that needed to carry with many of their belongings. Nowadays, the Birkin bag is considered the most iconic luxury handbag, the most valuable and a true symbol of status. Everyone that owns and wears a Birkin bag is seen as someone influential, with high purchasing power and a taste for refined luxury.

To explore the history and origins of the Hermès atelier, check this link.

How is the Birkin bag made?


Coming from a brand with a rich craftsmanship tradition, the Hermès Birkin bag is definitely made with the highest quality standards of the luxury market. This accessory is considered a true work of art, and that is why it is treasured by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. This piece represents Hermès’ heritage and its commitment to create fashionable pieces that resist the passage of time, to remain intact and in style.

The process to create the Birkin bag entails specialized steps that need to be followed correctly by highly trained professionals. Hermès trains its craftsmen for a total of 6 years, so they are able to master the intricate hand-stitching methods, leather processing and leatherwork techniques to create these masterpieces. And as the atelier’s general rule, each handbag is made by only one artisan, which means that each person dedicates to a single piece each time, making it a more personal experience for the craftsman, and also allowing it to be a completely perfect piece, without the intervention of many people at the same time.

To create a beautiful Birkin bag, the first step is to select the single piece of skin that is going to be used. The artisans select a big enough piece of skin, to make it continuous and flawless, without using cutouts of different animals. The skins used to create the Birkin bag are of premium quality, from calves, crocodiles, alligators, lizards and even ostriches. Each skin extension is carefully reviewed by the artisans, marking the flaws they see and even using a new piece of leather if they find a single imperfection.

Once the right skin is selected, and they make sure that it is completely perfect, the artisans hand-cut the pattern for the bag, using the guides that they have at the workshop. Each pattern is different depending on the Birkin’s size. When the pattern is completed, they start the dyeing process. This procedure is made with care to ensure the color adhesion to the skin, although each leather is different, varying even amongst calfskin, so not every material can interpret the color the same way, even if it is the same hue. This is why the artisans take much care when dyeing the bags, to ensure a uniform look and a perfect adhesion.

When the whole pattern has been dyed, they start the most important process on the creation of the Birkin bag, the hand-stitching to assemble the piece. This technique was used and developed in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, the brand’s founder, as the atelier was originally dedicated to made custom horse saddles for its clients, using a precise and intricate intertwined needle technique, creating diagonal seams that stay strong for decades, preventing the unraveling of the linen thread.

This way, the craftsmen use a press customized to their height to join together two pieces of leather while using two long needles to puncture the skin and create the stitches, the needles alternate to make the signature diagonal seams. When the sturdy construction of the seams is done, the craftsmen strike the stitches with a small hammer to seal them, and finally they apply a layer of beeswax on top, to make them more durable and water resistant.

When the impressive hand-stitching is finished, the hardware pieces are applied. The Hermès bags’ hardware is made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc which is a durable and resistant material, it is then plated with precious metals: such as gold, palladium, ruthenium and permabrass, to create a luxurious touch. To apply the hardware, the artisans open small holes in the leather, through which the hardware is pushed using a hammer, this way the pieces are embedded, instead of screwed in.

Once the whole bag has been stitched, and the hardware has been applied, the Hermès’ quality team carries out an inspection of the bag, to ensure that the craftsman did an impeccable job. Only when the bag has been approved, is that the artisan has the permission to brand it with the different heat-stamps, metal engravings and printings that are present on the Birkin handbag.

With such a detailed process, it is no wonder that the Birkin bag is considered a true artwork. Undoubtedly, this luxury accessory is much more than just a simple bag, it is a statement to exclusivity, beauty and status.

Do you want to discover more about Hermès artisanal tradition? Find out here.

What are the sizes of a Birkin?


The exclusive Hermès handbag has been a preferred bag for many years, and this shows not only on its high values and general approval, but also on the fact that there is a Birkin for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you prefer a small piece, or one that can catch everyone’s attention, there is always a right Birkin bag for you.

This diversity can be evidenced on the four main sizes in which the Birkin bag is available in the market, capturing the essence of this unique piece while catering to all tastes when it comes to size. The Birkin bag sizes are: 25, 30, 35 and 40. These sizes represent the amount of centimeters that can be measured on the base of the bag.

