The Hermès Constance Bag: A modern marvel


The third most acclaimed Hermès handbag, the Constance rises as one of the most iconic luxury accessories since its inception in 1959. This structured and compact bag proved to be the perfect companion for modern women, allowing them to free their hands and enjoy a stylish yet comfortable bag choice.

With a great potential to retain its value and appreciate over the years, the Hermès Constance bag is currently amongst the most valuable bags of the world, and it continues to bring Hermès’ name to the top alongside the Birkin and Kelly bags. Here, we will show you everything you need to know about the Hermès Constance bag, a modern marvel.

  1. What is a Constance bag?
  2. History of the Constance bag
  3. How is a Constance bag made?
  4. Hermès Constance bag sizes
  5. How to know if a Constance bag is real?
    1. Materials and craftsmanship
    2. Prints
    3. Date stamps
    4. Metal engraving
    5. Packaging
    6. Invoice
  6. How to store a Constance bag?
  7. How much is a Constance bag?
  8. Why are Constance bags so expensive?
  9. Why can’t I buy a Constance bag?
  10. Is the Constance bag an investment?
  11. How to buy a Constance bag?
    1. Auctions
    2. Online marketplaces
    3. The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House

What is a Constance bag?


A Constance bag is an exclusive luxury accessory created by the French fashion brand Hermès. It is a small squared structured bag with a signature “H” closure clasp, representing the brand’s name. It features an adjustable shoulder strap so it can be worn comfortably hanging from the shoulder, the crook of the arm, or even crossbody.

Introduced in 1959 by Catherine Chaillet, this small and daring bag became an instant hit amongst the women that needed to use a bag but keep their hands free. Since then it has become a preferred luxury accessory, and it has reached impressive amounts in the luxury resale market and auctions.

History of the Constance bag


In 1959, just three years after the huge success of the Kelly handbag in the hands of Princess Grace Kelly, the Hermès brand was at one of its highest points in terms of popularity and profits, so its designers dedicated themselves to working tirelessly to continue to produce models at a steady rate.

Under the supervision of the then director of Hermès, Robert Dumas Hermès, a designer emerged who had a brilliant idea for the next success of the brand. It was Catherine Chaillet who decided to create a lightweight and sporty bag perfect for the active women of the moment, an urban bag with a chic look and a functional structure.

Chaillet had recently given birth to her fifth daughter, little Constance, which is how she named her design in honor of her daughter. The birth of the Constance bag was greeted with great emotion in the atelier and approved by Robert Dumas Hermès.

In the years that followed, the Constance bag became famous thanks to countless celebrities who chose it as their ideal choice for everyday life, including the then First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Lee Kennedy. The Constance quickly became a favorite amongst fashionistas, and currently it is one of the trendiest bags in social media. A wonderful bag for modern women!

How is a Constance bag made?


The craftsmanship of the Constance bags follows a heritage that has been alive since the creation of the Hermès brand in 1837, when Thierry Hermès committed to excellence and perfection in his equestrian goods workshop. Throughout the years, with the birth of new products and handbags, the crafting techniques remained, offering an impeccable finish that not every fashion brand can attain.

When it comes to the Constance bag, its production process is very impressive. Carried out by artisans with 6+ years of experience, and using only top quality materials, these compact bags are made with utmost care, taking from 16 to 18 hours to produce. And for a better result and a more focused creation, each Constance is made by a single artisan, taking the craftsmanship experience to a personal level, and allowing each artist to execute a detailed work in each piece.

Everything begins with the selection of the leather, the Constance bag is commonly made of calfskin, especially in the Epsom, Togo and Swift variations, but it can also be made in crocodile, lizard, alligator, goat, or ostrich skins. The artisans pick a single piece of leather that is big enough to craft the whole bag, they point out any flaws on the skin, mark them and remove them. In case the skin is too flawed, they discard it.

Once they pick the most perfect piece of skin, they start the cutting process, using the established patterns for the Constance bag, varying depending on the size of the bag. With a perfect pattern, they begin the dyeing process, carried out with much care to ensure the color adhesion, as each type of skin interprets color differently, and the same hue may look different in various skins.

With a dyed and cut pattern, they start the most time consuming and detailed process, the hand-stitching, using the signature saddle stitching method devised by Thierry Hermès. The artisans use a press tailored to their height to join together the two sides of the leather, and they begin to hand-stitch using two long needles that are intertwined to create diagonal and sturdy seams. To ensure a durable finish, they hit the seams with a hammer to secure them in place and then add a layer of beeswax to provide water resistance and to avoid unraveling of the linen thread.

