How to travel with a Hermès bag?

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Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there is nothing better than enjoying your precious Hermès bag at your preferred destination. But like any great journey, doubts can arise at any time, especially now that you have a luxury bag in your hands. So you might be wondering how to travel with a Hermès bag?

To alleviate your anguish and give you a bit of clarity before embarking on your vacation, we offer you 6 tips to travel with your Hermès bag and make your trip a success. Take note and get ready to take off!

  1. Plan and organize everything in advance
  2. Do not check in your Hermès bags as luggage
  3. Use another bag to carry it
  4. Store it properly
  5. Avoid placing it in the upper compartment of the plane
  6. Use it wisely during your trip

1. Plan and organize everything in advance

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Before undertaking a trip, it is always necessary to plan certain details in advance; the destination, the accommodation, the activities, the flight, and even the hiring of an insurance. But among these very relevant elements, there is one that is quite important, it is the luggage.

If you intend to travel with one of your Hermès bags or several of them, you must take into account different aspects before including it in your luggage list:

  • The characteristics of the trip: this refers to whether it is a business trip, family vacation, a romantic trip, a friend’s adventure or a solo journey.
  • The type of activities in which you will participate: in addition to the characteristics of the trip, it is important to define what events you will attend during it; if you plan to go to meetings and meals, a gala party, a hike in the mountains or a day at the beach.
  • Outfits and combinations: like every good fashionista, you need to think very well about the combinations you want to make and how you want to look during your trip.

Once you are clear on these points, it will be easier for you to know if it is really wise to take your new Hermès bag on your trip. It will also be useful to decide if you should wear one or more of them, what type of skins are the most suitable for the climate of your destination, and the events in which you will participate.

The key is to get organized and think ahead!

2. Do not check in your Hermès bags as luggage

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Now that you have decided which Hermès bags to take on your trip, we want to warn you that you should never check in your luxury bag as luggage. Why? Because it is a very valuable item, which can reach a value of hundreds of thousands of euros in a resale market or in auction houses.

If any complications arise during the trip; Whether it is damage to the materials of the bag due to changes in pressure in the cargo compartment, or it is lost in some way, it will be extremely difficult to recover the investment you made. It would represent a total loss for your finances.

Take this into account and avoid checking in your Hermès bag with the rest of your luggage, whether you place it inside your suitcase, or if you check it as an individual bag, it is a very risky action and can bring major problems when you reach your destination.

3. Use another bag to carry it

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As we mentioned earlier, checking your Hermès bag with your luggage is not a good option, so the ideal alternative to safely carry your luxury bag with you is to use another travel bag where you can put it in and have it with you inside the cabin of the plane. There are several types of bags ideal for this purpose:

  • Large bags made of resistant fabric: these are the ones that are usually carried in the overhead compartments of airplanes. They are quite useful for carrying one or more Hermès bags in a single trip.
  • Quilted fabric bags: to protect the integrity of your Hermès luxury items, you can use a quilted fabric bag, these provide a cushion that blocks any impact that could damage the Birkin, Kelly or Constance materials.
  • Canvas bags: Similar to reusable cloth bags found in supermarkets, canvas bags are very practical to store your precious Hermès without problems.
  • Backpacks: undoubtedly the safest option of all, a spacious and comfortable backpack will be perfect for positioning your Hermès bag inside and keeping your hands free for the rest of your luggage. It is perfect if you travel with children.

Using any of these options to carry your Hermès will guarantee sufficient security, so you will be calm and able to travel in comfort and without malicious glances. Remember that the French atelier bags are very valuable and recognized, it is not impossible for someone to steal them from you. Be very careful and protect your investment!

4. Store the bag properly

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To travel with your Hermès bag, we recommend that you carry it inside one of the bags described above, but the success of the trip will also depend on the way in which you position it inside them. Here are some tips to keep your Hermès bag in perfect condition when you reach your destination:

  • Fill your bag with bubble wrap or some acid-free dry material so that it keeps its shape during the trip. In this opportunity you can take advantage of placing your belongings inside it, such as your electronic devices, tissues or whatever you need during the flight.
  • Place it inside the dust bag, it is essential that the bag material is as protected as possible from humidity or extreme temperatures, for this you must cover it with the dust bag with which you store it at home.
  • Choose to use twilly scarves to cover the handles of your Birkin or Kelly bags, so they will be protected like the rest of the bag. In addition, you can keep the handles clean and they will look very chic at your destination, especially next to your summer outfits on the beach.
  • Make sure that the handles or other parts do not collide with each other or with other objects inside the cloth bag, this will prevent it from being deformed or bent inappropriately during the hours of travel.

5. Avoid placing it in the upper compartment of the plane

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Once you have boarded the plane, you will surely wonder where you can locate your cloth bag with the exclusive Hermès bags; well, the answer depends on the situation, the duration of the trip and what type of seat you bought, obviously a trip in economy class will not be the same as a first class, in the latter you will always have more space and privacy.

In any case, the first thing you should take into account is that the upper compartment of the aircraft is shared with some other passengers depending on the row and the location of the seats, so you do not always have control of what other passengers can store in it, and therefore your bag may be in a risky position or be exposed to changes in temperature and pressure.

For this reason, we recommend that you carry your cloth bag containing your Hermès bag on your lap, under your seat, or somewhere next to your legs. This way you will be completely sure that nothing can happen to it in that space, you will avoid movements of the plane, falling from the upper compartment or having any liquid spill near it.

If you carry several Hermès bags in your cloth bag, we recommend that you take one out and keep it in its dust bag, then you can distribute it in the remaining space around you. In this way, you will have control of your belongings and no one will be able to do any intentional or accidental damage to them.

6. Use it wisely during your trip

hermes birkin bag with book and glasses

When you land at your favorite travel destination, you can start enjoying your stay and have a good time showing off your precious Hermès bags. However, you should keep in mind that each bag deserves proper use for the different outings and events in which you participate, so check your previous planning and follow it religiously.

If a day in nature is planned within your activities; climbing, going to the beach, swimming with dolphins or any other adventure, you should consider the option of leaving your Hermès bag in a safe in your hotel room.

This depends on the category of the hotel where you are staying, but you should pay attention to this detail before scheduling your stay if you intend to travel with a luxury bag, as it is not wise to take it with you when you are in a natural environment.

Some hotels offer safes at the lobby, spaces where you can store more and larger valuables. Inform yourself before reaching your travel destination and protect your investment at all costs.

What do you think of these tips for traveling with your Hermès bag? Are you ready to apply them?

Now that you know these essential details to look like a true fashionista in your travel destination, you can make the most of your vacations, corporate trips or romantic getaways. You deserve it!

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