Clearly, the small Birkin bag 25 can be used as an elegant piece for discreet outings, and it is the right choice for short women. While the Birkin 30 is the perfect bag for day to day use, with a standard size that can match to any of your outfits. When you want to make a statement and get an edgier look, the Birkin bag 35 and Birkin bag 40 are the ideal choices, especially if you’re going out for a trip, as the Birkin 40 features a great storage space.

How to know if a Birkin bag is real?

With the amazing values that the Birkin bag can reach in the luxury resale market, it is no wonder that there are so many scammers that create counterfeit bags to obtain a high profit from them. Every day the Birkin fakes are becoming more and more precise, with materials that not only simulate the original piece, but are also from the same source used by Hermès, so it becomes very difficult to identify a true Hermès Birkin bag.

However, there are some ways in which you can try to tell if your Birkin bag is completely authentic. If you purchased your bag from a different source that is not the official Hermès store, then you should definitely check its authenticity, as there is always a risk that you own a fake.

Here are some elements that you must pay attention to to tell if your Birkin bag is real.

Materials and construction


As we have mentioned above, the Birkin bags are made with impressive quality materials, and when you inspect your bag, they should be as such. Pay attention to the natural leather smell, as well as the soft touch, the grainy calf texture or the reptile scales on exotic skins. You should also take the weight into consideration, as natural leather is heavier than plastic or fake materials.

The hardware should be shiny and sturdy, it shouldn’t show any peeling or tarnishing. In the same way, the hardware should be of the same plating throughout the whole bag, if the gold and palladium are mixed on the same bag, it is definitely a fake. Examine the structure of the handbag, make sure it follows the Birkin’s appearance, and that the stitches are done correctly, in a diagonal way, there shouldn’t be any unraveling or loose stitches.

Date stamp


The interior heat-stamp of the Birkin bag is perhaps the most important piece of information to authenticate your handbag. This heat-stamped code shows the year of production of the bag, as well as the workshop in which it was made. This code is completely unique to every handbag, which means there shouldn’t be any other Hermès handbags or products with the same code.

The date stamp will be present on the official invoice handed by the original Hermès store, so you can certainly know that your product matches the description of the invoice, and this is an ultimate proof of its authenticity.

To learn the meaning of the Hermès date stamps, check this guide.



Hermès labels its products with specific markings to let its clients know that they are purchasing a genuine luxury accessory. The Birkin bags have a main print that should be present, it reads: “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” in capital letters, and it is located under the closing flap, a few millimeters below the top seams.

This print must be consistent, symmetrical and with a perfect font that is not too big or too small. It should be noted that this print must be of the same color as the hardware of the Birkin bag, which means that if the hardware is gold, it should be printed in a golden hue, and if it is palladium, it should have a silver hue.

In some exotic skin Birkin bags, and pieces that were custom made with the special order system, there is an additional symbol printed next to the “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” print. These symbols serve as ways to indicate that the materials that compose the bags are genuine skins, or that the bag was indeed custom made for a client.

To check more about Hermès special symbols, follow this link.

Metal engraving


The metal engravings are another way in which Hermès marks its products to let its clients know that they are buying authentic pieces. In the case of the Birkin bag, there is a very important metal engraving that is located on the metal plaque of the left closing strap. This inscription reads: “Hermès – Paris” and, just as the date stamp and print, it should be perfectly legible, with symmetrical letters and a consistent font.

It should be mentioned that the Birkin bags with hardware plated in gold, also boast an additional square symbol engraved next to the “Hermès – Paris” words, this little square means that the gold on the hardware is authentic. The symbol is present in bags with hardware plated in any type of gold, such as rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. But it can never be present on bags plated with other materials.



The packaging is a very important element that should be present when buying a Birkin bag, this not only serves as a way to store your handbag, but it is also an indicator of authenticity. If your bag didn’t come with a box and a dust bag, it is most likely a fake or a stolen bag. There should always be a box and a dust bag in all your purchases.

The Birkin bag comes inside a classic Hermès orange box that is exactly of the perfect size to fit the bag, it can’t be too small or too big. The bag also comes with two dust bags: one big enough to store the Birkin, and another that is small and it is used to store the Birkin’s clochette, that contains the padlock and keys. Both dust bags must be made of a dense material in beige color, with a light brown drawstring and a printing of the Hermès logo.