When the Constance has been stitched to perfection, the craftsmen apply the hardware. Hermès metal pieces are made of brass and then plated in precious materials, such as gold, palladium, permabrass and ruthenium. The previously crafted Constance’s “H” clasp is applied to the structure of the bag with a combination of embedding and screwing to the leather. A delicate plexiglass layer is added so the bag can open and close easily.

The Hermès Constance shoulder bag can’t be complete without its strap, which is crafted from the same material and color as the rest of the bag, and is pulled through two squared rings fixed at the top of the bag. This strap is also hand-stitched and secured perfectly so it can offer two lengths to carry the bag.

Finally, when the bag is finished, the Hermès’ quality control team inspects the bag and makes sure that everything is flawless, only then the artisans are allowed to apply heat-stamps, prints and metal engravings to mark the Constance as a legitimate Hermès piece.

Hermès Constance bag sizes


The Constance bag is a small and compact accessory, but the fact that it is small doesn’t limit it to just that, as it also has different sizes from which you can pick to create a creative look, or to cater to your preferences. The Constance bag has four specific sizes: Micro Constance (14 cm), Mini Constance (18 cm), Constance 24 cm and Constance Elan (25 cm). The centimeters correspond to the ones that can be measured at the base of the bag.

The Hermès Constance bag 18 or Mini Constance is the most used and bought worldwide, as it is the classic size ideal for everyone to fit their essentials and still look fashionable. However, there is also the Constance 14, which is ideal for formal events in which you need a small bag that can remain elegant and stylish.

On the other hand, the Hermès Constance bag 24 is also very sought-after, offering more storage space for day to day life. And finally, the Constance Elan bag, which aside from being just a centimeter bigger than the 24, it has a more elongated shape, offering a rectangular look instead of a square like shape.

How to know if a Constance bag is real?

Authenticity is one of the most important elements when buying a luxury product, and Hermès Constance bags are not the exception. Nowadays there are thousands of counterfeiters worldwide, looking to create fake bags to obtain high profits while damaging the investments of the buyers.

To avoid this situation, and procure the purchase of an authentic Constance bag, we provide you with clear guidelines to be able to verify the genuineness of a Constance bag from Hermès. Keep reading and find out.

Materials and craftsmanship


When it comes to authentic Constance bags, it’s all about the quality of materials. You can easily spot a genuine Constance by paying attention to some simple details. First, take a sniff and feel the texture of the leather – it should have a natural leather scent and a soft touch, whether it’s the textured calf leather or the unique scales of an exotic skin. Plus, a real Hermès Constance bag usually feels a bit weightier because it’s crafted from top-notch materials, not cheap plastic.

Now, let’s talk about the hardware. Genuine Constance bags have shiny and sturdy hardware, with no signs of peeling or dullness. The metal plating should look consistent all over the bag. If you spot a mix of gold and palladium, it’s probably a fake. Lastly, give the bag’s structure a good inspection. It should match the classic Constance design, and the stitches should be neatly diagonal without any loose ends.



When it comes to Constance bags, Hermès uses distinct markings to assure customers of their authenticity and luxury. One key mark you should always spot is the print: “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” in bold uppercase letters. Typically, you’ll find this inscription just below the closure flap, a few millimeters below the top seams.

To confirm authenticity, pay close attention to this print. It should be uniform, well-balanced, and in a consistent font size – not too big, not too small. Here’s a crucial tip: the color of the print should match the hardware of your Constance bag. So, if your hardware is gold, the print should have a golden hue; if it’s palladium, the print should be silver-toned.

Occasionally, especially with exotic skin Constance bags or custom pieces made through special orders, you might come across an extra symbol alongside the “Hermès – Paris – Made in France” inscription. These symbols indicate the use of genuine exotic skins or that the bag was crafted as a special custom creation for a specific client.

For more details on Hermès’ special symbols, refer to this helpful guide.

Date stamp



When it comes to Constance bags from Hermès, the interior heat-stamp holds a significant role in confirming authenticity. This special code gives you essential details about your bag, such as its crafting year and the particular workshop where it came to life. It’s a unique code, specific to your bag alone, so you won’t find the same code on any other Hermès items.

