How to tell if an Evelyne bag is real?


The Evelyne handbag rises in the horizon of the luxurious Hermès handbags, and although it is not the most exclusive or the most acclaimed of them all, the Evelyne has consolidated itself as a unique accessory, preferred by women with a fresh and edgy style, looking for comfort and innovation.

Like any other luxurious item, the Evelyne bag is not safe from the countless imitations created all around the online market, sometimes as precise as the real handbags, confusing the buyers and leading them to lose their investment and fall for a scam.

To save you from this destiny, at The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House we want to show you some elements to which you should pay attention to tell if an Evelyne bag is authentic. We have prepared a detailed guide for you, so you can be sure that your purchase is 100% authentic.

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  1. Materials and structure
  2. Sizes
  3. Hardware
  4. Date stamps
  5. Prints
  6. Packaging
  7. Invoice

Materials and structure


Hermès maintains its commitment to top-tier craftsmanship, and this is evident in their Evelyne handbags. Crafted predominantly from calfskin, these bags exhibit a supple, grainy texture and emit a distinct natural leather scent. When inspecting an Evelyne bag, it’s crucial to engage the senses, ensuring that the material feels and smells authentic, free from artificial or chemical odors, and not excessively rigid or harsh to the touch.

Weight serves as another hallmark of authenticity; genuine leather tends to be heavier than counterfeit materials like plastic. An Evelyne bag should possess a noticeable heft even when empty, without being excessively burdensome. These tactile elements are crucial in distinguishing genuine items from imitations.

Internally, the Evelyne handbag boasts a lining of raw suede that matches its exterior color, providing a soft and consistent feel. The strap, a distinctive feature of the Evelyne, is constructed from durable web canvas with leather accents that complement the bag’s color and material.

It must be noted that assessing materials alone cannot definitively confirm authenticity, as counterfeiters often source high-quality leather to mimic the genuine appearance. Therefore, it is essential to consider additional factors in the authentication process.

The Evelyne’s unique design stems from its origins as a bag for storing equestrian grooming tools. This heritage has left indelible traces, making it challenging to overlook distinctive details. An authentic Hermès Evelyne bag typically exhibits an elongated shape with reinforced stitched edges, a pull-through strap secured by a snap closure, and a detachable strap connected to each side via clasps and rings.

However, one of the most distinctive features is the “H” logo enclosed by an oval shape, created through perforations in the leather. Authentic Evelyne bags should bear precisely 63 holes: 40 for the oval, 9 for each “H” arm, and 5 in the middle of the letter. These perforations should be evenly spaced with raw, unfinished edges, and their size may vary depending on the bag’s dimensions while maintaining proportional aesthetics.

Stitching serves as another crucial authentication element. Hermès employs meticulous hand-stitching techniques, utilizing premium linen thread stitched diagonally to preserve the bag’s structure and durability. If you notice excessively straight stitching or loose threads in an Evelyne bag, it is likely a counterfeit.

Since its introduction in 1978, the Evelyne has seen three notable design iterations. The initial Evelyne had an internal pocket, lacked an external one, and featured a non-adjustable removable strap. In 2000, the second-generation Evelyne moved the pocket to the exterior’s back, while retaining the non-adjustable strap. The third version introduced an adjustable strap, alongside the back pocket.

An additional variation, the Evelyne Sellier, emerged in 2016, featuring sturdier Hunter leather and an embossed “H” within a diamond shape, replacing the classic perforated logo.



The Hermès Evelyne handbag offers four distinctive sizes, each represented by French initials: TPM (Très Petit Modèle), PM (Petit Modèle), GM (Grand Modèle), and TGM (Très Grand Modèle). These sizes correspond to widths of 16, 29, 33, and 40 centimeters, respectively.

The PM size is a favored choice, differing significantly from the compact 16 size, providing ample space for belongings. Meanwhile, the TGM size is relatively rare and less commonly available. The TPM size, known for its chic appeal, has gained popularity, particularly on social media platforms.



In terms of hardware, the Hermès Evelyne handbag stands out for its understated elegance. Despite its subtlety, the hardware plays a vital role in authenticating the bag. There are three key hardware components: the closing snap, strap clasps, and attachment rings. Crucially, all three of these elements must be made of the same material. Typically, Hermès employs brass plated in gold or palladium for its hardware. Therefore, if the Evelyne has gold-plated clasps, the rest of the hardware should also be gold.

The rounded closing snap on the exterior usually features a leather covering that matches the bag’s color and material. The part of the snap that fits into the bag should be made of metal and plated in either gold or palladium.