The classic orange box should show a small Hermès logo on the lid, and in more recent editions, the box can be tested with a UV light to reveal small Hermès logos all over it, they are printed on invisible ink to be able to authenticate the box.



The invoice is definitely the best way to prove the authenticity of a Birkin that was already physically examined. The invoice from the official Hermès store contains the data that reflects the color, skin, hardware, the type of structure of the bag, and also the unique code to that specific handbag. If you contrast an inspected Birkin with the official invoice, you can surely assess it is a genuine piece.

As an extra precaution and a way to verify the authenticity, you can also inspect the original payment ticket issued by the store, in this document you can see the date, time and amount paid for the bag. This information should match the one shown on the official invoice, definitely proving that the Birkin is real.

To avoid any counterfeit and protect your investment on the Birkin bag, never buy from untrustworthy websites. Instead opt for reputable sources, such as The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House, where we go shopping for you at official stores and provide you with authentic, brand-new Birkin bags with all the elements of authenticity.

To discover more about how to know if a Hermès Birkin is real, consult this detailed guide.

How to store a Birkin bag?


Taking good care of your Birkin bag is crucial, not only to preserve its beauty for many more years, but also because its condition is the decisive element to help it revalue over time. If you own a Birkin bag and you keep its appearance as intact as possible, it will not only retain its value but also gain double or triple the value you paid for it, and all of this is achievable thanks to its pristine condition, ideal to sell it in the luxury resale market.

To care for a Birkin bag properly you need to follow some guidelines, so it can be perfect for longer:

  • Storage: To store a Birkin bag you must have many things in consideration. First, you must always store it inside its original dust bag and box, so it can be preserved and protected from any damage. Next, you need to find an open space, away from direct sunlight, without recurrent temperature fluctuations, and with stable levels of humidity. High temperatures and humidity can severely damage your Birkin bag, causing mold growth, stains, discoloration and deformation. You should also fill it with acid-free tissue to keep it in shape. While storing your Birkin, put it inside the box in a comfortable position, so its handles won’t bend.
  • Maintenance: Owning a Birkin bag implies caring for its materials, and keeping it clean at all times. While it is not advisable to use any harsh chemicals or conditioners to clean the natural skin, you can use a dry soft lint-free cloth to wipe away dust or dirt buildup, so it can be as pristine as possible. If your Birkin shows any signs of damage or staining, it is best to take it to the official Hermès maintenance service, where the artisans can restore it to its former glory.
  • Handling: While using your Birkin bag, be careful and avoid bump in it or scratch in it against rough surfaces, as they can rupture the skin or cause scratches that are hard to get rid of. You should also be careful around rain or liquid spillages, as the moisture can deteriorate the natural skin and tarnish the hardware. Use a rain cover if you’re using your Birkin on a rainy day, and avoid liquid spillages at all costs. Avoid storing makeup, pens or any liquid component inside the Birkin, as they can spill and stain its interior. And finally, be mindful around children and pets, don’t leave your handbag unattended, as there can be accidents with spillings or scratches.

For further tips on how to store your Birkin and take care of it, consult this guide.

How much Birkin bags cost?


There is no secret to anyone that Birkin handbags are the most expensive in the world, with celebrities owning multimillionaire collections, such as Victoria Beckham with 100 Birkins valued at $2 million, as well as other celebrities that own extensive collections, like Cardi B, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Lady Gaga and the Kardashians.

But how much is a Birkin? The reality is that it can vary greatly, but the prices range from $12.400 to $2 million. However, the Birkin bag original price varies depending on some aspects that we will discuss down bellow:

  • Material: the most common Birkin bags are made of calfskin, but there are also exotic materials such as crocodile, alligator, lizard and ostrich skins that increase the price, especially if found in bright or attractive colors.
  • Size: the size is a very distinctive characteristic that can increase the value of a Birkin greatly, as smaller sizes tend to be seen as exclusive, so they are usually more expensive. For example, the Birkin 25 price will be higher than the bigger sizes.
  • Hardware: there are certain hardware choices that are more expensive, such as gold, but especially if it is inlaid with diamonds.
  • Location: prices may vary in different countries, plain Birkins with calfskin and regular hardware may have a retail value of $2,000 more in the USA than in Europe.
  • Limited-editions: there are some Birkins that are made in limited quantities and that are considered special editions, these are considerably more expensive than regular Birkins.
  • Custom orders: if a Birkin was made through a Special Order or Horseshoe, it is very likely that it is more expensive, because it was customized to the client’s wishes, with up to three different colors.
  • Condition: although this doesn’t apply to Birkins at official stores, there are many used Hermès Birkin bags for sale that may have a higher value, because they tend to appreciate over time, especially if they are made of exotic materials or they are limited-edition. On the other hand, Birkins at auctions or vintage Birkin bags are also much more expensive.

What makes Birkin bags so expensive?


If you’re a Hermès lover and you’ve been trying to purchase a Birkin bag, you have surely asked yourself why is the Birkin bag so expensive? The truth is that aside from it being a luxury product, there are other reasons that make this bag one of the most expensive in the world.

The Birkin’s value and success is cemented in the Hermès brand business strategy, the one that it has been used for quite a few decades now, and that is also applied to other exclusive products, such as the Kelly and Constance bags.

As a high-luxury fashion brand, Hermès is responsible for its own exclusivity, often finding new ways to make it relevant amongst its competitors. This is why, they create a system of high demand for their Birkin bag, while also keeping a short supply on official stores, which makes it a more desirable bag, therefore, increasing its value in the second-hand market, and consequently in the official stores.

However, to understand the Birkin’s bag high price, it is necessary to know that all luxury products have two main values: the real value, which is the actual worth of the product in terms of materials and craftsmanship, and the perceived value, which refers to the value it can obtain based on the brand’s name that accompanies it. And as the Birkin bag is a very prestigious accessory on its own, by being accompanied by the Hermès name, its status and value increases even more, making it an expensive product.

Why can’t I buy a Birkin bag?


The common problem for everyone that approaches an official store is that they can’t get a Birkin bag right away, no matter if they have the money to pay for it or not, they simply can’t get one of these bags. You might be wondering why there is no Birkin bag for sale at the store? and is it hard to get a Birkin bag? The reason has much to do with the previous segment, as everything comes down to the exclusivity of the brand.

The Birkin bag is an accessory that rose to fame quickly, becoming a very sought-after item so the Hermès brand needed to seize the opportunity to turn it into something greater. By devising a strategy that implies a very high demand with low supply, the Hermès brand managed to take the Birkin bag to unprecedented highs, making it an exclusive product that can’t be obtained by anyone so easily.

The Hermès strategy implies a low production of Birkin bags a year that are then distributed around all of its official stores worldwide. The low number of Birkins becomes even lower at each store, so the managers must sell those bags during the year, but only to very selected customers. The French brand usually follows a strategy in which the most loyal customers can eventually gain access to a Birkin bag, but only after they have purchased several small accessories at the store, proving they are truly spending money on the brand.

On the other hand, a very small portion of regular clients can access the Birkin at some point, but first they need to be registered into a waiting list that, as you guessed it, extends for years, as there are many people on queue. Once in a while, the sellers pick someone from the list to tell them that they have an available Birkin bag, but as you can see, the person must settle for the bag that they have, without being able to pick the size, skin, color and hardware combination. Resulting in the client finally getting their hands on the famous Birkin bag, but not being able to choose.

Although it seems a very unfair situation, this is the way in which the Hermès brand has been conducting the sale of its exclusive items for decades, letting everyone know that Birkin bags are not just for anyone, but for people with high status in society and a hefty bank account.

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Is the Birkin bag an investment?


The luxury market has always been a great asset to invest in, as it can hold very well during worldwide economic crises and general financial shifts. The stability of the luxury market as an asset and the great potential of some exclusive products makes it a fantastic choice to invest, but there is no better accessory to do it than the Birkin handbag.

As we have shown you in the previous segments, there are several compelling reasons that make the Birkin bag such an expensive and desired product, but these same reasons are capable of turning it into an advantageous investment for your future.

Everyone that is able to purchase a Birkin handbag is the owner of a potential profit. These exclusive items are proven to retain their value in the long run, and they can even appreciate if they are kept in the best possible condition. But why is the Birkin bag an investment?

