Match your Hermès handbags to the seasons

The arrival of each season is something that every fashionista looks forward to, it is the perfect opportunity to dare to play with colors and skins to get a very chic look.

For Hermès fans, the different seasons represent a walk through fashion, because the French atelier offers a number of unparalleled combinations of skins and colors, made exclusively for its users to find the unique style that they are looking for.

If you have a few classic Hermès bags, or if you’re planning to get a new combination for the upcoming seasons, here are some of the ideal colors to make your spring, summer, autumn and winter outfits the sensation of the year.

Get to know the perfect colors for your Hermès handbags and have fun combining them!

  1. Spring and summer
  2. Autumn and winter
  3. Timeless classics
  4. Bold trends

Spring and summer

The most dazzling seasons of the year are approaching! It’s the perfect time to bring out your fresh, printed and colorful outfits, perfect to enjoy the beach, a walk in flower fields or a picnic with friends.

During these special seasons, the ideal is to get a comfortable look that stands out for its brightness, so try to combine your outfits with the bright colors of Hermès, take advantage of the Togo, Swift, Clemence and Epsom skins, to give the right touch to your look. If you feel daring, use lizard and crocodile, you will be the center of attention.

Bright colors

hermes yellow ostrich birkin bag

These are the stars of spring and summer, with their fresh, citrus and explosive tones, they invite you to have fun and show all your personality.

Generally the application of these colors in your Hermès bags depend on what you wear; if you decide to apply some color to your outfit but you wear solid and basic tones: like white and navy blue, the ideal is to use an Hermès bag that stands out and gives you that extra punch of color. Also, if you choose pastel tones for your spring or summer outfit, it will be great to use a very colorful and contrasting bag to spice up your look.

These are Hermès’ favorite bright colors for the spring/summer season:

  • Rouge coeur: an intense red and a very versatile shade for your summer or spring outfits.
  • Orange Minium: a bright light orange, ideal for going to the beach and looking very chic, it’s stunning in ostrich skin!
  • Jaune de naples: this Naples yellow is captivating and very cheerful. Wonderful to combine with navy blue outfits.
  • Apple green: the classic summer shade, a fresh and bold apple green.
  • Lagoon: a very attractive light turquoise blue, perfect to add a touch of color to a white dress.
  • Bleu azteque: a blue worthy of the waters of the sea and the country flowers of spring. Have fun combining it with your looks of the season.
  • Magnolia: vibrant, dynamic and very feminine. Magnolia is a real spectacle.
  • Vert Comicsa playful shade of green that combines mint, blue and a touch of yellow. It is a fresh and attractive color.

Pastel colors

hermes pink birkin bag

When it comes to spring and summer, it’s not all about the bright colors, sometimes a subtle touch is what makes the difference in your look, especially when you wear floral prints, which never go out of style during spring.

To obtain a sophisticated and very feminine image, the ideal is to know how to combine pastel tones with the solid and bright colors of your clothes; for example, if you wear strong tones in your blouse and pants, the ideal is to pick a soft pastel color to tone down the effect and allow your outfit to make the impression. It’s a matter of combinations!

Here are the perfect Hermès pastel colors to go with your outfit for the spring/summer season:

  • Lilas: lilas is a perfect color to complement your spring outfit and go on a picnic with your loved ones.
  • Flamingo: a beautiful and delicate color to match your swimsuit in summer.
  • Bleu brume: this pastel blue tone is beautiful and very chic, ideal to combine with a colorful outfit in blue tones.
  • Vert criquet: this color is very similar to pistachio, combines perfectly with beige tones and is ideal for a spring morning outing.
  • Nata: as its name suggests, a variation of beige very similar to the color of vanilla cream, take your nata Hermès bag to go shopping!
  • Mauve pale: a very feminine and soft pink shade with subtle purple undertones, perfect to complement your patterned attire.
  • Jaune poussin: a faint pastel yellow, very attractive and ideal to combine with beautiful floral dresses.

Autumn and winter

The most beautiful time of the year! The Holidays and the opulence of autumn are present in these seasons, the favorite of those who love the cold, coats and boots.

The combinations that Hermès offers you for these times of the year are totally incredible, with the use of cold and warm colors, to play with the theme of temperature and provide a sophisticated look.

For this purpose, any leather from the French atelier is welcome, but especially soft calf skins, such as Swift and Barenia. In addition to the daring ones like lizard and crocodile, they are perfect to combine with coats and belts.

Warm colors

hermes brown birkin bag

The stars of the fall season (though not excluded from the winter season), warm colors are always a favorite when it comes to choosing classic and showing off an opulent look.