You’ll also spot the date stamp on the official invoice from the Hermès store. A handy way to verify your bag’s authenticity is by comparing the date stamp on your bag with the one on your invoice. If they match, it’s strong evidence that your bag aligns with the details given at the time of your purchase.

For more insights into Hermès’ date stamps, just follow this link.

Metal engraving


To verify the authenticity of a Constance bag, metal engravings hold a significant role. Constance bags have a crucial metal engraving, typically located at the lower part of the “H” shaped closing clasp. This engraving features the text “Hermès – Paris.” Just like other authentication elements, it should appear clear, with symmetrical letters and a consistent font.

For Constance bags with gold-plated hardware, you’ll find an additional square symbol engraved alongside the “Hermès – Paris” inscription. This small square serves as confirmation of the authenticity of the gold-plated hardware. It’s a distinguishing feature present on bags with hardware plated in various gold types, including rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. However, it is not present on bags with hardware plated in other materials.



Authenticating your Hermès Constance bag involves paying close attention to the packaging details. The packaging presence and characteristics are crucial indicators of its authenticity. When acquiring a Constance bag, make sure to check for both a box and a dust bag.

Constance bags are typically presented in the classic Hermès orange box, which is thoughtfully sized to fit the bag perfectly. It’s important that the box is neither too big nor too small. Additionally, the dust bag should be made of a sturdy beige material and feature a light brown drawstring along with the Hermès logo print.

Keep an eye out for the classic orange box, as it showcases a small Hermès logo on the lid. In some of the more recent editions, a special feature is included. You can use a UV light to reveal numerous small Hermès logos scattered across the box. These logos are printed using invisible ink, providing an advanced authentication feature for your Constance bag.



When it comes to verifying the authenticity of a Constance bag, one reliable method involves the official invoice from an Hermès store, especially if the bag has been physically inspected. This invoice contains vital information about the Constance bag, including its color, type of leather, hardware, structural characteristics, and a unique code specific to that particular Constance bag. By comparing an examined Constance bag with its official invoice, you can confidently ensure its authenticity.

For an additional layer of authentication, you can also review the original payment receipt issued by the store. This document includes details like the date, time, and the amount paid for the bag. Ensuring that this information matches the details on the official invoice further substantiates the Constance bag’s authenticity.

To protect your investment and stay away from counterfeit items, it’s advisable to avoid purchasing Constance bags from unreliable sources. Instead, opt for trusted online stores like The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House. We personally acquire our Constance bags from official Hermès stores, ensuring that you receive authentic, brand-new Constance bags complete with all the elements of authenticity.

For a complete guide on authenticating your Constance bag, follow this link.

How to store a Constance bag?


Maintaining your Constance bag is very important, not only to preserve its beauty over time but also to potentially increase its value. When you take proper care of your Constance bag, it can not only retain its initial worth but also appreciate significantly, often fetching prices two or three times its original purchase value. This increase in value depends on the bag’s impeccable condition, making it highly sought-after in the luxury resale market.

Ensuring your Constance bag’s appearance and durability involves following these fundamental guidelines:

  • When your Constance bag is not in use, store it inside its original dust bag and box. This practice shields it from potential harm and keeps it protected. Choose a storage location away from direct sunlight, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels. Extreme temperatures and high humidity can lead to issues such as mold growth, stains, discoloration, and deformation. To help maintain its shape, gently fill it with acid-free tissue paper. When placing it inside the box, ensure the bag is in a comfortable position to prevent deformation.
  • Owning a Constance bag entails routine maintenance to protect its materials and preserve its pristine appearance. While using harsh chemicals or conditioners on natural leather is not recommended, you can employ a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to delicately remove any accumulated dust or dirt, ensuring it looks its best. If you notice any signs of damage or staining on your Constance bag, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from the official Hermès maintenance service. Their skilled artisans can restore your bag to its former splendor.
  • When carrying your Constance bag, be careful to prevent unintended harm. Be mindful to avoid bumping or scraping it against rough surfaces, as these actions can potentially damage the leather. Additionally, avoid using your Constance bag in wet conditions or around liquids to protect the natural leather and hardware from moisture and tarnishing. Avoid storing items like makeup, pens, or liquids inside your Constance bag, as these items may spill and cause interior staining. Lastly, be cautious around children and pets, ensuring your bag is not left unattended to prevent accidents involving spills or scratches.

How much is a Constance bag?


The Hermès Constance bag is one of the most sought-after and coveted handbags of the luxury market, and like its siblings, the Birkin and Kelly bag, it can reach impressive sums in the resale market, thanks to its exclusivity and its impressive quality materials.