When inspecting the hardware, ensure that it retains its shine and durability. Authentic Hermès hardware is crafted from high-quality materials, so any dents, peeling, or signs of a different color underneath the coating should raise suspicions.

Metal engravings on the Evelyne’s hardware are another crucial aspect to consider. In newer versions of the bag, you will find a “Hermès” metal engraving on each of the strap clasps. These engravings should be clean, well-defined, and use the characteristic Hermès font, complete with the French accent mark.

If the Evelyne bag features gold-plated hardware, you should also look for a special square metal engraving adjacent to the “Hermès” engraving on the strap clasp. This square symbol serves as confirmation of the authenticity of the gold plating. However, if the bag has palladium-plated hardware, this square metal engraving should not be present.

Date stamps


Hermès employs distinctive stamps that serve as valuable tools for authenticating their handbags. These stamps provide essential information about the bag’s year of production and the specific workshop where it was created. The most critical stamp for authentication purposes is the date stamp or blind stamp, positioned beneath the pull-through tab in the closing strap of the Evelyne bag. This stamp comprises a sequence of letters and numbers, with the initial letter denoting the year of the bag’s production, while the subsequent characters offer insight into the workshop and artisans responsible for crafting the bag.

It’s essential to note that the date stamp, particularly the component that reveals the year of production, has evolved over time. Before 2015, Hermès employed a system of letters arranged in alphabetical order enclosed within shapes like circles and squares. However, from 2015 onwards, date stamps consist solely of letters without an apparent alphabetical sequence.

For detailed information about date stamps and their corresponding years, you can refer to this guide.



Prints play a pivotal role in verifying the authenticity of Hermès products, serving as a hallmark of genuineness and a means for clients to identify their true Hermès handbag. The Evelyne bag, in particular, features two distinct prints, both bearing the inscription “Hermès – Paris – Made in France.” The first of these prints is located just above the pull-through tab, beneath the closing strap, while the second print, identical in content, can be found on a leather piece at one end of the Evelyne strap.

To establish authenticity, it is vital to examine these prints closely. They should exhibit a clean and uniform font, with symmetrical and well-proportioned letters. The size of the letters should strike a balance, not too large and not too small, and the presence of the French accent mark is a must.

Furthermore, the color of the print should consistently match the hardware of the bag. For instance, if an Evelyne handbag boasts gold-plated hardware, the print should mirror this golden hue. This color alignment is an important detail to consider when authenticating an Evelyne bag.



Packaging is a crucial aspect when it comes to authenticating Hermès handbags, including the Evelyne. A genuine Hermès Evelyne bag, whether bought at official boutiques or from the luxury bag resale market, should always come with its original dust bag and the iconic orange box. These components not only denote authenticity but also suggest that the bag is unlikely to be stolen merchandise.

The classic Hermès orange box serves as a hallmark of authenticity. It should feature a small logo on the lid. Additionally, if exposed to UV light, the box should reveal faint Hermès logos printed in invisible ink. It’s worth noting that the UV feature is a recent addition, so vintage handbags might not exhibit this glow under UV light.

The dust bag, another vital element, has seen several iterations over the years, but for recent handbags, it should be composed of herringbone toile material in a beige color. The cord used to close the dust bag is distinctive for its rich chocolate brown hue. When examining the dust bag, pay close attention to the logo: it should be impeccably centered, matching the chocolate brown cord’s color, and encompassed by a double circle enclosing a depiction of a horse, a carriage, and a man.

When the Evelyne bag is placed inside both the dust bag and the box, it should fit comfortably without being too snug or leaving excessive space. This is a crucial detail to consider, as some counterfeit bags may have incorrect box dimensions.



The authenticity of a Hermès handbag is most reliably verified through its official invoice. This document provides essential details about the Evelyne bag, including its size, type of leather, color, and hardware, along with a unique stamp specific to the handbag. When compared to a thoroughly examined Evelyne bag, the invoice serves as a key indicator of its genuine Hermès origin.

In addition to the invoice, the payment receipt serves as another vital proof of authenticity. It includes crucial information such as the purchase date, time, and the exact amount paid at an official Hermès store. If these details align with the original invoice and the handbag’s specifications, it further confirms the bag’s authenticity as a genuine Evelyne product.

Following these guidelines to identify an authentic Evelyne bag is very important to assess its genuineness and be sure that your investment was done correctly. However, to avoid a scam, you should always purchase from trustworthy sources.

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