Protect your bags with Hermès rain covers


If you are the proud owner of a new Hermès bag, then you will surely know that the item you just obtained is made from the finest materials in the industry; with calf, crocodile and ostrich leathers, and hardware with gold, palladium and diamond plating. A true marvel of fashion! As it is such a delicate accessory, an important question comes to mind: how can you protect it from bad weather? And the answer is simpler than you think, it is included when you buy a Hermès bag, and that is the Hermès rain covers.

The Hermès rain covers were created with the purpose of protecting your investment and prolonging its life, so it is important to use them properly when needed to keep the beauty of your bag intact. Find out about more about Hermès rain covers and discover their importance!

  1. Why use Hermès rain covers?
  2. Which bags include Hermès rain covers?
  3. Authenticity and rain covers
  4. How to protect your Hermès bag?

Why use Hermès rain covers?


If you have had the opportunity to purchase several Hermès bags over the years, you will notice that most of the models come with a rain cover, and contrary to popular belief, many of the owners decide not to use them and leave them stored in the brand’s orange boxes.

The truth is that this extra component should not be taken lightly, because even the most experienced user has suffered the ravages of the rain and has found themselves unprotected in the middle of a storm. When they get home they are surprised to find that the precious leather in their bag has been ruined by the inclement weather, and that a few days later the hardware begins its tarnishing process.

Hermès rain covers prove to be very effective in avoiding these problems, as they are composed of resistant waterproof plastic that closes around the bag with a velcro, in a very simple and secure way, leaving the handles exposed to wear it comfortably. The Hermès rain covers are made of a transparent material, so you can protect your bag without compromising your overall look.

The use of this extra accessory will avoid many headaches and worries, so our recommendation is that you choose to make good use of your Hermès rain covers and carry them in the internal pocket of your Hermès bags at all times.

Which bags include Hermès rain covers?


There are currently six different numbers of Hermès rain covers, each one fits a bag size and is included with the purchase of different models. Next, we list them for you:

  • N ° 1: included in Kelly sizes 35 and 40.
  • N ° 2: included in Kelly sizes 28 and 32.
  • N ° 3: included in the Kelly size 25, Birkin size 30 and Bolide size 27 models.
  • N ° 4: included in Bolide size 31 and 37 models.
  • N ° 5: included in Birkin size 35 and 40, and Sac Haut size 32.
  • N ° 6: included in Plume size 28 and 32 models.

If you buy a bag of another model and you do not get a Hermès rain cover, you should not worry, since this is normal and in fact indicates that you have purchased an original bag. No other bag model comes with Hermès rain covers, except those mentioned above.

It should be noted that the rain covers cannot be purchased directly from Hermès stores, that is, they are not for sale implements, but instead come with the Kelly, Birkin, Bolide, Plume, and Sac Haut bags.

However, if you have a Hermès bag that is not included in the list of Hermès rain covers, you can still buy a generic rain cover online to protect your bag from any rain or spillages.

Authenticity and rain covers


Hermès has always been known for its quality and originality in every aspect of its creations, and its attention to detail is what makes the brand a fashion icon. In that sense, its success has been the prey of some malicious counterfeits in the designs of its bags, especially the Birkin, Kelly and Constance, which are considered the greatest ones of the brand.

One of the infallible characteristics to notice if one of these bags is fake is the presence or absence of the Hermès rain covers. In the case of the Constance, it is a bag whose box does not include the rain cover, as there is none for this model, so if you buy a Constance and you see that it has a rain cover, it is a counterfeit.

Similarly, if you buy a Kelly or a Birkin of the sizes mentioned in the previous point, it must have the rain cover, if not, then it is possible that the bag is a counterfeit, or that you have bought it in a luxury resale marketplace, in which sellers sometimes do not include all the original accessories. If you bought a bag online and it doesn’t come with packaging that includes the rain cover, then it may even be a stolen bag. Stay alert on your next purchases!

However, we must add that recently Hermès stopped providing rain covers with its bags to support the environmental protection, as they are made of plastic, and they needed to reduce the waste. Rain covers can still be found on bags prior to the year 2024.

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How to protect your Hermès bag?


In addition to the use of rain covers, Hermès bags must be treated with very specific care to guarantee the longevity of their materials. Here we give you some simple tips:

  • Avoid liquid or water spills apart from rain. If you have an accident with a liquid, wipe it as soon as possible with a lint-free cloth, such as those used to clean glasses.
  • Do not restore or clean the bag on your own, any chemical or cleaning liquid can severely damage the leather.
  • Keep the bag away from sources of extreme heat and sunlight, both of which can affect the quality of the leather.
  • Extremely cold temperatures are also harmful to leather. Be careful.

Finally, we recommend that you turn to the Hermès maintenance service to take care of your bag when you need it, be it a repair or leather cleaning, it is always better to trust the experts!

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Now that you know more about Hermès rain covers and their usefulness, you will surely decide to take them out of the orange box and place them in the pocket of your Hermès bags. This way they will be protected at all times when the rainy season arrives.

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