But how much is a Constance bag? The Hermès Constance bag retail price can vary from $4,000 to $15,000. Although at auctions and the luxury resale market it can reach values as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the price of a Constance bag depends on certain aspects that we will show down below:

  • Material: Constance bags come in a variety of materials, with calfskin being the most common choice. However, opting for exotic materials like crocodile, alligator, lizard, or ostrich can significantly increase the bag’s price, especially if they feature unique or attractive colors.
  • Size: Size is a key factor that can influence the value of a Constance bag. Smaller sizes are often seen as more exclusive and can command higher prices. For example, a Micro Constance (14cm) is generally more expensive than its larger counterparts.
  • Hardware: The choice of hardware can also impact the cost of a Constance bag. Certain hardware options, such as gold, can add to the price, especially when adorned with special details. Also exotic skin hardware, lacquered hardware or diamond covered hardware are more expensive.
  • Location: Prices for Constance bags may vary depending on the country. For example, a Constance bag with calfskin and standard hardware might have a retail price in the USA that is $2,000 higher than in Europe.
  • Limited editions: Some Constance bags are produced in limited quantities as special editions. These unique pieces are significantly more expensive than regular Constance bags due to their exclusivity. Like the Tri-color alligator Constance bag, that features three different hues on shiny alligator skin.
  • Custom orders: Constance bags created as Special Orders or featuring unique specifications are often pricier. These bags are tailored to the client’s preferences, sometimes incorporating multiple colors or special features.
  • Condition: This doesn’t apply to brand-new Constance bags from official stores, but it’s worth noting that pre-owned Hermès Constance bags can appreciate in value over time, especially if they are made from exotic materials or are limited editions. On the other hand, Constance bags available at auctions or a vintage Constance bag for sale can also command higher prices.

Why are Constance bags so expensive?


The Constance bag stands as a luxurious accessory with a significant price tag, both in the retail market and the world of luxury resale. This isn’t merely a result of arbitrary pricing by Hermès; it’s a deliberate part of the brand’s strategic approach to naturally elevate the value of its products.

Similar to the Birkin, the Constance is not readily available for purchase in Hermès’ official stores. Its production and distribution are deliberately limited, creating high demand and low supply. This scarcity creates a desire for the bag but makes it challenging to acquire, leading customers to explore the second-hand luxury market. Here, Constance bags are priced at a premium due to their scarcity and the difficulty of obtaining them, rendering them exclusive and expensive items.

The rising prices in the resale market also influence Hermès to incrementally increase the retail prices of the Constance year after year. Another important aspect to consider is the values associated with the Constance bag. Like all exclusive products, it carries two types of values: the actual value, representing the cost of materials and craftsmanship, and the perceived value, which reflects the premium added because of the brand’s prestige and exclusivity. This association with the brand further elevates its worth.

Why can’t I buy a Constance bag?


Securing a Constance bag at an official Hermès store can be complicated, regardless of your financial status. You might wonder why finding a Constance bag in-store is such a challenge. The answer lies in Hermès’ exclusivity.

The Constance bag rapidly gained notoriety, evolving into a highly sought-after item. Recognizing this, Hermès devised a strategy built on sustaining high demand while intentionally limiting supply. This approach propelled the Constance bag to high levels of exclusivity.

Hermès employs a strategy that involves producing a limited number of Constance bags each year and distributing them to their official stores worldwide. These bags are then allocated to individual stores in even smaller quantities. Store managers are responsible for selling these bags to a select group of customers, typically the brand’s most devoted clients. To demonstrate their loyalty, customers often purchase several smaller Hermès accessories before earning the privilege to acquire a Constance bag.

For regular clients, there’s an opportunity to join a waiting list, although it can span years due to its substantial length. Periodically, lucky individuals from this list are notified of the availability of a Constance bag. However, they must accept the bag offered to them without the ability to choose the size, skin, color, or hardware combination. This means finally obtaining the coveted Constance bag but without customization options.

While this may appear somewhat unfair, it has been Hermès’ approach to selling their exclusive items. It reinforces the notion that Constance bags are more than mere accessories; they are reserved for people of elevated social standing and high financial resources.

If you want to buy your dream Constance bag new, complete with authenticity guarantees and free from the constraints of waiting lists, click here to explore how.

Is the Constance bag an investment?


