TBKH: The authenticity documents you receive

When it comes to purchasing highly-coveted luxury products there is always a great risk of buying a fake item, and specially when you’re dealing with Hermès handbags, as they are proven to be extremely valuable luxury items that can retain their value and appreciate with time, often doubling or tripling their value. It is evident that there are many doubts when it comes to Hermès bag sales online, and there have certainly been many scammers and counterfeited bags throughout the years. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not honest and reliable online stores where you can buy new and […]

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How to tell if an Evelyne bag is real?

The Evelyne handbag rises in the horizon of the luxurious Hermès handbags, and although it is not the most exclusive or the most acclaimed of them all, the Evelyne has consolidated itself as a unique accessory, preferred by women with a fresh and edgy style, looking for comfort and innovation. Like any other luxurious item, the Evelyne bag is not safe from the countless imitations created all around the online market, sometimes as precise as the real handbags, confusing the buyers and leading them to lose their investment and fall for a scam. To save you from this destiny, at

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How to tell if a Constance bag is real?

Standing amongst the Hermès classics, the Constance bag is considered the third French brand’s icon, with a compact silhouette and a modern style, it is a piece preferred by young and fashionable women. However, the popularity of this stylish bag has attracted the wrong attention, as with all the other Hermès products, the Constance is also a victim of counterfeits and scams. Nowadays, there are thousands of hidden markets dedicated to creating Hermès’ bags replicas and sell them for high prices, including the Constance bag. This is why it is very important to know how to identify an original Constance

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How to tell if a Kelly bag is real?

The Kelly handbag is one of the most iconic luxury accessories in the world, its rich history and its unmatched silhouette make it a fashion statement worldwide. Reaching incredible values in auctions and the luxury resale market, the Kelly bag is able to retain its value and appreciate over the years. However, this beautiful luxury piece is not free from malicious intentions, as there are thousands of counterfeiters that create fake copies of the iconic Hermès’ royalty bag. These imitations are so precise that they can be easily passed down as original handbags, this is why it is imperative that

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How to tell if a Birkin bag is real?

The Birkin handbag rises as the most sought-after and coveted handbag in the world, and amongst the Hermès creations, it is surely the most recognized and famous of them all. With a revaluation score of 500%, this accessory is the favorite for luxury investors and fashionistas alike. With such fame and acclamation, the Birkin bag is also an easy prey to thousands of counterfeiters worldwide, malicious people that are looking for a profit in an easy way. These experts mimic the perfect appearance of a Birkin handbag and sell it as such, causing losses of thousands of euros to its

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