The impressive fame and exclusivity that accompanies this handbag, the prestige of the Hermès brand, and the strategy of high demand and low supply, makes the Birkin a very sought-after product. Therefore, it leads people to find alternatives to purchase it when they can’t get one in an official store.

This means that thousands of wealthy people are looking to buy a Birkin bag from the second-hand market, opening an opportunity for those who already own a Birkin and have been keeping it as intact as possible for some years. The bag becomes an investment because it can lead you to earn high profits if you decide to sell it in the luxury resale market or auction it. With the right investment in a classic Birkin or one with exotic materials, your item is sure to revalue, reaching double or triple the value you paid initially, leading you to a good profit in the future.

In 2016, the Birkin handbag reached a 500% revaluation rate since its introduction to the market in 1984, and it is estimated that it will double over the course of 10 years. It has also been proven that this bag can often reach a 300% to 400% ROI (return on investment), which means that you not only recover your initial investment, but also earn a significant additional quantity.

If you’re interested in starting a luxury handbag business or you’re a luxury reseller, find the perfect alternative to sell your Hermès bags.

How to buy a Birkin bag?

Buying a Birkin bag may be something complicated, especially if you’re going to the official brand’s store. As we mentioned before, buying a Birkin bag in the Hermès store is not an easy task, and most people give up after a while, either because they don’t have the time to wait, or they can’t get exactly the Birkin they are looking for.

This is why people have come to ask: how to buy a Birkin bag? Is there a way to buy a Birkin bag online? Who sells Birkin bags? Luckily there are many ways to buy an exclusive Hermès handbag from the comfort of your home, but there are some considerations that you must pay attention to. Here are the ways in which you can buy a Birkin bag aside from the official channel.



The exclusivity and the potential of Birkin handbags to reach high values makes them an ideal item to sell at auctions, especially those with rare characteristics so they often feature vintage Birkin bags for sale. This means that if you buy a Birkin bag at an auction, you must prepare to obtain a pre-loved piece that may have been released a couple of decades ago.

The price is another thing you must consider, as in auctions you need to bid really high to finally get the product. So, although it is a good choice to buy a Hermès bag, and their authenticity is always proven, it is not the best option for everyone, especially if you don’t want to spend high sums or you’re looking for a new bag.

Online marketplaces


Today there are thousands of online marketplaces in which you can buy luxury products, some specializing in many small accessories, but also some specializing in Hermès handbags. These marketplaces usually work as platforms for resellers or Birkin owners to sell them through a safe channel, but sometimes it is not as safe for buyers.

The main problem with online marketplaces is that almost everyone can put their Birkin bag on sale, so there is no way to actually prove that the bags they’re selling are authentic, or if they are simply a fake. Some marketplaces offer authentication certificates, but they are not 100% reliable, this is because some counterfeit bags are too sophisticated and they are very difficult to tell apart from original bags.

On the other hand, most of the Birkins sold at marketplaces are pre-loved, and many show great signs of deterioration, more than those sold at auctions. This means that it is not easy to find a brand-new Hermès handbag at online marketplaces, and it is very difficult to trust in its authenticity. However, if you’re looking to buy a used Birkin bag, this might be the choice for you.

The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House


If you wish to buy a Birkin bag new, and you are concerned about authenticity, at The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House you will surely find exactly what you’re looking for. We are a specialized service dedicated to buy Birkin bags for our clients at official stores, providing you with 100% authentic and brand-new Birkins, with the characteristics you’re looking for.

Additionally we have a Hermès bag sale online, with a wide stock of brand-new exclusive Hermès handbags that you can browse to find your favorite. If we don’t have your ideal bag at the moment, you can order it and obtain it much faster than through the traditional waiting list system at official stores.

This means that you can find exactly the Birkin you desire, without waiting lists and without leaving your home. We provide all the official documents so you can be 100% sure of the genuineness of your handbag.

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Without a doubt, the Birkin bag is an authentic wonder from Hermès, a piece that will remain as one of the top exclusive accessories in the world, and which value will continue to rise as years go by. It only takes a smart decision to own one of these pieces and secure your future with a fantastic investment.

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