8 tips to take care of Hermès bags

hermes birkin bag in a box

Hermès bags represent one of the most accurate investments in recent years, due to their high quality and their exclusivity, which makes them very valuable luxury accessories, worthy of being kept in perfect condition and preserving their beauty to increase their value.

If you recently purchased a Hermès bag and you still don’t know the correct way to store it and take care of its natural skin, here we want to give you 8 infallible tips so that your new accessory looks beautiful over the years and maintains its original shape.

Pay attention and take note of these tips!

  1. Watch out with the environment
  2. Avoid water at all costs
  3. Keep the bag in its box
  4. Pay attention to the contents of your bag
  5. Use it on memorable occasions
  6. Use twilly scarves on the handles
  7. Protect the hardware
  8. Avoid cleaning it yourself

1. Watch out with the environment

hermes birkin bag in the sunlight

It is no secret to anyone that leather as a natural skin requires certain care from bad weather that could affect it. In the case of Hermès bags, it is clear that you have to be very careful with elements such as temperature, humidity and sunlight.

If you want to take proper care of your new bag, we recommend that you keep it at controled temperatures, not too cold and not too hot, since the skin can be affected and get wrinkles, breaks and sensitive areas.

Note that crocodile skin is especially sensitive to extremely hot temperatures, so you should keep your bags away from intense heat sources, such as heaters and electrical devices that generate heat.

In the same way, sunlight is an element to avoid. If you keep your Hermès bags in direct sunlight for a long time, the leather may become discolored and suffer serious consequences, it may also burn or change its shape after prolonged contact with light and its heat.

Humidity is something to be very aware of. High levels of humidity or unstable humidity in general can lead to mold growth in the surface of your Hermès bags, as well as tarnishing of its hardware. This is why it is important to keep them stored in their original packaging, meaning the dust bag and original box where they came in. Place the box in a dry, ventilated space to avoid the damage to its materials.

2. Avoid water at all costs

hermes birkin bag by the pool

Although some leathers used in Hermès are somehow resistant to water, such as Epsom and Fjord, it is not wise to expose your new bag to water spills, rain or other liquids that may affect its surface.

For this we recommend using the rain cover that comes with the Kelly, Birkin, Bolide, Sac Haut and Plume bag models. If your bag is a different model, you can opt for adaptable covers or simply check the weather before leaving home. The traditional method does not hurt!

If you want to learn more about rain covers and protect your Hermès bag, check out this practical guide.

If you had an accident and spilled water on your bag or some other liquid, you should dry it as soon as possible to prevent it from penetrating the material, do it with a soft lint-free cloth, similar to those used to clean glasses. In this way there will be no stains or wrinkles.

3. Keep the bag in its box

hermes dust bag

If you have dreamed of placing your Hermès bags on a special shelf in your closet, it is better to think twice before doing so, since the ideal place to store your luxury bags should always be in their dust bags and boxes, we recommend you keep them there.

The truth is that the leather in Hermès bags is so delicate that it must be stored correctly, no matter if it is calf, ostrich or crocodile leather. So, first of all we advise you to place your accessories in a cool and moisture-free space, this can wreak havoc on leather and hardware, rusting them quickly.

If you decide to put the bags in your closet, make sure you keep them in their boxes and dust bags, and that this part of your home has enough ventilation, without excessive sunlight or extreme temperatures. This is the only way to ensure that the materials in your bag remain optimal over time.

On the other hand, every bag that remains in storage should be filled with bubble wrap or some other acid-free dry filling that serves to maintain its shape and firmness. Then you can place your Hermès bag inside its box, in a position where none of its parts are bent unduly. This way it will be kept like new!

4. Pay attention to the contents of your bag

hermes birkin bag with cosmetics

While the premise of Hermès bags is functionality coupled with luxury, it’s important to know when to stop putting items into your bag. Hermès creations are designed for constant use, but this is more evident in some bags than in others, for example, the Birkin is much more resistant and spacious than the Kelly.

In this sense, we advise you to think very carefully about what you are going to put inside your bag and that you try not to add anything liquid, oily or that could stain the interior leather. To do this, you should avoid placing food or drink inside, as well as makeup products or pens that can spill their ink.

You should also bear in mind that it is preferable not to fill it too much, regardless of its large capacity, it is always better not to saturate it and damage the material by supporting so much weight. This way you also simplify yourself and don’t carry that much weight on your shoulders!

5. Use it on memorable occasions

fancy woman with hermes birkin bag

When you buy a Hermès bag it is normal to want to show it off everywhere and show it off in your circle of friends, but it is important to give it a break from time to time. By this we mean that it is necessary to give the material some time, so that its use is not overloaded and it begins to show signs of wear very soon.

If you bought a Birkin for daily use, we recommend that you have other options of the same model in different colors, so you can complement your wardrobe and give it the proper use of each one without them being damaged quickly.

For Kelly’s and smaller-sized bags, save them for memorable occasions and you’ll see how good they look and hold up over time. They will be very chic with your elegant style!

6. Use twilly scarves on the handles

hermes birkin bags with twilly scarves

If you have followed the Hermès brand for some time, you will notice that silk scarves are another of its star accessories, and that they represent a versatile and very sophisticated addition to each outfit. But did you know that twilly scarves can be added to the handles of your Hermès bags?

As you read it, twilly scarves are very famous for this type of purpose, they are used to complement and decorate the bags, but they also prove to be perfect to protect the leather of the handles, because they keep them isolated from the incidence of the weather and other possible threats.

So, we recommend you buy some twilly scarves and combine them with your bags to add them to their handles, they will look amazing and will help you take care of your precious bag.

7. Protect the hardware

hermes handbag hardware

Finally, we cannot leave aside another of the essential materials of a Hermès bag, the hardware made with gold and palladium plating. These parts of your bag are quite strong, but if you don’t take the necessary care, they can quickly deteriorate, especially the studs at the base of the structure. To protect the base studs it is advisable to use small rubber caps to cover them from any damage.

So try to place your bag carefully on the surfaces and not hit the pieces of the external closure with any obstacle in your way. To maintain the cleanliness and shine of your hardware, we recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth and cleaning them regularly without using water or any additional products.

If you have recently purchased a bag, you will surely know that the hardware is covered with a protective plastic seals, some users choose not to remove this plastic layer, in order to preserve the pieces. The truth is that over time the glue of the plastic can damage the metal, so it is better that you remove it and enjoy the shine of the precious metals. You just need to be careful and everything will be fine!

If you want to know more about the hardware of your Hermès bags, click here.

8. Avoid cleaning it yourself

hermes brown kelly handbag

Even if you are a responsible person and treat your bags with delicacy, inevitably there will always be something that gets out of your hands or that becomes evident with daily use, so do not worry or blame yourself, it is something completely normal.

What you should keep in mind is that if you are facing a large stain, a scratch or some damage to the leather, you should avoid using homemade methods to solve them, as this can have a counterproductive effect and further deteriorate the structure of your bag.

It is for that reason that we recommend that you go to the Hermès’ cleaning and restoration service. It can mean that you must wait a little bit, but it is worth the trouble to do it, so that your bag receives the attention of the expert craftsmen and can shine like new.

To learn more about the Hermès restoration service, take a look at this post.

Are you ready to take care of your Hermès bags? Now you will do great!

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