These shades can be found in almost any closet and are ideal for combining in different color groups, for example, the warm tones combine very well with each other, with different variations of red, orange, yellow, brown, and pink. You can also choose to combine warm tones with a cold colored outfit, so you are sure to stand out and attract the right attention.

Here we show you the warm Hermès colors that have become favorites in recent years:

  • Apricot: apricot is one of the favorite colors when it comes to fall, for its versatility to combine with other accessories, it is definitely a hit!
  • Bourgogne: burgundy will always be very prominent when it comes to autumn and winter, its sumptuousness makes it an ideal shade for elegant occasions.
  • Toffee: the caramel tone is fabulous to match your Hermès bag with a dark brown or even red coat.
  • Orange: the classic Hermès orange color is a wonderful and very successful shade for the season, it is a favorite when it comes to achieving an exclusive and stunning look. It is a bold color!
  • Havane: this shade of brown brings a delicate touch, it is a beautiful color to combine with all kinds of boots and a good plaid scarf.
  • Rose pourpre: with a distinctive violet tone, rose purple is the ideal hue to add a splash of color to your autumn or winter outfit – you’ll look chic with a Hermès bag in this shade!
  • Chocolat: How to leave aside the chocolate color? The perfect insignia of good taste and luxury, wonderful to combine with colorful coats or earth tones.

Cold colors

hermes gray kelly bag

The fall and winter season is characterized by the drop in temperatures, but the thermal fluctuation does not imply that using cold tones is unwise, in fact it is very common to use these colors to accentuate other warm tones used in your outfit.

So don’t be afraid to apply the right cold colors to complement your attire during these seasons, especially if they are shades of blue, green, purple and gray.

Here are Hermès’ cold colors for your fall and winter closet:

  • Bleu zellige: a vibrant indigo blue, necessary to add a touch of color to your winter or autumn outfit, mix and match as you like!
  • Vert cypress: an opulent, deep and very sophisticated shade of green for evening occasions with a good coat.
  • Gris asphalt: a light gray tone with earthy touches, the ideal color for your Hermès bag. Wear it with a dark outfit in earth tones or beige.
  • Iris: a fabulous electrifying purple, ideal to be bold and very flirty in the fall/winter season.
  • Bleu tempete: storm blue is one of the favorites to wear with a dark colored outfit, although it also looks great with a light blue or white coat.
  • Graphite: Graphite is the perfect choice to combine with other shades of gray, but also represents the ideal complement to a brightly colored outfit.
  • Gris perle: the right tone if you are looking for a light touch to your outfit without using white. Pearl gray is your best ally and with it you will look very chic, especially with gold hardware!
  • New white: the most recent Hermès alternative to the classic white, this hue is a very clean and crisp white color, perfect to match with the pristine winter snow.

Timeless classics

hermes gold kelly bag

When we talk about every season of the year, it is inevitable to mention that Hermès colors are extremely versatile, they are tones that can be reinterpreted and used at the convenience of whoever combines them.

However, it is clear that within the tradition of the French atelier there are some tones that can be applied regardless of the time of year or even fashion trends. These are the classic timeless colors that go with all styles if they are used in the right way.

These are the acclaimed Hermès timeless classics in any variety of  skins. Check them out!

  • Rouge H: Hermès red has proven to be a favorite since its origins, it is a classy and elegant color. A perfect tone of dark red with brownish hues to combine at any time of the year.
  • Noir: Who can leave aside the most classic color of them all? Black is the right choice to look perfect and very sophisticated. It is the addition you need for your closet.
  • Gold: not in vain is one of the favorite tones, and we dare say the most used of the atelier. Hermès gold shimmers with caramel and champagne variations, depending on the type of skin on which it is applied – an image of its clear versatility!
  • Étain: étain is a unique color, referred to as pewter. This tone is somewhere between gray and brown, and depending on the skin on which it is applied, it can look slightly different. Either way, it is a favorite for Hermès bags, for casual, formal and business occasions.
  • Etoupe: commonly confused with étain, the etoupe color is a beautiful neutral soft beige shade with brown and grey undertones. Ideal for every time of the year, offering a sophisticated touch to every outfit.

Bold trends

hermes pink birkin bag

Authenticity and confidence are key when putting together an outfit, this is something we want you to keep in mind when matching your precious Hermès bag, no matter if it’s a Birkin, a Kelly or a Constance.

Finally Hermès offers you hundreds of thousands of combinations of skins and colors for you to enjoy looking for your ideal look – that’s the magic of the fashion world!

So you should not feel restricted to certain combination patterns for the rest of your life, learn to play with skins, colors and hardware. This will be very useful to get your particular style and gain a unique originality. Become your own trend!

What do you think of these seasonal colors of Hermès bags? They’re wonderful, aren’t they?

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