6 unmissable reasons to invest in a Hermès bag


In the stunning world of luxury goods, there is a leading brand that continues to position itself among the greats in the industry, it is the famous French atelier Hermès.

This family-owned business has evolved over generations to create some of the world’s most sought-after exclusive accessories, often fetching exorbitant values of hundreds of thousands of euros, at auctions and second-hand markets.

Like any fan of luxury goods, you have surely heard of Hermès bags as the pinnacle of smart investments, because not in vain do they retain their value and it increases over the years.

So if you have been thinking about making your first investment in a bag from this French brand, we want to give you 6 unmissable reasons to finally decide to do it and make the smart purchase of a Birkin, Kelly or Constance bag.

  1. Undeniable quality
  2. High-level artisanal confection
  3. Status and exclusivity
  4. Permanent and growing value
  5. Durability, resistance and functionality
  6. Special order: the bag of your dreams

1. Undeniable quality



Hermès is one of the leading brands when it comes to the quality of its materials; from soft calfskin to exotic crocodile skin, to gold, palladium and diamond plated hardware.

The components of Hermès bags have a quality that cannot be replicated by the thousands of imitators who try to capture their beauty and durability in counterfeits.

When buying a bag from the French atelier, every euro invested results in a master creation of unbeatable quality. Purchasing a Hermès bag will guarantee you decades of elegance and status.

2. High-level artisanal confection

hermes pink handbag seam details

The success of Hermès as a fashion house stems from its centuries-old artisan traditions, which originated in 1837 with the techniques applied by the artisan Thierry Hermès.

Through the six generations of the Hermès – Dumas family, an impressive manufacturing method was obtained, this one makes possible the durability of each accessory and its high-quality finish.

Today, Hermès continues to stay true to its beginnings, applying techniques by the expert hands of French artisans, who work hard on each individual piece taking up to 40 hours to make.

This is the secret behind the success and exclusivity of Hermès bags, as more than mere accessories they are considered authentic works of art, incapable of being replicated by the work of a machine.

If you are interested in learning more about the techniques and traditions of the French atelier, check out this article.

3. Status and exclusivity

hermes black kelly handbag

Since the creation of the first Hermès bags, the great spheres of society have appropriated these accessories, turning them into true fashion icons. So today the Hermès Trinity bags; Birkin, Kelly and Constance are recognized in every corner of the world as symbols of power and status.

Not surprisingly, the old Sac‌ ‌à‌ ‌dépêches‌ became the first royal bag in 1956, thanks to Princess Grace Kelly, who gave it the fame it holds today, in addition to her name.

Similarly, Hermès bags have also been used by countless celebrities over the years, and even the Birkin was designed specifically for actress Jane Birkin in 1984, proving that these accessories are made to look regal and a high status to those who wear them.

4. Permanent and growing value

hermes alligator constance handbag

One of the greatest advantages of investing in an item such as Hermès bags is that its value remains completely stable over the years, and may even increase over time, depending on the rarity of the materials that make it up, and how well preserved it is.

Since the Birkin bag was launched on the market in 1984, it has been shown to have increased in value by 500% over a period of 39 years; which means that by reselling your luxury Hermès bag you can get double or even triple the value you paid for it. It is an unbeatable investment!

In addition to the beauty, status and luxury that wearing a bag like these can bring you, you will always know that you have a gold mine in your hands, and that when the time is right you can resell the accessory and get back what you invested and more.

5. Durability, resistance and functionality

hermes gold handbag strap details

Aside from their incredibly stylish features, Hermès bags are designed for continuous wear, which means that they can withstand the ravages of time and prolonged use over the years.

This is a very important aspect when looking to invest in a luxury bag, because apart from the appearance and the status that it can give you, it is always positive to be able to use it for what it was made, to be functional and store what you need to carry everyday and on special occasions.

Hermès bags offer this characteristic and are surprisingly resistant, especially the Birkin, which was designed under the premise of being an elegant bag for the day-to-day life of the active woman. It has definitely served its purpose!

6. Special order: the bag of your dreams

hermes kelly handbag special order

The Hermès brand has always been considered one of the pioneers when it comes to fulfilling the whims of its high-society clients and this was evident from its beginnings as a workshop for riding implements, where orders were created tailored to each client, taking into account their needs and tastes.

This dedication to its clients has not waned over the years, as Hermès continues to offer confidence to its most recurring buyers, giving them the opportunity to create their dream bag and tailor it to their liking.

If you are a loyal customer of the Hermès brand and have invested in enough exclusive accessories and bags, you may find yourself with the possibility of placing a special order for Hermès workshops, and getting your Birkin, Kelly or Constance bag made to measure, with colors, seams, hardware and different characteristics.

Undoubtedly Hermès is a fashion house that cares about paying the right attention to its buyers, and greatly values the details in each of its personalized confections, this is something that makes a difference in the world of fashion.

If you want to know more about the Hermès special order process, check out this link.

Are you ready to buy a Hermès bag now? We bet you are!

Since you know these reasons, you can venture out and learn more about the fantastic world of Hermès. Perhaps you dare to start your own collection and secure your finances with a variety of Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags.

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Best of all, with your purchase you will receive authenticity documents to ensure that your Hermès bag is 100% genuine.

Trust the luxury experts and invest with confidence in your next Hermès bag!   

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