The 9 most outstanding Hermès bags

It’s no secret to anyone that Hermès bags are truly luxurious accessories, with impeccable materials, dazzling colors and unmatched hardware.

So, when it comes to choosing one of these bags to invest in or to look fashionable, it is necessary to know some of the most outstanding models of the French brand, to buy a bag that not only fits your needs, but also make you look very chic.

Next, we will show you the preferred models of Hermès bags around the world, including the perfect trinity of the atelier: Birkin, Kelly and Constance. Have fun and choose your favorite!

  1. Birkin
  2. Evelyne
  3. Picotin
  4. Kelly
  5. Bolide
  6. Lindy
  7. Constance
  8. Herbag
  9. Roulis

1. Birkin

The most expensive and famous bag in the world, the Birkin represents the star accessory of Hermès. This bag is preferred by the brand’s customers, as it not only shows a beautiful and functional design, but is considered an exclusive item, which retains its value and increases with each year.

The Birkin’s renowned silhouette stands out for its three-part flap, firm U-shaped handles and iconic turning closure. The Birkin is more than a fashion bag, it is a symbol of status and fortune. It is undoubtedly the number one of the trinity of Hermès.

In addition to its colors, skins and hardware, the Birkin bag stands out for its sizes, which allow it to be used on formal occasions with a size 25, or in casual situations in a size 35. It is a very versatile accessory.

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2. Evelyne

The Evelyne is characterized by being a wide and simple bag, with a strap that allows it to be carried to the shoulder or crossed over the body. This accessory from Hermès is the favorite for the young women, with its fresh and casual style.

This bag has been seen countless times in the outfits of modern celebrities, showing the practicality of this accessory. Originally the Evelyn was created as a bag to store the grooming instruments for horses, staying true to the origins of Hermès as a workshop of riding implements.

However, today Evelyne is preferred to go out or even go to work. It’s definitely an essential Hermès bag and a very original accessory.

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3. Picotin

The interesting silhouette of the Picotin is one of the most sought after from Hermès, especially on the Asian continent. The design of this bag was inspired by the bags placed behind the ears of horses and that were used to feed them.

Even if it was inspired by this accessory for horses, the Picotin proves to be a very sophisticated bag, with a unique shape and that stands out easily among the other Hermès accessories.

Its interior is wide enough to store everything you need in your day to day, plus it has a locking system that allows you to add a lock to protect your personal items.

The Picotin is a great option to go shopping, have lunch with friends or even go to the beach, it is very comfortable and chic.

4. Kelly

The second member of the Hermès trinity, the Kelly is one of the atelier’s oldest bags, with its first designs dating back to 1892, when a saddlebag holder was made, which was later transformed into a trapezoidal bag, and over the years it became the Kelly bag we know today.

This legendary Hermès accessory features an extremely elegant figure, with a straight closing flap and a turning closure just like its sibling, the Birkin. A single sturdy handle crowns the top of the Kelly, proving that this bag is worthy of royalty.

The beautiful Kelly goes very well on elegant occasions, especially if you buy the mini version; its aura of sophistication will not go unnoticed at important events.

It should be noted that investing in a Kelly is a very smart move, as this beautiful bag also retains its value and even more so if it is a model made of exotic leathers, such as crocodile or ostrich.

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5. Bolide

Inspired by a racing car, the Bolide is the second oldest bag in the French atelier. This classic was designed in 1923 by Émile Hermès, who obtained the rights to the zipper system to include it in this bag.

Today the Bolide is one of the favorites of the Hermès house and its customers. This accessory shows a slim silhouette, with a spacious interior and a zipper that extends to both sides of the bag.

The Bolide is an elegant accessory, originally used as a bag to attend automobile events, so is clearly designed to enhance the status of its wearer. With a good combination of colors and leathers, the Bolide is a true fashion marvel.

6. Lindy

The Lindy is one of the most original Hermès bags in terms of its design, as its shape is totally unique and quite extravagant, but this is what makes the Lindy such an impressive and desired bag.

Its structure consists of a rectangular shape with handles at both ends of the bag instead of the upper area, which are then connected through a strap, this allows the bag to be carried on the shoulder.

The most interesting feature of the Lindy is the way in which the upper part of the bag falls delicately due to the weight of the leather, without a doubt it provides a very chic and original look.

The inside of the bag is quite spacious, perfect for storing whatever you need. The Lindy is ideal for use as a daily bag, or for a meal out with friends.

7. Constance

The third member of the trinity of Hermès. The Constance is a completely unique bag, with a compact style and a very characteristic “H” shaped closure. Little Constance represents one of the most exclusive bags of the atelier, and is therefore the third best-selling of the French brand.

The practicality of this accessory is evident, because in its small space it is able to store your personal effects in an organized way. Its adaptive strap allows you to carry it to your shoulder, hang it on your forearm or even cross it over your body. It’s really versatile!

Since its inception in 1959, the Constance has become the favorite bag of modern women, for its iconic shape and simplicity, ideal for a sophisticated lady.

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8. Herbag

This Hermès’ bag is considered the “little sibling” of the Kelly, this is because they both share the iconic handle, the straight closure flap and a trapezoidal shape. However, the Herbag has a body made of canvas instead of leather, and its closure is not rotating like that of the Kelly, but is a button-like mechanism.

The most interesting peculiarity of the Herbag is that its canvas body is interchangeable, so you can buy a Herbag and then acquire other bodies of different colors or motifs; the closing flap and handle can fit any canvas of the right size.

This makes the Herbag a versatile, fresh and very practical bag for modern women. The appearance of the Herbag will always retain Kelly’s characteristic aura, and will be considered a very chic and casual accessory.

9. Roulis

The Roulis is a compact and small bag, very similar to the Constance, but this is characterized by a much simpler closure system, in which the straight flap is inserted through a double hardware, so that it is very easy to open and close.

The Roulis outer closure is inspired by the links of the Chaine d’ancre bracelet, a very special piece of jewelry for the Hermès brand.

This accessory of the French atelier has become very popular in recent years in the Asian continent, for its simple, compact and easily accessible design for working women of the 21st century.

Have you chosen your favorite model yet? We bet you did!

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