The best 8 Hermès evening bags

hermes red mini kelly bag

The evening events are full of elegance and sophistication, the perfect keys to show an important status in the society that surrounds us.

When it comes to attending an event of this caliber, it is ideal to have a perfect outfit for the occasion, and it is necessary to know how to complement it with a very chic evening luxury bag.

For these occasions, the French atelier Hermès becomes the embodiment of opulence, offering the ideal options to attract the attention on every important occasion.

Next, we will show you the exclusive models of Hermès evening bags, so that you venture to acquire that touch you need to complement your evening outfit.

Enjoy and choose your favorite!

  1. Medor
  2. Egee
  3. Jige Elan
  4. Opli
  5. Verrou
  6. Pliplat
  7. Cherche Midi
  8. Mini Kelly

1. Medor

hermes medor clutch

The Medor bag is a spectacular alternative for a night out, and with the perfect color palette it can become a good bag to complement your formal dress, or even a slightly more edgy look.

This Hermès accessory is characterized by its elongated shape with a very interesting closure system, which works exactly like the mechanism of the Collier de chien bracelet, a recognized member of the French brand’s leather jewelry collection.

The Medor comes in different combinations of colors, leathers and hardware, so it is extremely versatile to match all types of nightwear. The bag is spacious inside and has a back pocket ideal for storing your cash or cards.

2. Egee

hermes egee clutch

The Egee evening bag is definitely very eye-catching, with its shape similar to that of Medor, but with a closure system that alludes to the famous Chaine d’Ancre  bracelet from Hermès.

This precious accessory can be found in a more interesting variety of leathers, even the most exotic of the atelier, so it is the ideal model to make a stunning impression and attract attention.

The metal clasp of the Egee comes with palladium and gold plating, so it is ideal to combine it with the jewelry you decide to wear. If your dress is simple or plain, the Egee closure can give it that extra touch to highlight your look.

3. Jige Elan

hermes jige elan clutch

The Jige Elan is a night bag that adapts very well to all types of occasions, its simple design represents a great advantage, with a minimalist “H”-shaped closure made with the same type of leather as the body of the accessory.

This Hermès bag can be found in an exciting variety of colors, both bright and quirky, as well as classic and neutral. Its structure is similar to an envelope, so you must bear in mind that you cannot overfill the Jige. It is made to carry the essentials!

With the right combination of colors and your most precious belongings, you can show off your Jige Elan and carry it in your hands during an evening event. It is a functional and simple option.

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4. Opli

hermes opli clutch

The Opli is a simple evening bag with a very characteristic modern design, similar to an origami work. This accessory has an invisible magnetic closure system, making it easy to open and close at all times.

The interior of the Opli is quite spacious for such a small evening bag, as it has a large pocket inside and a main compartment to carry your essentials.

The colors of this small bag are spectacular, as it comes in different very striking options, perfect to add a touch of color to your evening dress. However, you can also find it in neutral and simpler tones. It’s all up to you!

5. Verrou

hermes verrou bag

Undoubtedly, one of the most exotic evening bags from Hermès, it is the incredible Verrou, with an asymmetrical design and a very particular closure, inspired by a door lock.

The best thing about Verrou is that it can be found in three variations; the conventional one, which is a compact bag to carry under the arm, the Verrou Chaine, which has a metal chain that allows it to be worn on the shoulder, and finally the Verrou with a leather strap, to wear it comfortably.

Inside, the Verrou has two main compartments and a pocket that closes with a button, making it a good accessory to keep your belongings organized.

Verrou’s three models are very versatile and sophisticated, ideal for semi-formal evening events, to combine with dark outfits and with silver-toned jewelry. It is quite a beauty!

6. Pliplat

hermes piplat clutch

This is perhaps one of the most extravagant designed evening bags of all, because it is a bit complicated to understand, but it is a great idea.

The Pliplat consists of an envelope-type bag that has a small handle attached to its front, this is very useful to insert the hand and hold the bag comfortably, without the danger of slipping from the hand or falling to the ground.

When opened, the Pliplat has a pocket at the middle of the bag, to store papers or long objects. And best of all, it has an even bigger pocket at the top, to carry everything you need without making the bag look too bulky.

The Pliplat has a functional and quite interesting design, so it is a very comfortable bag for an evening event and to look completely fashionable.

7. Cherche Midi

hermes cherche midi clutch

This Hermès evening bag is another great alternative, especially for girls who like to wear a structured bag instead of an envelope type.

The Cherche Midi has a rounded shape at its ends, and a curved flap with a fairly simple closure, similar to a single link of the Chaine d’Ancre.

Inside, the bag has two flat pockets, perfect for carrying your belongings comfortably and without bulging the structure of the Cherche Midi.

You can find this compact bag in a variety of bright, neutral and classic colors to contrast with your outfit.

8. Mini Kelly

hermes birkin mini kelly bag

Although the Kelly is not considered solely an evening bag, we cannot leave aside the mini version of this Hermès classic, which represents the right accessory to complement your evening look.

The Kelly bag has always been considered a symbol of opulence and elegance, and for this reason, if you have a small version of this bag, you can completely transform your evening outfit, to attract all eyes and look splendid.

A mini Kelly in a bright shade can give you a touch of precious color, and if you play with the hardware combinations, you can match it perfectly with your jewelry.

If you want to become the center of attention, do not hesitate to buy a mini Kelly in crocodile skin, so you will have a winning look with your night outfit.

With the use of your mini Kelly you can make the most of its beauty and combine it on any occasion, regardless of the time of day.

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Have you already chosen your favorite evening bag? We bet you did!

Now that you know what your perfect accessory is to enjoy under the stars, you can buy the one that best suits you and create your own combinations of leathers, colors, hardware and style. It’s all up to you!

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