Diving into the luxury market has long been seen as a savvy move, offering stability in the face of global economic uncertainties and financial ups and downs. When it comes to investment options in the world of luxury, few can match the potential of the Constance bag.

As we’ve discussed previously, several factors contribute to the exclusivity and high price of the Constance bag. These very factors also make it an appealing choice for investment, marking it as a valuable asset for the long term.

Having a Constance bag means possessing an asset with the potential for significant returns. These exclusive handbags are renowned for maintaining their value over time and can even appreciate in worth when kept in pristine condition. But what makes the Constance bag an investment opportunity?

The Constance bag’s iconic status, its aura of exclusivity, and the prestige of the Hermès brand, which deliberately maintains high demand and limited supply, all contribute to its status as a highly sought-after item. As a result, those unable to secure one from an official store often turn to the secondary market.

This presents an opportunity for individuals who already own a Constance bag and have carefully preserved it over the years. Your Constance bag can potentially become an investment, with the chance to generate substantial profits if you decide to sell it in the luxury resale market or through auctions. By strategically investing in a classic Constance bag or one crafted from exotic materials, you can anticipate your asset appreciating, potentially doubling or even tripling its initial value, ensuring a lucrative return on your investment in the future.

How to buy a Constance bag?

Getting your hands on a Constance bag can be complicated, especially if you’re aiming to purchase one from an official Hermès store. As we mentioned earlier, securing a Constance bag from an Hermès store can prove to be a challenge, leading many buyers to abandon their quest due to the long waiting lists or the difficulty of finding the exact Constance bag they desire.

So if you’re wondering how to buy a Constance bag? or whether there’s an option to buy a Hermès Constance bag online, take comfort in knowing that there are many ways to add an exclusive Hermès handbag to your collection. Here, we delve into various methods for buying a Constance bag outside of the official Hermès store.



Auctions can serve as a viable way to buy Constance bags. These coveted handbags, known for their potential to significantly increase in value, often appear at auctions, particularly those featuring rare and vintage Constance bags for sale. If you opt to explore auctions as a means to acquire a Constance bag, be prepared to come across pre-owned pieces that may have been crafted and released decades ago.

However, it’s essential to keep the pricing aspect in mind. Auctions typically involve competitive bidding, with participants needing to place high bids to secure their desired items. While auctions can be the ideal option for obtaining an authentic Hermès bag with proven authenticity, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone, especially if you have budget constraints or are seeking a brand-new bag.

Online marketplaces


Online marketplaces are also convenient platforms for acquiring Constance bags. In today’s digital age, numerous online marketplaces cater to luxury product enthusiasts, with some specializing specifically in Hermès handbags. These digital stores typically provide secure channels for both resellers and Constance bag owners to list their items for sale.

However, there is a notable challenge associated with online marketplaces. The accessibility of these platforms means that almost anyone can list a Constance bag for sale, making it difficult to verify the authenticity of the bags available. While some marketplaces may offer authentication services, their reliability is not guaranteed, especially because of the level of sophistication that fake bags can attain, making it difficult for experts to tell a counterfeit from an authentic bag.

It’s important to note that many Constance bags available on these platforms are pre-owned and may exhibit signs of deterioration, sometimes more pronounced than those found at auctions. As a result, finding a brand-new Hermès handbag on online marketplaces can be challenging, and concerns about authenticity may arise. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for a used Constance bag, exploring marketplaces may be a perfect option for you.

The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House


If you’re on the hunt for a brand-new Constance bag and you want to ensure it’s authentic, look no further than The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House. We specialize in sourcing Constance bags directly from official Hermès stores, assuring you of a 100% genuine and flawless Constance bag that suits your preferences.

In addition to our Constance bag collection, we proudly present an exclusive online sale of Hermès bags, showcasing a diverse range of new and limited-edition Hermès handbags. By browsing our selection, you can easily find your perfect Constance bag without the hassle of long waiting lists or having to leave your home.

What makes us stand out is our ability to expedite your purchase. If your desired bag isn’t immediately available, you can place an order, so we can get your Constance bag bypassing the usual waiting list procedures at official stores. You can trust that we provide all the official documentation to certify the authenticity of your handbag.

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Without a doubt, the Constance bag is a true modern marvel. With a minimalist and comfortable structure, and a unique sense of style, this piece and its success can’t be replicated. Certainly, investing in a Constance bag is a wise decision that you won’t regret. Get it today at our online store and start enjoying the exclusivity of Hermès!

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