Why to avoid traveling with a Fake Hermès Bag?

Fake Hermès handbags can be everywhere online, and there is a very good chance that you end up purchasing a counterfeit bag without knowing it, especially if you buy from untrustworthy resellers or sketchy websites that don’t offer any kind of control or guarantee over their bags. The reality is that owning a fake handbag is not the ideal, and even less so if you plan on embarking on a flight with it, as you can be at risk of facing legal charges and even going to prison for a short period of time. Next, we will show you the […]

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5 Ways to Wear a Hermès Kelly Danse Bag

If you’re a Kelly bag lover and you like to explore all its different variations, you definitely can’t miss the Kelly Danse bag, an amazing addition to your collection and a must-have for every Hermès enthusiast. Whether you’re thinking of buying your first Hermès Kelly Danse bag, or you already have one or several, we want to show you a few good ideas to wear your Kelly Danse differently and provide a new look every time. Discover how to make the most out of your Hermès Kelly Danse bag with these 5 ways to wear it! The Kelly Danse bag

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Buy your first exotic skin Hermès bag following these tips

Are you thinking of buying an exotic Hermès bag? These pieces not only stand out for their beauty and unparalleled quality, but also for the meticulous craftsmanship involved in their making. Each Hermès bag tells a story of tradition, where only the most exquisite materials are selected to be part of these masterpieces. Before diving into the world of exotic luxury handbags, it is crucial to be well-informed. Buying your first exotic Hermès bag is more than just a simple purchase; it is a significant investment that requires knowledge and care. In this post, we will provide you with all

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The Kelly Sellier vs. Retourné: Which one to choose?

The Hermès brand has always stood out for its expertise, delicacy, luxury, and attention to detail, offering pieces of the highest quality, aesthetically very attractive, and with an economic value that even tends to increase over time. Among these, the Kelly, with its iconic silhouette and rich history linked to Princess Grace Kelly, stands out as a symbol of timeless elegance. However, when we delve into the world of this emblematic bag, we are faced with a dilemma: opt for the rigidity and structure of the Kelly Sellier or the softness and flexibility of the Kelly Retourné? Both styles have

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Everything you need to know to buy a Hermès bag online

The luxury resale market has grown immensely in the last few years, providing a good choice for Hermès clients to buy new bags online without having to worry about official stores and waiting lists. However, to buy a Hermès bag online you need to take many aspects into consideration, not only to avoid a scam, but also to choose the right handbag before making an investment. In the following post we will show you amazing tips and information to help you buy a Hermès bag online without worries, purchasing from a safe ecommerce store, avoiding counterfeits, and most importantly, choosing

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Guide to Hermès Special Order Handbags

There comes a moment in life that every Hermès client has been waiting for, and that is the moment in which Hermès offers them the opportunity to create the bag of their dreams. Whether you’re a new Hermès enthusiast, or you already have an extensive collection, here we want to guide you to learn more about a Hermès Special Order and how they currently work. Dive deep and explore the process to create a Hermès Special Order handbag! What is a Hermès Special Order? Hermès Horseshoe Print Which elements can you customize? How to place a Hermès Special Order? Special Order

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New Hermès 2024 Colors Spring / Summer Season Breakdown

New colors just dropped! Hermès recently announced their new colors for the Spring / Summer season of 2024 and we can’t let it pass without breaking down each new choice that you have for your next Hermès handbags. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection with these new colors, or you just want to improve your Hermès knowledge, join us to explore these new hue choices that will be part of the 200+ Hermès color collection. Don’t miss out! New Hermès 2024 SS colors Gris Misty Jaune Milton Orange Field Previous colors reintroduction for the 2024 SS season Bleu Zanzibar

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A Guide to Hermès Handbags Sizes

Whether you’re looking to buy your first Hermès handbag, or you want to add a new member to your collection, at The Birkin’s and Kelly’s House we want to show you all of the available Hermès handbag sizes so that you can pick the one that best suits you. Next, we will delve into all Hermès Birkin, Kelly, Constance and Evelyne bags sizes, as well as their different variations that Hermès has created to cater to all its clients’ tastes and preferences. Don’t miss out and find your ideal Hermès handbag size! Hermès Birkin Sizes Birkin 25 Birkin 30 Birkin

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The Most Exclusive Hermès Handbags Available at TBKH

Welcome to the fascinating world of elegance and exclusivity, where the Hermès brand awakens dreams of tangible luxury and makes them possible. At The Birkin’s & Kelly’s House, our collection of Hermès Handbags redefines the concept of fashion and the luxury shopping experience. From the most coveted and classic Birkin, Kelly, and Constance exclusive models to the most striking and unique, crafted in exotic leathers and rare colors, they all come together at The Birkin’s & Kelly’s House. Whether you are looking for your first luxury gem or expanding your collection, today we will talk about the most exclusive Hermès

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Which Items Should You Put in a Birkin Bag?

We know you’re passionate about Hermès handbags you surely have a Birkin (or several) in your collection; or you’re planning to buy a Hermès bag soon, so these useful tips on what to carry in your bag and what you should definitely NOT carry in it, will be very helpful. In this guide, we’ll tell you which items are ideal to carry in your Birkin without damaging it and which ones you should avoid at all costs. Do you want to make sure your favorite bag stays in perfect condition? Keep reading to find out how to do it! What

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